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My Innocent Young Master Is Too Fierce

My Innocent Young Master Is Too Fierce (Novel)
Other Name: 我本纯良之少主太凶猛

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: No Return
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Luo Xiaoqi Yu Qing, who fails to touch porcelain but has a small life, but after being reborn, he traverses the body of the little beggar… Luo Xiao Qi feels that he can be used as a negative teaching material for education! However, the true identity of the little beggar…

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Luo Xiaoqi never expected that he would be a victim of his kindness to save others. After this fall, the golden branches and jade leaves like the five princesses would definitely be adored, and he could not shirk the blame!

Thinking of the strength of Luo Xiaoqi who didn’t know where it came from, she suddenly turned the five princesses up, and fell down with her back facing down…

After a long while, there was no pain in the back. Luo Xiaoqi was puzzled. Before opening his eyes, he heard the fifth princess cowardly saying, “I thought you would not save me!”

what happened?

Luo Xiaoqi opened his eyes and saw the soft body of the five princesses still crawling on him, but he hovered less than a foot from the ground in a difficult posture, and the power to support her posture was only melancholy. Qing’s hand, that hand did not touch her body, but wherever it stretched out, there was an air current that dragged herself down, and the five princesses!

Sure enough, the evildoer is the evildoer!

Yu Qing stabilized the two, and the melon-eating attendants around finally reacted and immediately brought umbrellas, cloaks and the like!

The clothes of the fifth princess were soaked, and the exquisite figure was looming. Luo Xiaoqi just wanted to compliment her, but the aunt next to her gave her a fierce look, and then immediately put a cloak on the fifth princess.

Luo Xiaoqi glared back and complained, what’s the big deal, why don’t you just get wet, make a fuss, don’t you still wear this!

The fifth princess obviously also felt something wrong, and looked at Yu Qing with dismay, being surrounded by the crowd to change clothes! The old housekeeper quickly ordered a group of people to wait and wait, and in the end, Yu Qing and Luo Xiaoqi were left standing there!

Luo Xiaoqi glanced at Yu Qing and was dumbfounded. This person…this person…wouldn’t be really refined, right? His clothes were not even dripping! What’s more frightening is that his hair is still dry, and even a rain star has not fallen on it…

“Are you…are you still a human?” Luo Xiaoqi exclaimed and reached out to touch his flowing hair, only to be patted off by Yu Qing, and then the peach blossom eyes swept across Luo Xiaoqi’s body. It was a bit tempting to see that her clothes were soaked and docile on her collarbone, which was sticking to her neckline with water droplets. The flat breasts were exquisitely bulging with two small hills, and she was ready to come out under the soaking thin shirt. …

There was an evil smile on his face, Luo Xiaoqi also understood immediately, and quickly raised his arm and gave him a glance, “Be careful of long needle eyes!”

Yu Qing gave a chuckle, grabbed her by the collar and walked to the corridor, “Who told you to run to save people at your own discretion!”

“Heh -, you mean I don’t save it? That’s the princess!” Luo Xiaoqi tore her neckline with her hands while retorting, “Furthermore! This is your yard, the princess has three long and two short, but it’s your responsibility!”

“Oh? You mean, you are worried about this son? Are you so worried that this son likes me?”

Luo Xiaoqi took a deep breath. This evildoer is really a black belly, and she puts herself down everywhere, “A fool likes you! What’s so good about you? Except for being rich and handsome and martial artist…Aye!… “

Suddenly I felt like I was complimenting him for saying so much. Suddenly Luo Xiaoqi felt that his IQ was insufficient, especially when he was with this guy.

This sneeze was really timely, otherwise I might not know how many praises I would say to him!

Seeing her rubbing her nose vigorously with her hand, Yu Qing frowned, Luo Xiaoqi only felt her neck tightened and quickly quickened her pace.

When he arrived at a room, Yu Qing threw her in and left. Luo Xiaoqi took a closer look at the room she used to live in Yufu. Nothing changed, even she improvised on the window sill. The crooked grilles are still there.

Suddenly, there was a sour feeling. How long has she not felt at home since she came here. But this room gave her an inexplicable sense of security, like home, very warm…

With emotion, a maid brought hot water in from the bathtub, and Luo Xiaoqi also just wanted to take a hot bath, otherwise she must have caught a cold, so she unceremoniously rejected them. She has no habit of letting people wait for a bath. , I hid behind the screen, took off his wet clothes and went into the tub…

The temperature of the water is very comfortable, but the surface of the water is not the petals in common sense, but something similar to herbs, with a special fragrance, smells very comfortable, and slowly Luo Xiaoqi is drowsy in this comfortable environment …

The fifth princess wanted to go to Yu Qing when she was cleaned up, but Yu Qing actually used her health to prevaricate her, and suddenly became angry. She just ate his closed door with a golden twig and a jade leaf for three days, and now she waited for several hours to see him. He has this attitude! Is he so worthless in his heart?

Thinking of this, the five princesses’ sleepy eyes turned red, regardless of their own identity, facing the closed door, “Yu Qing! Are you really so cruel? I am so happy… where I’m not worthy of you–!” At the end of the speech, the voice was crying, “Do you know…Father, he is going to send me out to kiss…”

Speaking of the last five princesses, the body seemed to have lost all strength and slowly squatted down. Two lines of clear tears followed their cheeks and hit the white jade ground drop by drop like broken pearls with a slight crisp sound!

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