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The Dragon Couch: Killer and Qiao Doctor

The Dragon Couch: Killer and Qiao Doctor (Novel)
Other Name: 将上龙榻:杀手俏医妃

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Hua Xiao Ranran
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Di Ran Xuanmu has no face. She was originally a gold medal killer in the 21st world, but was framed to death and reborn as an unfortunate girl General Mu Wuyan was on him. Since he is alive again, it is bound to be chic, playing around the court, rectifying the harem, taking off his shirt and changing his clothes, and getting off the battlefield on the dragon bed…

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“Oh? There is such a thing. This is indeed the condensation palace. In a shameless way, what should I do with that bowl of cold noodles?” Concubine Murong’s voice was a little cold, and she had already figured out a countermeasure. All the responsibilities are transferred to the dining room, of course, the face must be damaged.

But after today, she will definitely try to deal with Mu Wuyan on the contrary, and will never make her feel better.

“I think the mother and concubine will be wrong. I think that bowl of cold noodles is very delicious, so I want to dare to ask the mother and concubine for someone, that is, the mother Liu who makes cold noodles.” Mu Wuyan smiled coldly.

She really liked the taste of this bowl of cold noodles, so she had no other intention of asking for this old mother.

Di Ranxuan squinted his eyes slightly, and a deep luster flashed across his dark eyes.

Noble Concubine Murong had never heard of Mama Liu in the dining room. She wanted to be an insignificant servant. Mu Wuyan was going to go. As long as she didn’t talk about it, she said, her expression slowed down. If you like it, then you have to go. I’m tired and go in and rest.” After all, and Gillian left without lingering.

After Concubine Murong and Gillian left, Di Ranxuan looked at Mu Wuyan with a smile on his face, and said in praise: “My Wuyan is getting more and more sensible. I behaved with great magnanimity today. I am proud of you. what.”

Mu Wuyan glanced at him, shook her right hand, and pulled her little hand away from Diranxuan, and snorted coldly, “It’s not early, I’m back to the house.” For some reason, she no longer hates Diranxuan so much. , There is something touching or like about this guy.

“Go back together, go back together.” Di Ranxuan shouted immediately, following Mu Wuyan. He was not stupid at all, he could see that Mu Wuyan was not so repulsive to him.

Water droplets can still pierce through rocks, and he doesn’t believe that Wu Wuyan will be harder than that stone.

But when Mu Wuyan got into the carriage and Di Ranxuan was about to get in too, he was kicked by Mu Wuyan unceremoniously.

“You are murdering your husband.” Di Ranxuan said with gritted teeth.

As if not seeing him, Mu Wuyan raised the curtain and said to Xiao Cui: “Tui Er, you go and invite Mama Liu from the dining room to our house.”

Originally thought that Di Ranxuan’ai was going to be arrogant, but unexpectedly, he just let people slapping him on the dust on his clothes without making a sound.

At this time, Tweety led Mother Liu out cleverly.

That mother Liu must have been doing badly. The wrinkles on her face were deep and numerous. Tweety heard that she was only in her forties, but Wuyan looked like a man in her eighties with all white hair. Now, a pair of eyes is not very good.

When I walked to Wuyan, the courtesy was unconventional when he saluted. It was very beautiful: “I have seen the princess.”

Wu Yan said indifferently: “Get up, today I want you to go back. From now on, I only need to do what I want you to do in the kitchen, and ignore all other chores.”

Mother Liu listened, but she didn’t like it or not, she just agreed indifferently.

Wu Yan couldn’t help but glanced a few more times, nodding appreciatively.

“Come on,” Wuyan said last.

Mother Liu was stunned. She hesitated and said: “The old slave burns fire in the imperial dining room. His body is very dirty, I am afraid it will stain the princess’s carriage.”

Wuyan speaks without a trace of emotion, but is firm: “Come on, it’s okay.”

Tweety’s impression of this mother Liu is also very good. Not only does she cook delicious food, but she doesn’t look like a firefighter when she looks at her manners: “Mom, my princess is the most kindhearted, so please sit at ease, she But what about General Wuyan, how dare you not do it when the general asks you to do it?”

“Tuier.” Wuyan he stopped.

Tweety stuck out her tongue, and Mother Liu sat on it too hard to be embarrassing.

Since then, Di Ranxuan has no complaints about the matter of Wuyan kicking him down.

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