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Rebirth of a Daughter: The Phoenix’s Fate is Hard to Break

Rebirth of a Daughter: The Phoenix’s Fate is Hard to Break (Novel)
Other Name: 重生嫡女:凤命难违

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Zhenyu
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Li Yaoyu Xie Ruan, she is the daughter of the great general of the country and the queen of Dayu, but the Li family is tragically exterminated… , Became the eldest miss of Su Mansion. In the Su Mansion, he abused the scum and slapped his face, and was busy avenging the general mansion, and was busy turning over the walls of the Profound Palace…

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After Ji Wangshu finished speaking, he left. It is estimated that Li Yaoyu was asleep at this time, so he didn’t plan to visit her again, anyway, nothing happened at this moment.

Ji Wangshu has already made plans, anyway, Li Yaoyu is just about to recuperate now, and there is nothing wrong with him here, so I might as well go back to sleep more when I have this time.

The recent silver has not been counted, and my hands are itchy.

So the first thing Ji Wangshu did when he returned to Baixi Pavilion was to arrange for Beiyue Huanang and the rest of Li Yaoyu to stay with him as a maid. Several people took turns to guard in Su Mansion.

You can retreat by yourself!

Ji Wangshu was so secretly refreshed just thinking about it.

However, Su Chang’s life was not so easy.

As soon as she said what she had just said, she felt her mistake.

She didn’t expect that Ji Wangshu, who had no gentleman’s demeanor at all, directly handed herself over to her father.

What she just said sounded like she wanted to marry out quickly, and the man who robbed her sister was still married.

In the end, someone would disagree at all.

“Master, Chang’er is still young, and she doesn’t understand some things, so she just can’t help but speak quickly…” Seeing Su Wenjing’s expression getting more and more wrong, Su Bai’s expressions became more and more awkward, and he hurried to escape.

This is his own biological daughter.

Su Bai was afraid that Su Wenjing would be unhappy, and Chang’er would be in danger.

“She knows she is quick to speak! Don’t look at where she is in front of someone!” Su Wenjing coughed, his voice was about to shake the sky.

“Daddy, Chang’er knows that he was wrong, so forgive Chang’er this time, I will pay attention to it in the future!” Su Chang knew that the situation was not right when he heard it, so he quickly admitted his mistake.

But it was too late, “It’s useless to say anything, you just can’t remember, every time!” Su Wenjing said, hating iron and steel, “Punish you not to go out for a week!”

Su Chang, who had originally come to file a complaint with Su Jiaojiao, was instead generalized.

“Daddy, don’t…” Su Chang seemed to be emptied of his soul. One week was actually not much. The point is that this week was a bit unusual.

The spring banquet is just around the corner, and after losing these seven days, she will have no time to learn and practice.

Su Chang originally planned to shine at the spring banquet this time, so he specially invited Master to teach him, but now that such a show has appeared, it is probably impossible.

Su Chang felt aggrieved, so good chances were gone, so her performance at the spring banquet would be greatly reduced!

Su Jiaojiao is to blame for all this!

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