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Shocking Poisonous Concubine: Miss Pampered

Shocking Poisonous Concubine: Miss Pampered (Novel)
Other Name: 惊世毒妃:嫡宠大小姐

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Baohuo
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Lin Xirongmo, who accidentally traverses after drowning and becomes the daughter of the Xiangfu family. She is framed by her sister to marry a cold face From now on, Wang Ye Rong Mo, it doesn’t matter to kill the peach blossom fighting foxes, but also to accompany the wolves… If the foxes can be cured, and the wicked people can be cured, one day my sister will let those who laugh at her kneel down and sing to conquer…

Free Reading:
After serving the tea, it was sent to the bridal chamber. Rong Mo didn’t put on a banquet. The guests just gave a gift to join in the fun. After that, they would go back to each house and find each mother.

In fact, the guests all wanted to follow the couple to make trouble in the bridal chamber, because today the four princes, who were always cold-faced, had a faint smile when they greeted their relatives, so they thought about what would happen if the four princes were made into the bridal chamber. After thinking about it, I shuddered with tacit understanding. I guess I will die miserably afterwards.

It’s time to leave after the soy sauce is finished. The main hall where the newcomer has entered the house is empty. Some people have begun to walk out with interest. Lin Xi, who has just changed clothes, is a little strange. ?”

Rong Xuan also got up and said, “Uncle Emperor hates all banquets, don’t you know?”

His eyes fell on that surprised face, and a touch of disgust crossed his eyes.

Lin Xi stood up, standing on the threshold and shouted, “All come back.”

Everyone stopped, and Lin Xi turned around and told Qiutao on the side: “Hurry up and set up a wedding banquet, and all the guests and gifts they gave today will be registered.”

Qiu Tao was stunned, and Lin Xi glared: “What are you still doing, do you want me to do it myself?”

Qiu Tao immediately nodded and turned to take care of it. The people in the palace were shocked, and the guests were shocked. The Prince Jin’s palace never held any banquets. This has been the same rule for many years, even when he married her, the imperial concubine. No one can drink a real wedding wine.

Everyone looked at each other, whether to stay or not, but saw Lin Xi walking towards a woman with a child, and then gently picked up the five-year-old child, laughed and teased, the child’s crisp laughter quickly spread throughout the hall. .

Lin Xi’s smile became very cordial and easy-going in an instant, and soon the banquet was set up, and the idle kitchen was in full swing.

“Kid, do you think your sister is beautiful?”


“Not pretty?”


The little guy has a pure heart, subconsciously hugged Lin Xi’s cheek, and took a sip, the beautiful sister is so fragrant, everyone’s eyes will not turn at all, this is the bad style of the outside world, and the prince’s feet will be rejected. As a result, Qi Qixiu’s love is still alive and mad at her natal four princesses?

Gu Wanshu was sitting in the new house alone. Rong Mo, who thought that the guests had been scattered, was reading in the study. Qin Shou learned of the changes in the front yard and immediately reported. Rong Mo’s book stopped, and her eyes suddenly became cold. Openly provoking his habit?


Qin Shou knew that Rong Mo meant to revoke the banquet, but the princess was in a high mood and revoked it in public. Wouldn’t it be too shameful?


“Do you have any other questions?”

Qin Shou immediately shook his head: “No!”

When he came to the front yard, Lin Xi was chatting with a group of women in full swing. Several women had turned from being contemptuous and watching good shows to admiration. Few women didn’t care about their appearance, so Lin Xi’s advanced skin care Knowledge becomes the water of the desert, nourishing every heart that loves beauty.

And Lin Xi got more and more excited as he talked, and even raised Erlang’s legs regardless of his manners. The expression on that face was strangely radiant. The corner of Qin Shou’s mouth twitched, and he choked as soon as he was about to exit. , Walked towards Qiutao, whispered to her, Qiutao’s face changed slightly, and then walked towards Lin Xi. When Lin Xi heard it, she clapped her hands and got up and smiled and said, “Please also take your ladies to the table. This princess walked away in a hurry. Everyone eats and drinks and has fun.”

In the eyes of everyone, she turned around and left, without a trace of worship, free and easy like a rabbit.

“Wang Hao, this banquet today is indeed inappropriate”

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