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Lady of Destiny

Lady of Destiny (Novel)
Other Name: 天命贵女

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: N/A
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Su Yue is the secret weapon of a certain country in modern society, but because of an explosion, she was buried on the cliff and woke up again as a waiting The poor prostitute Su Xiyue who is not seen by people. Not loved by her father, but fortunate to meet Rui Wang Mingxi, she has the support…

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Cao returned to the yard with a dull expression on his face, but after a while, his eyes showed a sinister color, huh! Su Xiyue, do you really think that by taking those properties away, everything will be fine? My Cao family has been in charge of those industries for more than ten years, and it is not for nothing! I want to see, how do you manage those industries as a little girl?

Su Xiyue spoke with her aunt for a while, and after a cup of tea, Madam Li got up and left.

Su Xiyue thought that her brother was still far away in the frontier, and for a while, she was afraid that she would not be able to return. Thinking, who should take care of these common tasks?

“Miss, why are you still frowning? Didn’t we take all these dowries back?” Xiaolu tilted her head, somewhat puzzled.

“What do you know? These jewels, gold and silver, are all dead objects. When I take them back, I will be fine! But these industries are what really makes me tricky!” Su Xiyue looked at the account book in front of her. A little bored: “I didn’t expect my mother to have so many dowry back then. I am worried that the people we prepared in advance may not be enough.”

Aunt Qing came over to see the thick account books on the table, and said distressedly: “If you don’t want to get it back, you can’t always watch that Madam Cao dominates the dowry of the wife of the year, but now it has been taken back, the lady will have to pay. I’m thinking about it! The servant girl really feels hard for the young lady!”

Mother Xu smiled and said: “But the real gold and silver can be born, and it must rely on these industries! Otherwise, where does the young lady’s future income come from? Just rely on the monthly money from the waiting house? That young lady’s life will survive. How shabby?”

“Mother Xu is right! The contents of those boxes are all left by the mother. We should try our best to keep them safe. We can’t sell them! If there is a place where we can use our money, we have to rely on it. These villagers and shops! Mother Xu, what happened to the person I asked you to find?”

“Miss Hui, among the people who were driven out by Mrs. Cao back then, the servants and maids have already found several rooms for their wives back then. One of them is called Li Wang, which is quite good. He is now in his twenties. Back then he Both of his parents are accompanied by his wife. Now they are getting older, and after being driven out by Mrs. Cao, their lives are also extremely difficult. This Li Wang still has a craft, otherwise, their lives will be even more sad. Up.”

Su Xiyue nodded, “Arrange for them to come into the mansion as soon as possible to let me meet. We have to figure out the situation in the shop as soon as possible. Especially to find a few tents that are good at abacus. Even if I can’t immediately The shopkeeper has changed. At least, I have to replace those accounts first. Cao’s thoughts, I understand very well! I am afraid that it is her confidant who is in charge of the money now! These people, but one can no longer used!”

“Yes, Miss wise. In addition to having a set of jewelry identification, this Li Wang is also very good at accounting. He is also clever. In addition, his father is now only nearly forty years old, and he should still be able to use it. ! Back then, he was also a Mr. Accountant.”

“Well, good! I also told my aunt that if we don’t have enough manpower here, we will borrow a few from her first. This matter can’t be delayed! Tomorrow, all the tents must be replaced. In addition, there is a jade shop, a silk and satin shop, and a restaurant. These three shops are the most profitable of all the industries. First change these shopkeepers! Look at the other shopkeepers too! What to do in the future , Of course, I have to think about it!”

“The young lady is really thoughtful! Not bad! This is called killing a chicken to show to the monkey! Let them also know, who is their master?”

Listening to Xiao Lv’s childish words, Su Xiyue smiled, “Do you still know how to kill chickens to show to monkeys? Okay! I’ve been tired for a day. After tidying up the warehouse for such a long time, you all go to rest. . I have good time and beautiful scenery here.”

“Yes, miss.”

Su Xiyue looked at the two of them, “Which one of you two is better at light work?”

Liangchen and Meijing looked at each other, “Miss Hui, the slave and maid’s light work is better.” It was Liangchen who replied.

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