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Booming Pet Little Doctor Concubine

Booming Pet Little Doctor Concubine (Novel)
Other Name: 爆宠小医妃

Genre: novel,traveler
Author: Black Tea Tuantuan
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Xia Shuying Feng Hanyu, who was originally a gold medal forensic doctor in the 21st century, accidentally traversed the body of the ancient lady who became the Xia Mansion. Her appearance was ruined, and she was forced to marry a cold-faced prince Feng Hanyu… On the way to turn over, he was always chased and blocked by the cold-faced prince. Xia Shuying was about to have a little mood…

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Xia Yuhou turned his head and stared at Xia Shuying, and a cold voice came out slowly, “What? Did I say something wrong? Let me tell you! Since the old man has a way to add you to the Kangding Palace, naturally there is a way to get you. come back!”

When the voice fell, Xia Yuhou once again swung his club to strike down.

“Puff! Xia Yuhou…you…you can’t die!”

Xia Shuying’s eyes stared at Xia Yuhou’s legs, and she kept fantasizing that one day the vicious animal in front of her would kneel in front of her.

“Xia Shuying! How can you say such violent things to your father!”

Xia Qianruo seemed to be very angry, her face flushed, and if it weren’t for Jiang Lan, she would pounce on her.

Hearing that Xia Qianruo was still acting, Xia Shuying couldn’t help but sneer in her heart, and the blood from the corners of her mouth slowly fell on the top of her clothes, but she didn’t say a word.

Jiang Lan said coldly, “Don’t worry about her, a bitch is a bitch, and it’s not a pity to die.”



Jiang Lan stretched out his hand and made a silent gesture to her mouth, beckoning Xia Qianruo not to say more.

If Xia Qian knew it, she immediately stepped aside.

Xia Qianruo cared about Fengyu, because only after she got Fengyu could she be able to ascend to the position of queen logically.

But Feng Yu was in Xia Shuying’s hands. If Xia Shuying died, wouldn’t Feng Yu also disappear without a trace?

Xia Qianruo only cared about Fengyu from the beginning to the end. If Xia Shuying’s life and death were not related to Fengyu, how could she rush back from the palace and lost the opportunity to accompany the emperor?

However, Jiang Lan didn’t tell her what she was thinking about. On the one hand, she was careful that Xia Qianruo would accidentally leak when facing the emperor; on the other hand, she had other plans.

If Xia Qian doesn’t understand Jiang Lan’s mind, Xia Yuhou understands it tightly.

Seeing that Xia Shuying was still reluctant to say a word on the ground, she immediately raised her hand to continue hitting her.

Xia Shuying was brutally beaten in the Xia Mansion, Jiang Lan’s mother and daughter kept fanning the flames next to Xia Yuhou, until Xia Shuying was tortured.

Jiang Lan planned to let Xia Yuhou directly kill Xia Shuying. After all, with Xia Yuhou’s current power, killing his daughter was not a big deal, even if Xia Shuying was already the princess at this time.

Xia Yuhou and Jiang Lan knew exactly who Feng Hanyu was. At this time, if Feng Hanyu wanted to tear his face with Xia Yuhou about this matter, Xia Yuhou would actually not be at him.

But what Xia Yuhou was worried about was that once Xia Shuying was killed, wouldn’t it be clear that the guard was killed for his own sake?

Xia Shuying had already seen the emperor in the palace, and no one knew what she had told the emperor, but judging from the fact that the emperor slashed the chaos and handled the murder of the guards, the emperor already knew the truth of the case.

So at this time, if Xia Yuhou killed Xia Shuying, wouldn’t it be related to the murder of the guard?

Now in Qingyue, even though Xia Yuhou can face Feng Hanyu, no one is afraid of anyone. However, there is always an emperor over them. Once the emperor turns to either of them, the other party may face a devastating blow.

This is beyond doubt.

Therefore, at this moment, the last thing Xia Yuhou could not do was to make the emperor suspicious. Whoever makes the emperor suspicious, the probability of the emperor falling to the other side will greatly increase.

Jiang Lan, of course, knew Xia Yuhou’s concerns, so she didn’t tell the truth to Xia Qianruo. She was afraid that once she told Xia Qianruo, Xia Qianruo would be confused because of her eagerness to become a queen. thing.

In the study, Xia Shuying can’t remember how many sticks Xia Yuhou hit on herself. She was just a doctor in the 21st century. She hadn’t received any professional martial arts training, and her physical ability to resist fighting was mediocre. She was able to keep a little clarity in her mind even though Xia Yuhou was beaten so badly, it was entirely because she had her mother and younger brother in her heart.

If not, Xia Shuying was afraid that she would have passed out in pain. Being chased by a group of suspects in the 21st century, Xia Shuying was only beaten and then unconscious is the best proof.

Xia Yuhou was still struggling whether to kill Xia Shuying, after all, instead of letting her go back to the palace alive and fight against herself, it would be better to just kill her to avoid future troubles.

However, Xia Yuhou hesitated when thinking about how Feng Jinghao got rid of dissidents after he took the throne.

Just as Xia Yuhou was about to swing a stick but was still lingering, the guard outside the door suddenly entered the door and bowed, “Master, the old lady and the little son are at the door.”

Before Xia Yuhou heard this, Jiang Lan called out first, “What?! She dare to come to Xia Mansion?”

The guard retired after reporting the report.

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