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The Regent’s Mad Concubine

The regent’s medical concubine (Novel)
Other Name: 摄政王的医品狂妃

Genre: novel, Ancient
Author: Pen Shang
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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Time seemed to stand still, Zi’an sighed quietly, Murong Jie, fearing that her future husband-in-law was gone. The two had no love and only used each other.

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Time seemed to stand still, Zi’an sighed quietly, Murong Jie, fearing that her future husband-in-law was gone. The two had no love and only used each other.

Then, after hearing the queen’s silence for a long time, she asked Yuan, “This painting did not fall into Prince Ann’s hands. Your maid sold it to Chen Linglong, and Chen Linglong gave it to your husband.”

Yuan nodded, his expression unchanged, “The minister’s wife knew that Xia Huaijun brought this painting back to the court’s wife that day. He said that he fell in love with a person and wanted to take her back to the house.”

Yuan’s words were calm and gentle, and there was not even a hint of emotional ups and downs in his voice, as if he was saying something very ordinary.

The queen said, “He actually showed you this? Why didn’t you tell him that you made this painting?”

Yuan Shi chuckles, his teeth are lightly exposed, but it is extremely ironic, “He admires my name and pursues me, and I marry him as his wife, but he does not know my painting style. From that moment on, I knew he never loved me. If you pass me, I will give up too.”

“Do you regret it?” the queen asked curiously.

Yuan Shi smiled again, this smile was desolate, but he didn’t answer.

The queen looked at her smile, not knowing why, she actually read the meaning of despair, as a woman, she knew that Yuan must have loved Xia Huaijun very much.

How could such a proud woman admit that she picked someone wrong? Only oneself silently bears all the consequences.

Behind the screen, Prime Minister Xia looked at the almost desperate smile on her face. He only felt that the air around him was too stuffy to breathe. He straightened his neck and took a deep breath, but he couldn’t ignore the sharp pain that suddenly rose. .

Madam Linglong gradually saw the doorway. She looked at Yuan in a daze. She couldn’t believe it. Yuan had seen this painting that day, and she didn’t believe that she would not say anything if she saw it.

What is she doing? Why did the queen no longer pursue the matter of treason?

The atmosphere in the hall solidified.

After a long time, the queen slowly said: “Princess Mei, grandfather, come out.”

Madam Linglong suddenly raised her head and looked at the queen in horror. After seeing the screen on the left, the two came out.

She slumped on the ground, looking at Prime Minister Xia with a sad face, only despair left in her heart.

Yuan’s blessed body to Concubine Mei, “See Concubine Mei.”

Concubine Mei raised her eyes to look at this elegant woman with dizzy brows, and sighed softly, “Yes.”

The queen asked Prime Minister Xia, “Do you have anything else to say?”

Prime Minister Xia knelt down and said quietly, “The minister has nothing to say.”

The queen said: “Are you willing to sign the letter to release your wife?”

Prime Minister Xia shook his head subconsciously, “No!”

Letting go of his wife is peace and separation, and he can’t be peace with her.

Nowadays, there are all kinds of right and wrong and all kinds of difficulties. Once he is reconciled with her, there will be countless right and wrong entangled with him, and it will be the official assessment. The regent has already said that he is mediocre several times in the morning. If he reconciles, outsiders will Will refer to him is not.

He can only divorce his wife, and only by saying that it is Yuan’s fault can he be alone.

When Mrs. Linglong heard this, she covered her mouth and cried.

For a long time, she had been looking forward to Yuan’s going out. Only in this way could she be righteous to be his wife, and her children weren’t born out.

But he didn’t even agree? Didn’t he always want to give up Yuan Shi? Why would you disagree?

Murong Jie asked Zi’an, “He is unwilling to sign the release of his wife. What do you think is the reason?”

Zi’an said with a gloomy face, “He can only divorce his wife, and cannot sign the release of his wife, especially after the divorce incident at the entrance of the Xiangfu.”

Murong Jen let her go, and said coldly: “The things that happened back then have yet to be studied. This painting was given to the emperor’s brother, and the king wants to return to the original owner.”

“Prince An…” Zi’an hesitated, but still didn’t say anything.

“The emperor vowed not to marry for your mother, and he is still alone. You can’t imagine how deeply he affects your mother.” Murong Jie said.

Hey, another story about you loving her and she loving him.

The queen’s voice sounded again, with an ethereal coldness, “Your family affairs, this palace should not be bothered. Since you are unwilling to sign the release of your wife, then go back and live it well.”

Mrs. Linglong asked incredulously: “Niang, are you not going to be held accountable for this painting?”

The queen was a little surprised, how could there be such a stupid woman in the world? Did she not understand yet? There is no conspiracy at all.

Prime Minister Xia scolded angrily: “Shut up!”

Madam Linglong yelled at him, feeling aggrieved, but didn’t dare to say any more, just kneeling on the ground with red eyes.

“Go back!” The queen said coldly.

Concubine Mei led them to resign, Yuan Shi took the lead out of the hall, but Madam Linglong had to be supported by Prime Minister Xia before she could go out.

Prime Minister Xia stood outside the hall, looking at Yuan’s back in the twilight, the evening light enveloped her in Tsing Yi, her back was straight, and she walked calmly, she walked step by step, out of his sight.

He thought of the empress and asked her, do you regret it? She did not answer.

Does she regret it?

Murong Jie and Zi’an looked at their backs on the porch, Murong Jie said: “He may regret wrongly treating your mother, but it won’t be long. In his heart, fame and fortune are more important than everything.

Zi’an didn’t say anything, but knew that Murong Jie was telling the truth.

A horse-drawn carriage drove on the bluestone carriageway, and a thick curtain covered the people in the carriage.

Prime Minister Xia closed his eyes and tried to suppress his emotions.

But obviously Mrs. Linglong didn’t intend to keep him quiet. She babbled: “Why don’t you agree with the Queen Empress’s proposal? If you sign the release letter, you won’t see Yuan’s dead face anymore. Could it be that you still have feelings for her? She has been indifferent to you for so many years, haven’t you seen this person through? She relies on her own talent and despise everything, even you don’t take it seriously. The men in the world are three wives and four concubines. Why does she ask you to stand alone for her? Who does she think she is?”

Prime Minister Xia opened her eyes suddenly, and the anger in her eyes made Madam Linglong involuntarily move away, she swallowed her saliva and said stiffly: “Am I wrong?”

Prime Minister Xia stared at her fiercely, “Why? Why did you steal her painting and give it to me?”

The guilt towards Yuan Shi just now has turned into anger. When he showed her the painting, she knew that it was not a Linglong painting, but she didn’t say anything. She must have been laughing at him secretly in her heart. The tail looked down on him.

Seeing him being so fierce, Madam Linglong cried out, “This matter has passed so many years, do you still have to be held accountable? For the sake of Wan’er and Lin’er, you shouldn’t be held accountable anymore.”

Prime Minister Xia’s voice was Ruobing, “Chen Linglong, how can you be so stupid? You give me the paintings she painted, so you are not afraid that she will tear you down?”

Madam Linglong cried and said, “She dare? She gave this painting to Prince Ann. How dare she admit it? Although she gave this painting to Prince Ann, she wanted Prince Ann to give up her heart, but who knows if it is hidden. Affection? If she is really not selfish, how can she not reveal me?”

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