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How to drive manual cars with 9 good tips for driving?

From beginners person who want drive manual cars and this will show you about tips for driving a manual transmission car. Let’s see what is in it.

  1. When changing gears every time Must press the clutch as far as possible
  2. Do not push the gear lever too quickly Should allow the gears of the gears to grind together at the right moment first To prevent the gears from rubbing against each other
  3. Always have to start the car with 1st gear in order to be smooth with no clutch slippery.
  4. Before changing to reverse gear every time Should change while the car is completely stopped.
  5. Do not drive down the slope using neutral gear. Because there will be no engine power to help brake Makes controlling the car difficult Very dangerous In this case, a low gear should be used to help slow down the engine with traction.
  6. The 5th gear is designed to reduce the cycle of the engine. This will help save fuel and reduce engine wear, but be careful not to use gear 5 for towing.
  7. Use of high gear at low rpm Will cause the engine to knock, which has a negative effect on the connecting rod and piston
  8. Should choose the right gear for the speed of the car and engine speed.
  9. Avoid changing gears when the car is cornering. Because if changing gears is not smooth, it may cause the rear wheels to flick, so if you are not sure how fast the curve should be used Use low speed first For safety
  10. Do you see that it’s not as difficult as you think? Just use it correctly. Including constant care This will only allow us to use the car for a longer time.
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