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The Wandering Earth 流浪地球 (Movie 2019)

The Wandering Earth (2019)
Also known as: 流浪地球 / Liu Lang Di Qiu

Genre: Movie, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Adventure
China Mainland
Guo Fan
Release Date:
5 February 2019
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  • Shaw Qu
  • Li Guangjie
  • Ng Man-Tat
  • Angel Zhao
  • Jacky Wu Jing
  • Lei Jiayin
  • Mike Sui
  • Qu Jingjing
  • Zhang Yichi
  • Yang Haoyu
  • Arkady Sharogradsky
  • Li Hongchen
  • Yang Yi
  • Jiang Zhigang
  • Zhang Huan
  • Ning Hao
  • Liu Cixin
  • Guo Jingfei
  • Angela Wang
  • Zhang Zixian
  • Lu Yang
  • Zhang Ning
  • Zhang Xiaobei
  • Rao Xiaozhi
  • Tao Luoyi
  • Wu Xiaoliang
  • Gong Geer
  • Guo Fan

When the sun dies out, the people of Earth build giant thrusters to move the planet out of orbit and sail to a new star system. After 2,500 years, young people continue the fight for everyone’s survival.

In recent years, scientists have discovered that the sun is rapidly aging and the entire solar system, including the Earth, will be swallowed up by the sun in a short time. In order to save themselves, mankind proposed a bold plan called “The Wandering Earth”, which is to force the world to build tens of thousands of engines and steering engines on the surface of the earth, to push the earth out of the solar system, and to travel to the new home for 2,500 years. Alpha Centauri outside the light years.

Chinese astronaut Liu Peiqiang ( Wu Jing ornaments) went to the pilot space station when his son Liu Qi was four years old, and shouldered the heavy responsibility of the pilot with his international colleagues. In the blink of an eye, Liu Qi ( Qu Chu Xiao ornaments) grew up. He sneaked to the surface with his sister Duo Duo ( Zhao Jinmai) and stole the transporter of his grandfather Han Ziang ( Wu Mengda) . The result was not only arrested but also suffered. The event of global engine shutdown. In order to repair the engine and prevent the earth from falling into Jupiter, the world began to carry out a saturated rescue. Even Liu Qi’s car was forced to join. In the process of racing against time, countless people have followed suit and are eager to continue their lives, only to continue the hope of the survival of the EMI generation.

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