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The Phoenix Comes to the World: Marrying the Princess

The Phoenix Comes to the World: Marrying the Princess (Novel)
Other Name:  凤临天下:代嫁皇妃

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Feixue
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Huo Wuqi and Feng Molin, she is the princess’s most intimate little palace maid, and the most difficult to accept the favor of the prince, she really failed to elope. On the way to marry the princess, she realized that this was the new beginning of life. It turns out that the little palace lady also has a great future.

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Steward Qin fell to the ground and died without knowing how to die. He didn’t even see clearly whether the person who passed out on the ground was Yun Huangtian that Qin Xiang was about to grasp. His face was frozen with pain, and his body quickly stiffened and changed color. The magic needle was poisoned very badly. I don’t know if Huo Wu Qiruo would be grateful for seeing this scene, what Yun Huangtian threw out last night was just an ordinary hidden weapon without poison.

Jiuying quickly grabbed Huo Wuqi and took her away from the small courtyard, “Why are you here, hurry up. Going south is Luzhou City.” Without waiting for Huo Wuqi’s answer, she performed light work and rushed. Away from the small courtyard.

It happened that Yun Huangtian came out to find him. “where did you go?”

“Return to the son, an assassin escaped, and the subordinate went down to find him.” Jiuying lowered his head and did not look at Yun Huangtian.

“It’s all cleaned up.”

“It’s all handled, the son can rest assured.”

After listening, Yun Huangtian walked out of the small courtyard without turning his head. There was already a carriage waiting outside the courtyard. The little servant waiting on the side knelt down, and after Yunhuang Tian got on the bus, he drove away with his horse. Jiuying threw a fire at the courtyard, and then disappeared.

Huo Wuqi, who was thrown away by Jiuying not far from the courtyard, looked at Jiuying’s departed back in doubt, guessing about the relationship between Jiuying and Yunhuangtian and the purpose of their trip.

If you think about it carefully, the accent Jiuying and the man didn’t seem to be from Fengmingguo. Jiuying was the bodyguard of that grateful man. The man offended Qin Xiang, who was under Xia Yunguo’s 10,000 people, So Qin Xiang wanted the man’s life. Judging from Jiuying’s skill, he didn’t look like a guard that ordinary officials could hire. So what was the man’s identity? Judging from the man’s words, deeds, and clothes…well, the answer seems to be ready .

Standing in Huo Wuqi’s position is exactly what happens in the courtyard, but it is not easy for the people inside to see here. Huo Wuqi watched Yunhuang Tianyun lightly came out of the house and got into the carriage outside, and there was a raging fire in the small courtyard following the disappearance of Nine Shadows. Thinking of what he had just guessed again, Huo Wuxi shook his head helplessly, wearing the smoky shirt that Jiu Gu prepared for her yesterday. Although it was not decent, it did not affect Huo Wuqi’s beauty, Huo Wuqi Walked quickly in the direction that Jiuying said.

The peace-making team, who had stayed in Luzhou City for three days, was also preparing to set off for Xia Yunguo in the north. Since Huo Wuqi separated from the family group in order to deceive the bandits, Princess Zi Ni has been crying and clamoring to see Huo Wuqi every day, so she stayed in this Luzhou city for a long time.

Everyone tried to find no results, but was helpless to persuade Princess Zi Ni, Huo Wuqi was dead. Princess Zi Ni washed her face with tears all day long, and A Yue was also very sad at her side. I remembered that Huo Wuqi took care of A Yue the most when he was in Fengming State. When other servants and eunuchs bullied A Yue, it was Huo Wuqi who took the lead for her. Huo Wuqi sincerely treated her as a younger sister to love her. However, seeing that there are not a few days of marriage, I am afraid that I will not be able to make it if I don’t set off, and I am afraid that I will be blamed by the Lord Xia Yun if I arrive in the end.The people who had no other choice had to think of a way to put the sweat medicine into the princess’ breakfast, and then set off when the princess was sleeping.

Huo Wuqi walked out of the state for half a day, and occasionally encountered a few rural hawkers coming home from Luzhou City on the road. After inquiring, there was still one to two hundred miles from there to Luzhou City. After passing through a forest , Huo Wuqi looked up at the sky. The sun was right in the sky. After thinking about it, there is still half a day’s walk from here on foot. It is not a way to go on this way. It is better to rest and try to enter the city before dark. Maybe they can still find the princess.

Huo Wuqi, who went to rest under the tree for a while, got up and patted the dirt on his body, ready to continue on his way. I happened to hear a few women who had just come from Luzhou City and were ready to rest in the grove like her, “Hey, let me tell you that the team of people who temporarily lived in the house where I was working the other day Going away, there is a young lady in the team who is very beautiful, comparable to Princess Zi Ni…. She is also very generous in her shots. I have been serving in the yard these few days and got this number.” The woman stretched out her rough hands because she was doing farm work all the time, washing and cooking, and the pride and show off on her face were obvious.Twelve taels of silver can be enough for them to live a good year for ordinary farmers, and some people have never touched them.

“Really, then you have made a fortune.” The other two women agreed.

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