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Knowledge About Dangerous Driving

1. Drive while raining, slippery roads Should slow down the car more slowly than usual and leave more distance from the front car If driving on the way for the car to drive opposite each other, then should turn on the headlights to warn the car that Ran in the garden to see When stopping the car, use a gear. Should not step on the brakes suddenly or break the steering wheel suddenly because it may cause the car to swipe or spin.

2. Driving up – down the hill When driving uphill, use a low gear with sufficient power. Because if the engine doesn’t have enough power to cause the car to shut down If the car goes out and flows down from him, must step on the brakes and use the handbrake to help. As for downhill, use a low gear as well so as to stop the flow of power too fast. Or to sustain the car by stepping on the brakes to slow down the car slowly enough to control

3. Long-distance driving – Sometimes when it is necessary to drive long distances Which may have a chance to get into an accident The driver should behave as follows on check the condition and equipment of the car to be in a condition that works well and safe before traveling as follows

  • Check the lower of the car, send the steering wheel tie
  • Check all four tires. And spare tire too Tubeless tires should be changed. Does the wheel nut tighten? Measure all four tires to fit the car and should have a tire gauge attached as well
  • prepare the car jack Jack steel and the jack screw Along with checking whether it works or not
  • checking brake systems, brake pads, brake fluid and handbrakes to check whether they work well or not
  • checking the engine systems Try to start the engine whether smooth or not. If the machine does not run smoothly, you may need to change the spark plug or white gold.
  • Check both the front lights. Including all lights of the car Must be bright enough and work well for all Adjust the high – low power to the specified size. If the lamp is broken or the fuse is broken, replace it
  • check the distilled water level in the battery, water in the radiator (honeycomb). If the radiator is dry or the circulating water passage is clogged The engine is hot Can be observed from the heat measurement dial May cause the cylinder to break or charge is melted.
  • Check the glass washing water. The glass water injection pipe must not be clogged. The wipers still work well
  • check engine oil And the oil filter must be changed every 5,000-10,000 kilometers.
  • Check if the fuel is sufficient or not. And the fuel filter cartridge must be clean Which must be changed every 10,000-20,000 kilometers. The fuel must be refilled so that the octane value matches the vehicle’s condition. Which can be inquired at various petrol stations.
  • Check the horn system to work well or not.
  • Check the air system if the air conditioner is not enough. The air conditioner won’t be cold. By looking at the air cleaner channel near With air compressor There will be bubbles and check. Look at the air conditioner belt whether slack or damaged or not. And check the air belt that
  • Check for water leaks Fuel Lubricants
  • bring the car to grease the wheels. Add gear oil Rear gear oil

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