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Jiaohuang (Novel)
Other Name: 娇凰

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Mr. Mo Ran
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Rong Jiao Mo Huancheng, looks like a charming little woman, but is actually a ghost reincarnated and is inexcusable. This is probably the story of a reincarnated ghost messing up the situation, and finally being taken away by a black-hearted fox…

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Rong Jiao drew a mocking smile that seemed like nothing, and looked at the two women on the high seat.

When I was ready to do it again, I suddenly found that the power seemed to pass away quietly, very slowly, but as long as it moved, it would definitely feel.

The tenth majesty seems to have noticed something. Of course we will not underestimate your ability. As soon as you enter this palace, the spice of cartilage has been ignited in it. Why do we sit on this high seat? Kinds of spices isolated.

Rong Jiao’s eyes grew colder, and she looked around at more and more guards, thinking secretly in her heart, it seemed a bit unrealistic to try to get rid of so many people before breaking out at the speed of power passing.

Rong Jiao slowly retreated to the gate of the palace, where he could rush out as long as the people in front of him were dealt with. Only in this way would it be possible to retreat.

“Stop her and gather in the middle. Today, I’m going to be so trapped that she has no power to bind the chicken, and she is so trapped that she can no longer resist.”

After all, Shen Yuemei had been Rong Jiao’s best friend in her previous life, so she naturally understood the meaning of Rong Jiao’s actions.

Today, she wants to eradicate Rong Jiao’s future troubles, how could she let her stand out again.

The corners of her lips raised slightly and looked at the powerless Rong Jiao below, and the joy in her heart was overwhelming.

She had never thought that one day she could see this woman powerlessly struggling in front of her with her own eyes, and she could see with her own eyes the indomitable and domineering woman slowly letting go.

“His Royal Highness seems to be incapable of doing it, let’s all go together. This palace is setting up this net today to capture you. Your skills are indeed not small, but you must understand that you are too confident sometimes. It will become conceited. Not all people are brainless and rely solely on brute force. You alone are a diamond and iron bone, and you can’t stand the effort like flowing water.”

Rong Jiao is indeed powerless, Shen Yuemei’s words made these people do not care about anything, just focusing on preventing her from retreating to the palace gate.

The power slowly faded, but these guards did not diminish at all.

This is simply a fight of a drop in the bucket, this is the real net to win Rong Jiao, and deliberately interlocking with each other just to catch her.

“Rong Jiao, I really feel sad for you. A woman like you has been planted in my hands for the rest of my life. If this spreads out, I guess few people will believe it, sister Beijue, you think you should How to deal with it?”

“The person who has never soared for nine days, was easily taken by us. There should be some time for her to experience such a huge gap. Moreover, the palace can’t just make her so cheap, take her to the inner hall, and seal it. The main entrance of this palace, if anyone dared to leak a little bit of wind, the palace will definitely want him to die!”

Standing in the inner hall were the old palaces who were specializing in punishment in the palace. Rong Jiao didn’t know their identities, but they were not unfamiliar with the instruments of torture they held.

This kind of lynching was originally the most convenient for her.

Because this is a very effective method, especially for some extreme killers.

“Rong Jiao, you should know that in my previous life, although I was inferior to you in everything, I was stronger than you in one place. This is the punishment. In my hands, I can punish the living and force the dead to live. Imagine what kind of torture and suffering you will endure today.”

Rong Jiao raised her eyes to look at Shen Yuemei who was trembling with a smile.

She didn’t understand that a person’s jealousy could reach such a point, nor did she understand that jealousy can destroy a person’s soul more than killing, so that a person can die by all means in order to calm this jealousy.

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