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Black-bellied Little Peasant Girl

Black-bellied Little Peasant Girl: Catch a Prime Minister to Farm the Field (Novel)
Other Name: 腹黑小农女:抓个丞相来种田

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Xiao Mengmeng
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Jin Xiaohua Nangong Ye, she is an ordinary small peasant girl. The Jun Leng Prime Minister who has the power of thousands of people in his hands! He looks evil, handsome as a god, and most importantly, he still has money…

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After a busy day, Jin Xiaohua sent away the peasant women, and began to make dinner. Today, I bought an old hen from an old aunt and prepared to make chicken soup for Dabao to replenish his body. Now they can’t afford to eat Ganoderma lucidum and ginseng, but as long as the chicken soup is made well, Dabao can grow taller.

To say that when I first crossed over, this little bun was skinny. After my own “food care” during this period, I finally gained a few catties of meat, but compared to children of the same age, Dabao was also short and thin. .

Thinking of Jin Xiaohua, he put the cut chicken in his hand into the pot, added red dates, peanuts, shiitake mushroom slices, ginger and salt, covered the pot, and burned the fire.

Jin Xiaohua was busy in the kitchen, but she didn’t know that she was a man who was resting leisurely outside, but her face was extremely ugly at this moment.

Liu Cuijin was wearing a lavender floral dress, her hair was deliberately trimmed, and a beautiful wild chrysanthemum was tied on it. In this way, with small steps, he twisted and came to Nangong Ye.

Because Liu Cui is the daughter of Lizheng, she grew up in the flattery of the folks since she was a child. She also thinks she is the number one beauty in Niutou Village. Today, she even deliberately dresses up, so she also affirms Nangong. Ye will definitely bow down under his pomegranate skirt.

In this way, Liu Cui walked to Nangong Ye and said, “Brother Nangong! I just walked over and saw a big spider. You can help me run away, OK?”

In Liu Cui’s heart, he was extremely disgusted with Jin Xiaohua. How could such a good man like Nangong Brother be ruined in Jin Xiaohua’s hands? Such a good-looking man should match her Liu Cui.

This Liu Cui bullied Jin Dabao and Jin Xiaohua several times before, and Nangong Ye was watching. I was a little displeased with her, but Liu Cui came to find herself several times, always dangling in front of her, which made herself even more disgusted.

Nangongye didn’t bother to care about her either, so he glanced at her coldly and walked towards the kitchen.

Jin Xiaohua, who was busy cooking cooking, was also taken aback. Seeing his suffocated expression, Jin Xiaohua suppressed a smile and said, “Here again?”

Jin Xiaohua could see it. Liu Cui was worried about the “man” she was thinking about. If it weren’t for the so-called “husband and wife sign” between this man and herself, Liu Cui would have let Li Zheng come to coerce and lure him.

Nangongye glanced at Jin Xiaohua coldly, causing her to close her mouth. Jin Xiaohua pretended to be overwhelmed and quietly “squeezed” Nangong Ye out of the kitchen.

I thought it was time for Liu Cui to leave after having tossed for so long, but I never thought that Liu Cui would greet him as soon as Nangong Ye left the kitchen door.

Nangong Yeben felt that Liu Cui was too inconsistent. If she didn’t speak up, she was giving her face. She thought that she could “converge” a little bit, but she didn’t expect Liu Cui to change things even more.

“Big Brother Nangong…” Liu Cui called out timidly from her daughter’s shyness.

“Please respect yourself!” Nangong Ye’s beautiful Jian eyebrows were screwed together tightly, and he said.

In Liu Cui’s eyes, he is the daughter of Lizheng, and he should be flattered by the villagers like them. It is also his blessing to see Nangong Ye now.

Unexpectedly, I, who grew up in praise from childhood, fell over here in Nangong Ye.

Thinking of this, Liu Cui was also a little annoyed: “Why? Do you like broken shoes?” Although Jin Xiaohua said that they were husband and wife, she didn’t believe it at all. The child looked like this Nangong, but it was Jin Xiaohua. Nonsense.

Nangongye’s face was a little angry, and he did not speak yet. Liu Cui continued to snatch it first: “Jin Xiaohua has to plant that child on your head. You are really willing to be taken advantage of. This kind of woman is so attractive to you. I don’t know if she will wear it to you in the future. What’s the green hat. As for this child… the biological father doesn’t know who it is?” Liu Cui looked at Nangong Ye, and his eyes also showed disgust.

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