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Guilty Blacklist S7 Episode 2 Preview

An adult has lost up to 40% of his blood, and Reddington has been bleeding nearly 20% and feels groggy. Because the heart cannot be filled with enough blood when it contracts, the ventricles are trembling. Catalina did not intend to stop here, she firmly believed that Reddington was using herself. Now Katrina doesn’t want to hide anymore, she must fight back, especially after the Townsend killing order is issued against her. Catalina deliberately called Milla, the nurse kidnapped by Reddington, to perform bloodletting. If Reddington would rather die, she would go to Dominic.

Hearing that his old friend Dominic was in danger, Reddington secretly worried. Looking at Mira who was checking her blood bag, Reddington felt that she was not like a killer. Sure enough, Milla couldn’t bear to watch Reddington die slowly like this. While there was no one else, she took off the catheter on Reddington’s carotid artery, and helped Reddington stagger into the car. After being spotted by the patrol guards, Milla shot and killed the opponent, stepped on the gas pedal, and escaped from Stanhill’s safe house.

Reddington’s face was bloodless, and he used Mira’s cell phone to contact Dunby, and ordered him to meet at Dominica and bring at least eight units of refrigerated plasma. A few hours later, Mira drove to the timber yard Redington said. At this time, Reddington had fainted in the back seat, breathless.

Dominic and Denby immediately had blood transfusions. After a while, Reddington slowly became sober. Dominic never communicates with the outside world and doesn’t believe that Catalina can find herself. But Elizabeth found Dominic, and it was only a matter of time before Catalina found here. Mila on the side could understand the conversation between the two for a while. Dominic framed his daughter Caterina just because Caterina had betrayed her homeland, and now Caterina is coming to find her father for revenge, which sounds incredible. .

Reddington regained some energy. He didn’t expect Mira to understand this, in fact, the less he knew, the safer he was. Before sending off Milla, Reddington asked Dunby to hand Milla a business card. The person on the business card will not only give generous rewards, but also provide the best protection to help Mira escape from Catalina. Mila was stunned with her business card. She was once a military doctor, and the mutual trust between her comrades made her unforgettable. However, she failed Reddington’s trust.

Mira told the truth. The original plan was to trick Reddington into telling the killer who executed Thompson’s orders and how much information they had about Catalina. After the failure of Plan A, Catalina then implemented Plan B. When Reddington was unable to think, she used Mira to find out where Dominic was hiding. The car parked outside the safe house and the guard who was shot dead were all carefully arranged by Stanhill. I believe that at this time, Catalina is already on her way.

While Katrina was implementing Plan B, the action team was also actively investigating. They discovered that the magician Stanhill had hired professional doctors, nurses, former police, and intelligence agents to organize the scam. Everyone only knows what he needs to know, and knows nothing else. No one knows who hired Stanhill, and the action team is back to square one.

Elizabeth sorted out the case from the beginning. Reddington was kidnapped when he went to Paris to meet a person he trusted very much, and then sent to a warehouse disguised as a French hospital in Annapolis, Maryland. The motivation for this is that Reddington needs to find something or someone. Elizabeth’s first thought is that the messenger behind the scenes is looking for her mother, Catalina.

Stanhill necessarily needs a place to train the people involved in the scam. Aram found that everyone’s clothing came from a textile factory warehouse. Elizabeth and Lesler found the head of the textile factory. According to the delivery note provided by the textile factory, the emergency team raided the secret training base of Stanhill. The action did not encounter much firepower, and the desperate Stanhir killed himself with a gun.

Lesler called to inform the forensic office to send a car to pick up Stanhill’s body and try to find out his true identity. Searching the base, Elizabeth saw a tracking route displayed on the computer screen, ending at the timber yard where Grandpa Dominic lived.

At this time, Catalina led a large number of people to surround the timber yard. Mira led them into the ambush and caught Katrina by surprise. After a brief panic, Katrina quickly calmed down and organized a counterattack. The powerful firepower made Reddington and others passive, Dominic was shot in the chest in the melee.

Everyone had to hide in the basement, preparing to fight to the death. At this moment, Catalina and her troops withdrew quietly. Elizabeth’s voice came from above, and the FBI emergency team had arrived at the timber yard. Redington did not send the seriously injured Dominic to the nearest hospital, which would only plunge Dominic into endless interrogations. He would rather believe that Mira’s underground clinic, at least Dominic would be free.

After Dominica stabilizes, Elizabeth has many questions to ask. Whether mother Catalina is alive or dead, who kidnapped Reddington in Paris, who attacked grandpa’s timber yard, what is going on? All of this was caused by Elizabeth and Lesler’s determination to investigate Catalina regardless of Redington’s warning. Now, even if there is only a slight possibility that Katrina is still alive, those people will destroy anyone related to it.

An ancient demon has been awakened by Elizabeth, and the development of things has exceeded imagination. Aram went to the forensic office to follow up the autopsy, only to learn that Stanhill’s body had not been sent, and someone canceled the notice to receive the body. The funeral car that went to the scene to collect the body was fake, and Stanhill succeeded in deceiving federal agents and escaped. What Elizabeth did not expect was that Catalina moved into the apartment next door as Madame Maddie.

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