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The Overbearing Female Doctor to Conquer the Lord

The Overbearing Female Doctor to Conquer the Lord (Novel)
Other Name: 女医生穿越之霸道征服王爷

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Mint Weiliang
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Xiao Changge Cang Mingjue, a powerful female doctor traverses through another world, cuts the lifeline of a scumbag, and gets into big trouble ever since. Not only was forced to be involved in the dark vortex of the court harem, but also to protect the disabled and incompetent husband Cang Mingjue, against the vicious and vicious prince who hid the sword in the smile…

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“Prince, since I dare to come to do business with you today, I have full confidence that we can cooperate happily. The person you need to guard against should not be Pluto. You know that Pluto’s body can’t ascend the position of the emperor. Nowadays. King Wen wants to get rid of Pluto. If you are smart, you should keep him and yourself.”

Xiao Changge really didn’t like these rights struggles, but he had to struggle in the muddy water when he was in the muddy water, just for a movable type and the dignity that a person deserves.

Cang Muxiu naturally knew the inextricable relationship among them, weighing the pros and cons, Pluto could not die. “Why are you helping Pluto?” Cang Muxiu asked her suddenly.

Xiao Changge didn’t know why he wanted to help Cang Mingjue. At first it was out of sympathy and what a doctor should do, so now?

Xiao Changge has never thought about it seriously, she only knows that she and Pluto are connected, he can live by himself if he is dead…

Thinking that Cang Ming would definitely die, Xiao Changge’s heart suddenly hurt. He will not die, definitely not. Xiao Changge cheered up and looked at Cang Muxiu with resolute eyes: “He is my husband, and I can only live if he lives.”

Cang Muxiu stunned slightly, her eyes were firm and her temperament was dusty. He had never seen this proud and independent aura in another woman. From the first glance, he felt that she was special.

“I will discuss this matter with my mother and my queen, and my palace will give you an answer before noon tomorrow.” Cang Mu Xiu said.

Xiao Changge breathed a sigh of relief and replied: “Then I will wait for the good news from the prince in the mansion.” Xiao Changge said with a bow and turned to leave.

Coming out of the Prince’s Mansion, Xiao Changge felt that he was really exhausted. After returning to the palace, Xiao Changge guarded Cang Mingjue all night. Cang Mingjue seemed to be in pain because of the poisoning. Xiao Changge heard his nightmare shouting: No, mother concubine, father, save me. help me.

Xiao Changge wanted to wake him up, but no matter how hard she tried, Cang Mingjue was still stuck in her nightmare. Xiao Changge remembered the songs he often sang in his previous life, and hummed softly.

“The sweets and sorrows and joys and sorrows on the road of life, I would like to share everything with you. Once it was inevitable to fall and wait, you must bravely raise your head…”

Cang Mingjue, who was unconscious on the bed, slowly recovered his calm, and his breathing gradually calmed down.

Xiao Changge lay on the side of Cang Mingjue’s bed, holding his hand in one hand, and fell asleep tiredly in the night after the midsummer rain.

The next day, Xiao Changge finally received a letter from the prince, but the letter stated that she could only go to the appointment alone. Xiao Changge knew Meiyue’s heartfelt well, and knew that he could not convince her, so he had to move his hands and feet in the tea, and then left the letter to leave the palace through the back door.

When he arrived at the Prince’s Mansion, Xiao Changge was taken to a dark room. In the dark room, a luxurious woman was sitting inside, and Cang Muxiu was there.

“I have seen the empress empress.” Xiao Changge recognized that woman, that grace and noble temperament is not who the queen is today.

“Princess Hades, you really have the courage to come here alone. Since you want to cooperate with this palace, this palace needs to know your sincerity.” The queen wearing armored fingers stroked the blue-and-white teacup without raising her head. Although he has passed middle age, his charm still exists.

Xiao Changge pursed his lips, feeling Cang Muxiu’s hot gaze, slightly staggered and replied: “If you tell the Queen Empress, Lin Wang Zi Gong is really my own handwriting, I wonder if I show my sincerity?”

The queen looked up in shock, with a hint of shock in her eyes, and Cang Muxiu was also shocked. Xiao Changge laughed out looking at their expressions.

“Don’t be so surprised, I know that you also have doubts about Linwang’s self-governing, but madam, you are actually very happy in your heart, right? After all, you actually want to get rid of Linwang.”

The corner of the queen’s lips twitched slightly, put down the tea cup and stood up, but took Xiao Changge’s arm to look at it. After seeing a touch of cinnabar on Xiao Changge’s arm, the queen raised her eyebrows slightly.

“Sure enough, you are very smart. My palace likes dealing with smart people, but my palace can’t just trust you like that. There is a pill here. As long as you take it, my palace will give you Qingdai.”

The queen said, handing a brown pill to Xiao Changge. Xiao Changge looked down and didn’t want to take the pill and take it.

“Please give me medicine.” Xiao Changge raised his head and said.

The queen showed a hint of appreciation, and then took out a porcelain bottle and handed it to Xiao Changge, “Don’t you want to know what this palace served you?”

Xiao Changge took the porcelain bottle, opened it and sniffed, and finally breathed a sigh of relief after confirming that it was Qingdai. Xiao Changge put away the porcelain bottle, and said clearly: “It’s the medicine that makes the sand on my arm disappear. The empress wants to separate me and the king, I’m afraid it may not be what you want.”

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