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14 ways to drive with efficiency fuel and save money

14 ways to drive with efficiency fuel and save money

  1. Warm up in a stationary position Only wasteful – Should not warm the engine by standing still for a long time And should not bleed the engine because it will cause waste of fuel, should warm up for 1-3 minutes or drive at low rpm for 1-2 kilometers to warm up
  2. Out of the braking and crunching damage, both waste and waste of the creaking car. Brake every time, crunching Is an instant waste of oil While also destroying your own car In addition, it is not safe for life and property as well.
  3. Drive soft, definitely economical. Try to control the speed consistently. Or driving with the engine cycle at the maximum torque level of that car model Will save fuel at an appropriate speed range And the most fuel economy is 60 – 80 km./hr.
  4. The more waste, the less gear is available, the engine change gear, also the engine Is a waste of fuel Therefore should not do so strongly
  5. Whenever raising the clutch, both waste and waste, don’t put your foot on the clutch pedal while driving, resulting in incomplete engine power transfer. Resulting in waste of fuel and quick wear to the clutch plate, the clutch lifespan will also be shortened
  6. Fast running, high gear Slow running, low gear Should leave the car with gear 1 every time Do not drag the gear as it will waste fuel. The gear should be used appropriately with the speed of the car, road conditions and load.
  7. Overloading heavily – Consuming a lot of fuel, carrying a lot of overloads will cause a lot of fuel consumption, resulting in shorter vehicle lifespan and also not being safe to control driving.
  8. Extreme cold Cool enough to pay and Air conditioning should be turned on but suitable for cooling. And the proper strength of the wind will also help save fuel.
  9. Parked with oil burns, causing pollution. Turn off the engine every time you park for a long time. Will help save fuel And also to preserve the environment
  10. Plan routes to conquer traffic jams, save fuel. Every time before traveling Should study the route to understand it will help to arrive at the destination quickly, safely and also as a way to save fuel.
  11. The car accessories are cool, but there are wasteful, and should not install more decorative equipment than necessary. Causing the engine to increase the load and the equipment Some cause it to resist the wind while running, resulting in increased fuel consumption.
  12. Load balanced Save more than worth and should place the center of the car. In balance, should not place the weight on the side The rear of the pickup truck too much because it will make the front of the car more difficult to control the car is not economical and may cause More dangerous too
  13. Drive up the hill to be economical and safe. Drive uphill or steep slopes should be consistent. Increase engine power gently Should use low gear while up, because if using high gear, the car will not have power, the engine will fall and consume fuel
  14. Drive down the hill to be economical and safe. Absolutely do not drive downhill or steep slopes with neutral gear. Because it will cause the car to flow down at high speed without the delay of the engine causing danger. Should use a low gear And slowly let the car flow down around the engine And control the speed in relation to the gears for safety.

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