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Tips on how to drive car safely without extinguishing when have to drive on water

When have flooded or water cross the road that mostly you don’t want your car to be on the street but sometimes is necessary. This tips will help you feel better when you see this situation. You can use or may use this plan to help you can your car.

  • Start by turning off the air conditioner in the car first Because the air conditioner system in the car will have a fan for sucking the air from the outside, causing in the case of flooding, such fans have the opportunity to suck plastic debris or objects into the car’s area. Which will cause engine failure and lead to engine shutdown Also causing damage to the components in the engine. But turning off the air conditioner in the car should leave the glass open for breathing But should be ajar on the passenger side, as if the driver’s side is ajar, it may be touched by water waves from the car driving the garden into the car
  • Next, should use a low gear while driving through flooding. Because while wading through the water, the engine should not rise or fall too much or the engine will shut down. And starting the engine while the car is immersed in Difficult to water at a high level (Probably not possible) which uses a low gear will cause the engine to be slightly higher Driving through the water should not step on the gas pedal too much, because when the machine may be switched off. Should refrain from braking if it is not necessary, otherwise the engine may be overturned and the engine shut down. Therefore, while driving through the flood spot, should drive slowly and let the car move all the time.
  • After passing through the flooded area Should park in a safe place (Do not stop the engine), then repeatedly press the brake repeatedly. Periodically to get as much water out of the brake pads For the brakes to work at the most efficiency. Finally, should bring the car to check the engine and various fluids (brake fluid, gear oil, engine oil, etc.) which can be checked by yourself Or for confidence, the car should be brought to the inspection service center in many places In some areas that are flooded, sometimes the driver himself can not avoid while driving through the flood. Because it may be an area that needs to go, such as leaving the area where the water will flood or enter the house, so the driver should learn and understand how to drive through the flood well If not confident that the water level is wading Parked in the park may be a better option.
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