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Beauty’s Scheming: Palace Lock Aloes

Beauty’s Scheming: Palace Lock Aloes (Novel)
Other Name: 美人心计:宫锁沉香

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Mu Rongxian
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Mu Xiaoyu and Yang Toru has been repeatedly dreaming the same dreams. After an accidental journey, she will solve many mysteries, but it is difficult. Repeated setbacks kept her in desperation time and time again. I knew that history could be changed, but I would have to pay a huge price, even life. On one side is the concern of the past life, on the other hand the responsibility of the future life…

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“I went to Enyu Palace today, and the maid said that Jade Beauty was not there. I waited for a while. Before I returned, I knew that I was definitely here. I didn’t want to smell the medicine when I walked to the door. Willful.” Ziyang Yanqi would definitely not doubt Changle’s words, because this is not the first time.

“Yes, Le’er is convicted, please be punished by the emperor.” Before Yu’er excuses herself, please hurry up, because Yu’er will definitely stop the crime by herself, which is obviously her fault.

“Okay, then I will punish you to face the wall and think about it. As for how long it takes, it depends on your performance. Also, you are not allowed to drag Yu’er around in the future. She is your mother and concubine. How decent is this? Call sister Yuer, call Yumeiren” Ziyang Yanqi finished Changle’s punishment in one breath. At this time, Yuer felt uncomfortable when she heard the word “mother concubine”, “mother concubine?” Didn’t you still say that to Ziyang Che today? No wonder he was so uncomfortable, it turned out that his own words really hurt him

“Father? You asked Le’er to face the wall and accept it, but you are not allowed to call her sister Yu’er. Le’er does not accept it, let alone play with her sister Yuer.” Hearing Ziyang Yanqi’s words, Le’er I still can’t hold back any punishment, but this is not enough.

“Bold, how can you accept or not, you are becoming more and more presumptuous. This is my order” before Le’er finished speaking, Ziyang Yanqi scolded

“Your majesty calm down your anger, your majesty, please look at it for the sake of small pleasures, let her spare this time, and it’s not her fault this time, you must punish Yuer.” Hearing the emperor was really angry, Yu Er hurriedly got up from the bed and knelt on the ground begging, once Ziyang Yanqi punished him like this, wouldn’t Le’er be sad to die? And she will blame herself

“Yu’er, get up, you are a patient. I don’t blame you. I usually spoil her too much. This time I have to take care of her. Otherwise, how to marry in the future.” It seems that Ziyang Yanqi is a real person this time. Up

“Father, if you really bear the heart to punish Le’er so much, Le’er admits it, but I’m afraid Father will never see the previous Le’er again.” Le’er is sad, when did her father change Must be so cruel? Could it be that Yuer is his beauty and can’t play it? Besides, it’s still the woman that brother Che likes, so Changle feels upset for what reason

“Changle, are you threatening me? Okay, okay, my good daughter is here to execute my order. Without my permission, Princess Changle is not allowed to take a half step out of the Golden Phoenix Palace.” Threat, not even your own daughter

“Your Majesty” Yu’er saw that Ziyang Yanqi really gave the order, worried.

“Sister Yu’er, don’t plead for me anymore. You have to recover quickly and be okay. After thinking about Le’er, Le’er will quit.” Changle saw that Ziyang Yanqi was really moving this time. Saying more, and not letting Yu’er make unnecessary efforts, Chao Yu’er said a few words of comfort, then he ignored Ziyang Yanqi, and stepped back.

“Le’er” Yu’er watched Le’er leave helplessly, the dark monsters were all her own fault, when did not faint, but Yu’er knew that it was Le’er to protect herself and her brother Che

“Yu’er don’t have to be sad, this is the punishment she should accept, she should grow up, this time it is you, next time? Get up quickly, get cold underground, and go back to Enyu Palace with me.” After that, Ziyang Yanqi He personally helped Yu’er up and ordered his servants to change Yumei’s clothes, and then waited in the carriage outside. Because it was still raining, Ziyang Yanqi came by carriage.

After Yu’er got on the carriage, she didn’t say a word, her eyes were still worried and self-blaming.

“Is it cold? Don’t think about it. You just need to know that this is for her good.” Ziyang Yanqi saw Yu’er’s mood, so he comforted.

After a while, he arrived at Enyu Palace. Yu’er thought that the emperor would stay overnight. Otherwise, why would he go to the Golden Phoenix Palace to pick her up in the rain and punished Changle. Who knows, after getting off the carriage, Ziyang Yanqi put the cloak on It was given to Yuer, and he was ordered to Anshen Temple

“What’s wrong with this?” Yuer couldn’t figure out the recent events and Ziyang Yanqi’s behavior today, so she muttered to herself in the bed. Because she had taken some medicine before, she fell asleep without knowing it. The dreams of the little boy and the little girl appeared again. This time, I still didn’t hear what the little girl said, let alone see the real looks of the two people, they were all approximate.

“Back to the fifth prince, Jade Beauty is fine, the middle emperor went up to the Golden Phoenix Palace. After receiving Jade Beauty and returned to Enyu Palace, he went back to the bedroom, but, listening to the eunuch lady said, the emperor seemed to have punished the princess to face the wall, and, And since Ziyang Che went out of the palace and went to Ziyangming Mansion, he ordered people to go to the palace to inquire about Yu’er.

“And what? Don’t hesitate, what is there to say?” Ziyang Che’s mood at this time was like an ant on a hot pot. Hearing that the eunuch who came back hesitated, he was not angry.

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