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The Ugly Woman in the Nongmen

The Ugly Woman in the Nongmen (Novel)
Other Name: 农门丑妇:当家的,来生娃!

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Er Qiao
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Feng Xiaomei, Ben and his girlfriend are shopping, but suddenly rushed out of the masked gangster, and fell from a high altitude unexpectedly under entanglement… Wake up to find that crossing has become a farm gate that everyone spurned The ugly woman, the house is on the wall, the husband is disabled and seriously injured, the uncle and the aunt are young, waiting to be fed…

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“Yelling and selling tiger skins!” Feng Xiaomei looked at him strangely.

“Someone will come to collect it later.” Uncle Wang frowned.

“Oh.” Feng Xiaomei touched her nose embarrassedly, and muttered, “Isn’t this thinking that some big households sell clothes and make clothes? Why is there someone to collect them?”

The butcher Li Zhenhua was a bit funny when she saw that she was still innocent after being trained, and said, “Little lady, your father didn’t lie to you. You don’t know the market. This big family has special channels for buying things. You won’t come to places like us. And your tiger skin is a valuable thing that ordinary people can’t afford, so your shouting is useless.”

father? I dare to feel that the butcher’s boss thought she was Uncle Wang’s daughter, but what he said was somewhat reasonable. Feng Xiaomei chuckled twice, “Is the fur seller who came here to collect fur?”

“It’s a hunter from Langya Mountain.”

“Oh? In addition to hunting, they also buy fur?”

“Little lady, do you know Langya Mountain? It is a primitive mountain range with groups of wild beasts and various poisonous fog swamp barriers. Ordinary hunters dare not approach it. And Langya Mountain group of hunters, I heard that it is… …” Li Zhenhua walked two steps to Feng Xiaomei and said in a low voice, “I heard that they were bandits who occupied the mountain as king. Not to mention the courage, but the skill! Now they are hunting in Langya Mountain all year round. In addition to selling to us, fur is sold through fixed channels.”

bandit? !

Feng Xiaomei took a breath. Is such a fierce person still doing business with him, is this Uncle Wang crazy?

Li Zhenhua saw her face changed, and said, “Don’t worry, although these people are sturdy, they are very credible in business, and they will never buy or sell. Besides, your father is also a little fistful. Don’t be afraid of them.”

Oh, that’s better. But, how could he think that Uncle Wang has a punch?

Feng Xiaomei glanced at Uncle Wang without a trace, and saw that his face was as dark as the bottom of a pot, so she smiled Tengqing, “Well, boss, Uncle Wang is from the same village as me. Today, he will help my head sell tigers on behalf of my family. Pi, he is not my father, you made a mistake.”

“Hey, it turned out to be like this…” Li Zhenhua scratched his head awkwardly, turned his face and joked at Uncle Wang, “Master, I really can’t see that you still have such a warm heart. It’s really disrespectful…”

The other butcher shop owners laughed, “Lao Li, look at what you said, do good people still have to think a few big words on their foreheads,’I’m a good person’?”

“Hey, old black, you guys owe you…”

A group of people were talking lively, and a group of hunters in short-skinned animal skins came over from the street. The headed man is about forty years old, has a beard, carries a dark bow and arrow made of unknown material, has a wide back and a bear waist, walks tigers and tigers, his eyes are shining, and his body is full. The iron and blood and the air of killing are daunting.

“Lao Li, I have a few rabbits and pheasants left here today. Let me show you. Can you see them?” His voice was like a bell, and his big hands took over the prey from the people behind him. A few chickens in the left hand and a few rabbits in the right hand were passed to Li Zhenhua.

The prey was struggling and wailing desperately in his hands. Among them were two injured pheasants. While struggling, he splashed a few drops of blood on Li Zhenhua’s face. He shuddered when he smelled the blood, and hurriedly laughed. “Look at what Feng Ye said, the things you hunted have always been only qualified to eat, and now you can even try our mud legs, but it is our blessing.” He took it very badly, and said goodbye. All butchers are stuffed with one. Those butcher shop owners also looked prosperous, as if being able to get these prey was really a great gift.

Master Feng grinned, “Haha, Lao Li is refreshing. This time I have killed more prey, and it just happened that those nobles were tired of eating less, otherwise you won’t be in your turn.”

Li Zhenhua nodded and bowed, “That’s what it is. But Lord Feng can rest assured that the younger one will definitely give you a very fair price!”

“That’s good.” Feng Ye nodded in satisfaction, and he rolled his eyes and saw the tiger skin in front of Uncle Wang. His eyes lit up, and he strode over in three steps in two steps.

“Someone hunted big insects? I have been wandering in the mountain nest for several years, and I have never seen it…this is a good thing!” Feng Ye looked a little excited, and his big rough hands stretched out to the tiger skin.

Unexpectedly, Feng Xiaomei’s sturdy figure stepped forward, covering his sight tightly, “Of course this is a good thing, the skin of a Bengal tiger once in a hundred years!”

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