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The Mad Girl Against the Heavens Is Very Arrogant

The Mad Girl Against the Heavens Is Very Arrogant (Novel)
Other Name: 逆天狂女很嚣张

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Purple Sweet Potato
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Su Yixiao Ming Junxie in the book is originally the heir of the silver eyed evil pupil, the talented and intelligent god lord. He came here after being poisoned. Yiling mainland. Although Dantian was abolished, Su Yixiao’s character will not change. Traveling in the world, returning to the old place. Su Yixiao looked at everything in the God Realm and smiled. It’s time to get everything back…

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Bai Yi also felt something was wrong, and jumped out of Su Yixiao’s arms to restore his original body.

“Me.” The dark figure came out, but saw that it was a man. The place where the man fell was super close to Su Yixiao.

“…” Su Yixiao black line, “Who are you?”

Thinking that everyone knows him, he just said “I” when he came out, and why did you stretch out your hand? Do you want to fight?

Ming Junxie looked at Su Yixiao’s increasingly vigilant fist and laughed in a low voice.

“Oh? It seems that you don’t remember.” Ming Junxie suddenly moved his big hand forward, “Then, I won’t lend you this suit.”

Su Yixiao’s robe was unfastened by Ming Junxie’s hand, almost revealing her chest.

Don’t forget, Su Yixiao wore such a dress all over her body.

Su Yixiao didn’t want to get out, so she turned around and faced Ming Junxie in her heart, quickly pulled Ming Junxie directly into his arms, and used his coat to block the place that was almost out.

Ming Junxie’s body ate, and the moment he touched Su Yixiao’s body, there was a feeling of deja vu, and a few pictures quickly flashed through his mind, and he caught a glimpse of the bright and beautiful eyebrows of the woman in his arms, a pair of unruly black eyes, and his mind The woman in here is seven points similar, but-who is she?

This woman…

“You are sick—” Su Yixiao cursed while raising her head, her cursing stopped abruptly. Su Yixiao stared at the white and smooth face that looked like Pan An, and thought to her heart: This guy is long, why seems a little familiar… …It’s as if I’ve seen this face somewhere.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light in her mind, and Su Yixiao’s mouth couldn’t help it in surprise: “You, you, you…” You are the comatose man. ?

Ming Junxie wiped away the feelings just now, and focused on dealing with the woman who was twittering in front of him.

“It seems that Miss Su remembered it!” Ming Junxie smiled, still holding Su Yixiao, her thumb was frosted on Su Yixiao’s waist, this was her self-inflicted snare and embrace. , Isn’t letting go to ruin people’s minds.

“Um…remembered.” Su Yixiao was a little bit decadent.

Damn, thought this guy was in a coma and couldn’t hear him! Unexpectedly… I didn’t hear it anymore, and I remembered her so clearly.

“Let’s talk, what do you want?” If you agree, you have to do what you say. Su Yixiao is not so willing to surrender, but because the man in front of him is really much taller than she is now, there is no way to resist. .

Ming Junxie looked at Su Yixiao’s appearance, and suddenly didn’t make her interested.

When it was a wild cat, it looked much more pleasing to the eye than the current domestic cat.

And he still has some important things to do now, the kind that can’t do it, look at Luo Tian, ​​his eyes are almost taken out.

Ming Junxie let Su Yixiao let go, put her clothes on, and said, “Don’t go in the forest. It’s dangerous. It’s a dead end for you. That guy will wake up as soon as we leave.” Ming Junxie pointed The White Tiger King lying on the ground knocked out by Luo Tian.

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