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Guilty Blacklist S7 Episode 3 Preview

Elizabeth sent her daughter to school and bought some things home by the way. With big and small bags in his hand, he still needs to take the key to open the door. The “Mrs. McGrady” next door just went out to buy coffee and enthusiastically helped. Elizabeth enthusiastically invited her into the house for a cup of coffee and chatting.

Catalina acted like an easy-going old mother, moving here in order to be closer to her estranged daughter. Elizabeth didn’t realize that the daughter mentioned by the “Mrs. McGrady” actually meant herself. While Elizabeth was making coffee, Catalina put Elizabeth on the key on the table and secretly pressed the mold. With the key, the bug can be installed.

After a few words, Elizabeth received a work call. The first chat between mother and daughter ended in a hurry. The call was from Redington, and Dominic’s situation is still not optimistic. But when it comes to kidnapping Reddington and hurting Dominic’s woman, Reddington mentioned a secret society called “The Flower of Evil” as far as he was concerned. The members of the “Flower of Evil” are all seeking extreme excitement, even regardless of moral limitations. They are decadent and cynical, but neither rich nor expensive, so they feel bored with everything in the world.

The organizers of the “Flower of Evil” once hired Stanhill to create some kind of blindfold. Elizabeth did not dare to neglect and reported the situation to Cooper. Aram did not find the exact information on the “flower of evil” in the database, only some rumors, such as a man fighting a tiger in the room with a knife, a woman jumping from the Eiffel Tower, and so on. Redington provided a name, Charles, who is said to have participated in a club event.

In Nawabi’s departure, Cooper sent Aram to accompany Lesler to investigate this time, adding some field experience to Aram so that Elizabeth can spend more time with her daughter. Unexpectedly, Charles’s wife Elotti was very cooperative, as if she had long hoped that someone would investigate the “Flower of Evil”.

In the past few years, Charles and Elotti have been together less and more, and their relationship has become increasingly cold. A few months ago, Charles tried to get an invitation letter from the “Flower of Evil” in order to save his fading marriage. It is said that the members of the society will spend a rare and extraordinary experience together, and experience the impermanence of life, and they will cherish the people in front of them. Elotti did not go. Charles went alone, but when he returned he became a half-dead vegetative. The organizer of the “Flower of Evil” claimed that it was a diving accident that caused arterial gas embolism. Elotti didn’t believe their nonsense, but she dared not call the police. Those people are powerful and have enough resources to protect themselves. Besides, Elotti didn’t know what happened, and couldn’t tell the police.

There was the e-mail address of the organizer Plecott in Charles’s computer. Aram checked it and found that this person did not exist and should be a pseudonym. Contact via email, Plecott has agreed to Alotti recommending a new member, provided that Alotti must be reviewed together and attend future club activities.

Aram volunteered to participate in the undercover operation, under the alias of Samir, and was interviewed by Plecott accompanied by Elotti. Plecott has a sharp vision, and Alam, who has studied performing arts, is not bad in acting. Lofty, looking at money as dung and only pursuing things that money can’t buy, this attitude finally dispelled Plecott’s doubts and got the invitation letter for the next club activity.

There is no address on the invitation letter, and they all acted on the instructions issued by Plecott that day. Aram and Elotti took luxury cars and yachts arranged by the club to a manor built on the island. After the metal detection check, the security guard put the bracelet on the two. Entering the hall, there were no less than dozens of people inside, all of them gorgeously dressed and with extraordinary bearing.

Aram removed the parts hidden in the soles of the shoes, the watch, and Elotti’s necklace, assembled and activated the GPS transmitter, and stuck it under the wine table. But after ten minutes, no one came. Only then did he realize that there was a jammer in the manor and the signal could not be transmitted at all. Soon, they also learned the usefulness of the bracelet. Players for club activities are randomly selected from the guests, and those selected must accept the challenge of life and death. Elotti’s bracelet lights up, and she is the player for this challenge.

Aram must find a way to rescue Elottie and must not let her be harmed. Take the opportunity of going to the bathroom, check the surroundings, and confirm that the jammer is in the security room. Then Alam found the electric box, no matter what the situation is, turn off all the switches. It is hoped that the signal will be sent out within a few seconds before the backup power is activated.

When Aram returned to the hall, the power had been restored. Elotti was locked in a sealed glass cabinet, and the mechanism in the cabinet must be unlocked before suffocating. But the mechanism inside is something she can understand. The other guests were unmoved by Elotti’s cry for help. They gloated at the performance, rejoicing that they had passed by with death.

In despair, Elotti called out Alam’s name. A security guard came over, and Aram took the pistol and subdued the security based on the skills learned in field training, and then fired several shots to break the glass cabinet. He helped Elottie who fell to the ground and declared his identity loudly. The guests in the audience dared not move.

Aram didn’t know whether the action team received a signal in a short period of time. He took Elottie to hide, trying to avoid the security guards, but he still couldn’t escape. The two were escorted back to the hall, and the honest guests just now were all very excited, shouting to kill them. At this time, a flash bomb was thrown into the hall, and the hostage rescue team arrived.

In the interrogation room, Plecott held the mentality of a game world. Since he was caught by the FBI, he surrendered and admitted that he had lost to Alam. As for other things, he was tight-lipped. But the other guests did not have his enthusiasm, and one by one they rushed to expose what Plecott had done, and six murders had been confirmed. Either explain the situation in Stanhill, or let the death penalty be injected. Plecott, who considers himself a game world, can’t stand this pressure, so he has to truthfully explain.

As soon as Elizabeth got home, she received a call from Reddington. After learning Stanhill’s address, Reddington and Dunby rushed over immediately, but they were still a step late. Catalina’s taunting note was posted at the door, and Stanhill had been killed in the room.

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