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Guilty Blacklist S7 Episode 1 Preview

When Reddington woke up, he found himself in the hospital. There was an oxygen tube in his nose, and the life support system was beeping beside the bed. The most terrible thing is that he can’t feel his legs. The last thing I remember was that I caught up with Catalina in the dim streets of Paris, and then lost consciousness. As for how he got injured, how he got to the hospital, Reddington had no impression.

The doctor who rushed to answered Reddington’s question was when the police were monitoring a group of gangsters and saw them drag Reddington, which was motionless, onto the truck. The police rescued Reddington, but the assailant escaped. After being sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, Reddington was found to have been drugged with multiple fractures and almost died. The perpetrator interrupted two, three, four sections of Reddington’s lumbar spine. The neurosurgeon has done emergency treatment and removed the broken bones, but the possibility of autonomous walking in the future is slim.

Inspector Rene of the French Security Agency walked into the hospital ward to see the famous Reddington with his own eyes. Unexpectedly, in this way, the most wanted man in the United States would be caught. Over the years, he has been tracking Reddington and Katrina. He was sure that Redington appeared in Paris, it would never be a coincidence. Reddington didn’t want to pay attention to Rene’s nonsense. The Security Service wanted to know the whereabouts of Catalina. He only gave out a list of phone numbers and asked for lawyer Marvin. He can’t say a word without seeing a lawyer.

In the Washington apartment, Elizabeth wanted to find a full-time nanny to take care of her daughter Agnes. But Aram checked the background of each applicant, and it was more or less disturbing. While hesitating, Dunby called for help from Paris, and Reddington was missing. Six days ago, Reddington came to see a man, someone Dunby didn’t know but Reddington trusted. Reddington insisted on meeting alone, and then there was no news.

Elizabeth rushed to the action team immediately and reported the situation to Cooper. Aram mobilized Reddington to monitor the areas that he might go to, but nothing happened. It seemed that no matter who Reddington wanted to meet, he didn’t want others to know. At this time, the dedicated telephone rang. Cooper was stunned. This special line was an emergency number he had agreed with Reddington, and would only be used when Reddington was caught.

Cooper picked up the phone, and the other party claimed to be French Security Agency Rene, looking for lawyer Marvin. Cooper also reported his identity, saying that Marvin has been arrested by the FBI and is currently monitoring the call. Knowing that Reddington was in the hands of the French Security Agency, everyone present was shocked. Cooper immediately offered to extradite the wanted criminal Reddington, and Rene had to agree to send a commissioner to discuss the matter.

After the phone was hung up, Aram had questions. For more than 30 years, Reddington can safely escape any arrest. And now that he was arrested twice within a year, maybe there was an inner ghost who exposed Reddington’s whereabouts. Elizabeth was helpless and had to admit that the arrest of Reddington last year was due to her report. Apart from Lesler, everyone present was taken aback.

The real Reddington was shot and killed by four-year-old Elizabeth in 1991. Now this Reddington’s real identity is former KGB agent Ilya. Elizabeth once thought that Reddington was an irresponsible father and held a grudge. When she discovered the truth and knew that Elias was shouldering the responsibility that shouldn’t be borne by him, she couldn’t help feeling respect. So it doesn’t matter who Reddington is, the most important thing is to save Reddington.

Cooper made a special trip to the French Embassy, ​​and met Security Commissioner Patrick at the entrance of the embassy. Patrick took the initiative to greet him and asked to talk to a nearby park. This is the usual practice of intelligence personnel, and Cooper has no doubts. After seeing the photos of Reddington lying on the hospital bed and confirming with Reddington himself on the phone, Cooper made an extradition request. But Patrick refused. The Security Agency has reason to believe that the FBI and Reddington are cooperating, so Redington does not meet the conditions for extradition.

Cooper did not give up because of the refusal of the Security Service. He also negotiated with the French government through the Secretary of State, and the French government responded that there is no record of the arrest of Reddington. This is also normal. Any intelligence agency that catches Reddington will definitely squeeze out all the information before making it public. Cooper prepared the extradition materials, went to the French Embassy, ​​and formally submitted an application to Commissioner Patrick. But Patrick who came out of the office was not the Patrick I saw yesterday. Cooper realized that he had been fooled.

The embassy surveillance photographed that fake commissioner went to the embassy to receive a visa application, then chatted with the doorman at the door, and when he saw Cooper coming over, he stepped forward to say hello. The visa application form was found in the trash can outside the embassy, ​​and a fingerprint was extracted. The fake commissioner’s real name is Michael, who lives in Washington, and is a senior fraudster.

It takes at least an hour to apply for an arrest warrant, and Dunby does not need these procedures when he goes out. Dunby kicked the door open and put the gun on Michael’s head. But Michael didn’t know much, just a phone call, a notebook, a lot of money, and he just did it. The caller is called Stanhill in the industry, which means “magic”, and is everywhere and without a trace.

The way to find the “magic” through Michael was broken, and Aram started with the money transfer account. After checking, the account is linked to a shell company, and there is no hope to find out the identity of the account owner. But on this account, there are several other remittances. One of them was used to lease a small warehouse in Annapolis, and the other three were used to lease medical equipment. According to the invoice of the rental company, the address is the same warehouse. If France did not capture Reddington, Reddington is probably here.

The armed squad of the FBI raided the warehouse, but it was still a step late. There are multiple setting rooms in the warehouse, and fake medical staff. The action team questioned them one by one, and they all mentioned being employed by Stanhill and another Russian woman. And Redington had fled before the FBI arrived.

It turned out that Reddington on the ward also noticed something was wrong. Stanhill pretending to be Rene of the Security Agency clearly told Reddington that he would not extradite, trying to make Reddington desperate and tell the information that Katrina wanted. What Reddington was thinking about was self-help. After lying down for a few days, the doctor agreed that he would sit in a wheelchair and walk around the ward.

He stole the mobile phone from the carer’s pocket when he was carried into the wheelchair. When there is no one in the ward, turn on the phone and have to give up because there is no unlock code. Reddington noticed that the cellphone wallpaper was a photo of the carer and his son, who were wearing Washington baseball uniforms. After being suspicious, he opened the Baiwei window and looked out the window. There is no reflection in the window of the opposite building, it is clearly a sticker.

When the nurse came in for an injection, Reddington grabbed the syringe and stuck it on the nurse’s neck. The nurse had no choice but to confess that all this is a setting. The so-called paralysis is also false. The potion injected every four hours is ketamine, which can inhibit the central nervous system and cause the illusion of paralysis.

Redington was surprised and delighted. What was shocking was that Catalina deliberately tried to obtain information, and what was happy was that she could walk. Reddington snatched the nurse’s hidden pistol and threatened the nurse to call “Rene”. Stanhill turned into a prisoner when he showed his pistol. Reddington was not welcome and ordered the nurse to inject a needle of ketamine into Stanhill.

Afterwards, Reddington, who had regained consciousness, ran out of the window on the set wall. But with just a revolver, how could it be possible to escape the palm of Catalina. After the bullet was cleared, Reddington raised his hands and surrendered. Catalina has lost patience. Before, she wanted to obtain information without harming Reddington. Now she must change her approach.

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