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101 Proposals: Mr. Fu’s Price-Rated Lovers

101 Proposals: Mr. Fu’s Price-Rated Lovers (Novel)
Other Name: 101次求婚:傅总的天价恋人

Genre: novel, President, romance
Author: wind blowing
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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A mistake five years ago made her almost die. They hurt her and kicked her away. Where is such a cheap thing in the world? Returning again, her Gu Xinyan attacked with blood, determined to take revenge!

But the black-bellied boss came to the door and said that she loved her until she died. Gu Xinyan sneered: “Zong Fu’s acting skills are good. It would be a pity not to go to the entertainment circle.” I want to get together and relax, all dreaming of me. !

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Xie Yi glanced lightly at the man who was fighting with each other, then turned and walked towards Gu Xinyan, still blushing on her face. A handsome and rich man she has no resistance at all. Seriously, if Fu Nanshen hadn’t been for Yanyan, she would have done it a long time ago. “I have something to discuss with Xinyan, and I am missing tonight.” Thanks to Gu Xinyan’s blessing, Fu Qingchen spoke to Xie Yi. When the latter heard this sentence, his eyes widened, with an incredible expression on his face. My God, Fu Nanshen took the initiative to talk to her, so man and gentle. It seems to be a little different from the cold male god in the impression!

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