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5 ways to cool down your car

When weather is hot. We may be able to cool off with bathing, swimming, walking, air conditioning, etc. But for our car, it can not cool down by ourselves, so it is the duty of the car owner to take it. But during this period, what can be saved, should be economical will take him to the car inspection or wash center often Might be a flattening bag. Today, we would like to introduce basic car care methods during the summer months.

1. Attaching the light filter film
Popular method to help reduce the heat from the sun inside the car is to apply the light filter film. But in our market there are many brands Must consider choosing the best value for money The first thing that should be considered is the quality of the filter film. Good quality Is to explore the various properties of the film such as the heat reduction value Ultraviolet Reduction Value However, good quality car window film can reduce the heat from the sun to a maximum of only 68%. If there is a advertisement that can reduce the heat even higher. Have to consider on a case-by-case basis The installation process Recommended to install at a dealer center that has been officially appointed by the importing company that has not expired. In order to get a genuine quality filter film And confident

2. Extending the life of the car’s air conditioner
For all cars today with lack of air, like really lacking in mind, so must conserve the air age Just look at the small spots It can extend the useful life, such as not adjusting the position of the thermostat to Cool all the time to help preserve the compressor to work hard all the time. Or not turning on the glass when turning on the air conditioner Because the compressor will work hard Or may use the method of shutting down the computer air. But the fan is still on and the car air conditioner is more like home air Do not forget to clean the air box at least once a year or about 20,000 km, including changing the air valve and drier every 40,000 – 50,000 km.

3. Overheat !! … can prevent
The hottest summer is like this. Must regularly check the water level in the radiator. If it is a new car, it should be checked at least once a week. For vehicles that are older than 5 years, should be checked 2-3 times per week. Always add clean water and drain the boiler water every 4 – 6 months and while driving, observe the engine symptoms from the temperature gauge hand on the dial. Usually between C and H or 85 – 90 degrees Celsius. If the temperature needle moves near the H, the engine is overheating. Turn off the air conditioner to reduce the operation of the engine and park the car at a safe place immediately. And quickly open the bonnet to ventilate heat from the engine room If there is steam coming up from the bonnet of the car Should wait until the heat of the engine decreases Then open the bonnet and be careful “do not open the radiator cap while the engine is overheating” because steam may rise up to cause injury. And do not pour water on the engine Because it will damage the engine.

4. Ventilate when in the sun.
If coincident, must park the car for a long time in the sun. Should find a way to reduce the heat in the passenger room before getting in the car too. An easy way is to open the glass and close – open the door. The step is to open the window on the opposite side and then open the car door on the front, back. Open and close. Repeat 4-5 times (do not need to be very strong). As we open-close the door, the outside air will flow through the window that we opened, which will cause the air inside the cabin to be pulled out. In which the test results can reduce the temperature by 4-5 degrees Or if you park in a safe place Then reduce the glass of every window by 1-2 mm so that the air can flow well

5. Correct car wash
This tips is keep your car skin beautiful, clean, and clear without wrinkles. Beginning with the strongest water spray to allow dirt, dirt, and dirt. Fall out of the car as much as possible Rinse with clean water is enough But may require a lot of scrubbing force If wanting to wash more easily, use a car wash shampoo as well. Frequent car washing Making the car body color look bright throughout However, should not wash the car in the evening, because if washed and parked, it may cause rust in the point that the wipe is not dry and should not wash the car in the sun because the sunlight will cause the water to dry quickly to not wipe, which may cause water stains on the car’s surface.

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