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Rainbow Town 哪裡有彩虹告訴我 Episode 23 Recap

Qiaoqiao was quite satisfied with Wang Yan ’s performance, but she did n’t decide to forgive him right away. She suspected that Wang Yan made some of these actions by someone behind her, otherwise she would n’t have a clear grasp of her family ’s preferences Is the biggest suspect.

Wang Yao took Qiaoqiao’s family to be a guest at home. Qiaoqiao’s parents were very interested in his Maserati. Especially when Lin Lin got in the car and touched it, Qiaoqiao was embarrassed. After Father Lin asked about the car, he began to care about the house, worrying that their house would not be enough when they got married in the future. Wang Jian said that everything was coincidental. If she did n’t want to live with her parents, she would build another house. Qiaoqiao couldn’t help but look at him after hearing Wang’s domineering answer.

Came to Wang Yuan’s house. Lin father saw Wang Yuan’s mansion and said that Qiao Qiao didn’t find a boyfriend, but found a bank, which caused Qiao Qiao to pull Lin Lin out of his way. Wang Yuan’s mother received them warmly. Wang Yuan started his performance. First of all, thank Lin Lin and Lin Mu for knowing such a good girl, and then read the love poems to Qiao Qiao. Accepted, she made an excuse to pull Wang Yuan out. Qiao Qiao asked Wang Yuan if Feng Qin taught him to do this. Wang Yuan said that he did it to please her. When the two were talking, Qiao Qiao suddenly saw Wang Chushou standing there Because Wang Jian said that Wang Dingshou was not at home today, otherwise she would not let her parents come to his house as a guest. She knew that Wang Dingshou was a huge obstacle between the two.

Wang Dingshou and Qiao Qiao ’s parents met, but he was not very optimistic about the relationship between Wang Jian and Qiao Qiao, so he was very indifferent to Lin Lin and Lin Miao. Grieved, he took his parents away from the Wang family on the grounds of work. Wang Jian went out and sent them home after seeing that he couldn’t stop him. After Wang Yuan sent them back, he sat down with his parents and was reluctant. Wang Ding first asked how long he had been with Qiao Qiao, and he also put forward the concept of being right in the house. Wang Yuan did not agree.

Wang Yao said to his father that chopsticks really like Qiaoqiao, and Wangchou did not intervene too much. He said that although he agreed, there was a condition that he and Qiaoqiao would both stay in Rainbow Town in the future. Go back to the house and rest. The Queen Mother told Wang Dingshou to stop interfering with the children’s affairs. After all, their relationship had just been eased. Wang Dingshou told the Queens that he was afraid that he would return to the city by chance, and Wang Jian would be hurt by it.

Qiaoqiao’s parents saw that Qiaoqiao had a contradiction with Wang Yuan, so he called Wang Yuan and wanted them to repair their relationship. Father Lin came to the house to persuade Qiaoqiao, mentioning that Wang Yuan was a good child, so that she should cherish it, and finally Qiaoqiao reconciled with Wang Yuan as before. Shen Tianchen’s father is going to the grassland for a business trip to find some good horse seedlings, which may delay one to two months for Shen Tianchen to manage the stables. Seeing the increasingly narrow stable, Shen Tianchen remembered to play the sign of rainbow horse.

Wang Yao and Qiao Qiao and Feng Qin sent Qiao Qiao’s parents away, Qiao Qiao reluctantly told him to take care of his body. After everyone came to the secret base, they began to study how to build a stable in a month. Although Wang Jian studied design, he knew that building a good stable was not as simple as he thought. With help, Wang Jian finally decided to go out and build a stable, preparing to start the third ecological brand of Rainbow Town, Rainbow Horse.

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