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Zhu Men Ruthless Wife

Zhu Men Ruthless Wife (Novel)
Other Name: 朱门狠妻

Genre: novel
Author: Master Yaoyao
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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Bai Mujinfeng Jiuqing is the protagonist of the book. She is the daughter of the Hou Men. In order to marry him, she will break with her parents. In order to make him famous, he will not hesitate to die. When his great cause has been accomplished, what he got back was his coldness and abandonment… Seeing the poisonous wine in front of her, she vowed that she would cut her skin and bones in the next life…

Free Reading:
The visitor was the young lady of the Weiyuan Houfu——Zeng Mingyue, Bai Mujin heard about her reputation, and saw that little girl rushed towards Bai Yunxi with excitement. Bai Mujin remembers that Zeng Mingyue was very close to Bai Yunxi in her previous life, but later she still couldn’t escape the fate of being used by Bai Yunxi and became a stepping stone for her and Feng Zihan.

Feng Zihan was originally Zeng Mingyue’s fiance, and he kindly introduced him to Bai Yunxi. Who would want Bai Yunxi to learn that Feng Zihan is the prince son of Chu County, and see that he was born with a handsome and handsome Fengshen, so he used a plan to instigate two The relationship between people.

Bai Mujin remembered that it was suddenly rumored in the city that the Weiyuan Hou Mansion’s eldest Zeng Mingyue was the life of Kef. For this reason, Weiyuan Houfu also killed a Taoist priest, but the matter was still passed to the princess, who later retired. Bai Yunxi took advantage of the vacancy and entered, fascinated Feng Zihan. Later, the princess came to discuss marriage, and Zeng Mingyue also ran to make a fuss about the Hou Mansion for a while.

Thinking of this, Bai Mujin couldn’t help but sneered. It was unexpected that Feng Zihan would be killed. Bai Yunxi was betting on her while hooking up with others. This green hat didn’t know how many he wore. Bai Mujin really didn’t understand. Bai Yunxi was better than her in everything, so she always said that she had robbed her. I really didn’t know what she was trying to write.

Looking back, look at this little girl who rushed towards Bai Yunxi with enthusiasm. Bai Mujin felt sorry for her, alas, that was the one who ruined your life’s happiness.

“Yun Xi, why are you here? I haven’t seen you for a long time. Let’s talk a little bit this time.”

“Sister Mingyue, Yun Xi misses you so much, but you don’t know that sister, my sister is having a hard life these days”

When Zeng Mingyue heard Bai Yunxi say this, she was furious: “Say, who is bullying you? My sister will teach him for you.”

When Bai Yunxi heard this, she was secretly delighted, but she was aggrieved on the face: “Don’t want to speak up, sister, come with me, let’s go to a place with fewer people, and my sister will talk to you again.”

Seeing Bai Yunxi hiding in the hiding place, Bai Mujin knew that she must be trying to do something, so Shi Shiran followed them.

After Bai Yunxi and Zeng Mingyue walked away from the crowd for a few minutes, Bai Yunxi took Zeng Mingyue and sat aside, with a bitter expression, and said, “Sister Mingyue, don’t you know, I can’t live at home anymore.”

Zeng Mingyue is also a straight-tempered person. Her good friend has always been sincere. When Bai Yunxi was bullied at home, she was even more anxious: “You said, who is bullying you? My sister taught her!”

Bai Yunxi wanted to continue to pretend to be pitiful, but he caught a glimpse of Bai Mujin walking in the distance. Seeing her sharp eyes, she quickly changed her words: “Actually, it’s nothing, it’s all things from the past. care.”

Her vomiting like this is even more anxious. Zeng Mingyue thought for a while and immediately said angrily: “Is it your protagonist…”

“Is this Miss Zeng, the eldest lady of the Weiyuan Hou Mansion? She really gave birth to a good look as rumored, and this overall style is truly extraordinary.”

Zeng Mingyue was about to talk about life, but was interrupted and was very annoyed. However, someone who came to brag about herself fiercely, and it was too difficult to reach out and hit the smiley, so she turned around and gave a salute and smiled: “This sister is absurd. Like, I don’t know how to call my sister?”

Bai Mujin was surprised when he heard this, “What? Didn’t Yun Xi tell you about me? I am Yun Xi’s eldest sister, Bai Mujin. Yun Xi always wants me to mention you, saying that you are passionate and friendly to others. Really, a close and good sister.”

Zeng Mingyue suddenly became a little embarrassed. Bai Yunxi had mentioned her eldest sister to her, but she said nothing good. She was weak, cowardly, and narrow-minded. But the feeling that the people in front of her gave her was obviously not like this. This sister looked generous and confident, dignified and beautiful, not as much as Bai Yunxi described.

Bai Yunxi had cursed Bai Mujin ten thousand times in her heart now, she was really everywhere. She ran over to talk to her friends for a while, and she would also follow her. It was really shameless to provoke the relationship between her and Zeng Mingyue in front of her, so she hurriedly said: “Sister, I and Sister Mingyue are good friends. ,

You don’t want to provoke the relationship between me and her here.” As he said, tears began to flow from the corners of my eyes, picked up a handkerchief and touched the corners of my eyes and cried: “Sister is always like this. , I have to use means to take her away. It was like this in the mansion before. It was not my fault. My sister wanted to provoke me, causing me to be misunderstood by my grandmother. She also kneeled in the ancestral hall and was punished.”

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