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What factors must be considered for choose car tires?

Choose from tire sizes

Normally, the standard type of car used in the world is There is a size on the sidewall, such as 195 / 60R15. If you have time to change the tires and want to use the same size tires. Can eliminate the problem of choosing the size of the tire straight away Because if you need tires of the same size, you can choose the model and brand of the tire right away

But if you want to change to a new size Whether changing because you want the tires to have more traction performance or changing the tires to a larger size or Thinner for beauty without changing the wheel. Should choose tires with a width of at least 10 millimeters, with a maximum not exceeding 20 millimeters and to achieve a balance when we choose tires that are wider every 10 millimeters, the cheek height should be reduced. The 5 series tires, so that the height of the new tire is close to the height of the original tire, sure enough.

The tire tread can be divided into 4 major types which are

  • Smooth, smooth tread – Emphasizing softness and low noise and high traction performance The tread of the tires in this group are characterized by High resolution tread There is a narrow groove and the frequency of water, dust or fine sand. Resulting in this type of car tire There is less noise when driving and has the ability to flick off the side very quickly.
  • Sport – tread Sport tread have The outstanding feature is road adhesion. This type of car tires will look like a large lump with a wide tire groove that is separated to collect water that is rolled out of the tire. Sports car tire tread When driving on dry roads, there will be noise. More than the first type of car tire treads
  • Tires for off-road vehicles – For people who drive off-road vehicles, they need tires with traction properties, as well as tires with properties that help shake off rock and high water, because people who use this type of off-road vehicles will have to use quite a ford. Mud wading water Tires suitable for this type of car are Tires with large treads with longitudinal grooves because these types of tread will increase the ability to shake off rocks and water for the car to be able to wade more
  • Tires for semi-smooth road – This type of tires will be equally effective between two types of tires, which are a combination of tires for smooth road use. And tires that are suitable for use in ford Which is suitable for use on smooth roads There is sometimes noise And can be used for heavy duty work or occasional driving on gravel roads Because the traction efficiency is only moderate, so if anyone is using a car with a majority Can overlook this type of car tire.

When to change the tires as appropriate?

Usually, we change the tires when we use it for a period of 3 – 5 years, but in truth The suitable period for changing tires is according to the condition of the tires. We should check the condition of the car’s tread to see if our car’s tread is in a condition that is ready for use or not. This will give you a good idea of ​​the tread strength and the wear resistance of the tread.

But many people misunderstand that We should change the tires only when the life of the tires is expired. Because most tire manufacturers have a lifetime warranty of 4-6 years, making many people understand that The tires are durable and can be used until the tire warranty period expires. Which is considered to be wrong. Because in reality The car dealership showroom itself has stated that The tires should be changed when the tires are between 3-5 years of life or every 50,000 kilometers of usage and the tires should be changed for every driving. 10,000-15,000 kilometers aside from the right time Changing tires is up to Driving area Including driving behavior Ours, sure enough.

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