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Fried King’s Pet: Rebirth of the Queen of Food

Fried King’s Pet: Rebirth of the Queen of Food (Novel)
Other Name: 爆炒帝王宠之重生食全皇后

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Gardenia
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Dai Miyun goes back in time. The name Dai Miyun has become a legend in Kyoto in a short time. From being caught and raped, to persuading the emperor to escape the death penalty, and then inviting all the court ministers to her teahouse, she seemed to be a strange woman in the eyes of everyone. What if her reputation was destroyed, she would still wash away her grievances and bloom on her own. .

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“The son! The son…” A hurried voice interrupted his thoughts.

Duan Yue glanced displeasedly at the subordinate who broke in, and said coldly, “What makes such a fuss?”

Jia Ding’s face was very ugly, as if he was afraid that he would be angry, he glanced carefully at him, and said like a mosquito: “Miss Dai’s family came to the door with someone.”

“What is she doing?” Duan Yue was shocked. However, it happened that he was in trouble, and now she came to the door by herself, it is better to agitate her face to face, the woman is cowardly by nature, and definitely can’t stand her own cynicism.

As Duan Yue said, regardless of whether the subordinates answered him, he walked out of the living room and walked out the door.

“The son, the lady from the Dai family, said she is here to divorce.” Jiading trot all the way to keep up.

Duan Yue quietly stopped, thinking that he had heard it wrong, and looked deeply at the shrunken, shriveled little Jiading, and asked: “What did you say? Did the woman say that?”

“It’s true.” The butler and him at the scene thought they had misheard, but Dai Miyun actually pulled their ears and yelled, and now their ears are still red.

“I know, you go down first.” Duan Yue waved his hand.

Now there are no elders in the Duan family. He is the elder in the family. He can decide on marriage alone. He would like to hear what Dai Miyun’s reason for retiring was because he was ashamed of being caught and “**” with his uncle on the spot, or because she was reborn as someone else said. Dai Miyun.

As he walked through the patio, Duan Yue met Duan Su. He was graceful in white clothes, elegant and luxurious, with a slight smile on his elegant face.

“Brother.” Duan Su bowed and saluted him.

Duan Yue ignored him and walked away coldly.

The smile on Duan Su’s face gradually dissipated, and he stood there for a long time before hearing a familiar voice outside the house.

“If Mr. Duan doesn’t want to see each other, then let’s put these gifts outside the door.” The woman’s voice is crisp and sweet, like a nightingale, which makes people throbbing, although her tone is soft and soft, but deep The threat of “Oh, it is noon, this person is coming and going, I’m afraid they will be stolen. However, Duan Mansion is heavily guarded, and no one would dare to touch Duan’s stuff.”

The implication is that such gifts are placed at the door of Duan’s house. If they are seen by people in the past, then Duan Yue will be chewed secretly.

Duan Yue had the best face, and definitely couldn’t stand the criticism from others.

After hearing this passage, Duan Su smiled softly.

She… really changed a lot. It becomes more interesting and more attractive.

On the other hand, Duan Yue had a dark face with a gloomy expression: “Girl Dai, please come inside.”

“Bring everything in.” Dai Miyun waved his small hand, and four or five footmen carried the bride price, and filed in one by one.

After a while, all the betrothal gifts were moved into the side hall, Dai Miyun paid the remuneration and added some hard money before returning to the living room.

Duan Yue stared at her from beginning to end, and saw that she was dressed in a fresh and clear face today, and she was indeed quite different from the lifeless, lifeless look of the past. If Dai Miyun a month ago was what he is now, he might be reluctant to start with her, Youlan Beauty, why would anyone not like it?

However, he knew that Dai Miyun had already begun to doubt him. Otherwise, just before the door would not be so provocative with him.

Since it is a person who can’t stay, even if it is the Heavenly Queen Mother, Duan Yue will also punish him.

Seeing Dai Miyun walking towards him with a smile, Duan Yue temporarily suppressed the murderous intent on his face, and stared at her indifferently: “Ms. Dai, I heard that you want to divorce?”

“Exactly.” How did Dai Miyun say this? He was good, and he couldn’t wait to confirm with her. It seemed that Duan Yue and her were on the same line-they wanted to regret their marriage.

Dai Miyun tried hard to remember for a while.

The number of times this body had met with Duan Yue could be counted with one hand, and every time two people met, Dai Miyun blushed. Duan Yue’s attitude also became more and more indifferent as the number of meetings increased.

Dai Miyun sighed.

Also, this kind of character who can’t even speak clearly when they meet, probably few men would like it.

For others, there is no more useful information. I only know that Duan Yue is the general of the Zhao Dynasty, and Duan Su’s elder brother.

This great general really had a certain killing temperament, but in Dai Miyun’s opinion, he was also vaguely murderous towards himself.

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