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The poisonous concubine is up, the evil king is down

The poisonous concubine is up, the evil king is down (Novel)
Other Name: 毒妃在上,邪王在下

Genre: novel, Crossing Novels
Author: Mu Danfeng
Year: 2019
Chapter: 3707
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Handsome guy, help! Borrow your clothes to wear! “A certain woman is stripping and cultivating a certain evil king, and then ran away. The certain evil king gritted his teeth after sober: Search! Give me three feet and find her! He is the holy deity worshipped by all beings on this continent, mysterious and noble , Unattainable…She is the king of modern killers, and her evaluation of him is: enchanting, perverted, magic stick.

She avoids him like a snake, he entangles her like a vine. Her belly is black and hot, ruthless and unloving, and abuses Bai Lian, happily enmity, is called a demon girl by the world. But he puts her on the tip of his heart, and will not allow anyone to insult me. He said that those who insult me ​​can be forgiven, and those who insult her will be forgiven!

Free Reading:
When Gu Xijiu woke up, she found a terrible problem. The surrounding environment has changed and she doesn’t know her at all!

Fluttering veils, antique cornice arches, winding corridors…

Looking out through the gaps in the corridors, there is a moon hanging in the air, the sky is full of stars, and she is lying horizontally being carried forward Go ahead.

She was a little dazed, couldn’t help but move, and then found a more terrible problem – she was naked!

Only a thin silk quilt was wrapped around her body, and the silk quilt wrapped her tightly from head to toe, with only a pair of eyes exposed.

Her cold eyes fell on the two big men who were carrying herself first.

Kong Wu is powerful, with muscular knots, and dressed as a warrior in ancient costume. Although he is carrying a person while walking, he is silent.

Gu Xijiu’s fingers in the quilt tightened!

She is the king of modern killers, cruel and cruel, and crosses the world, but she did not expect to encounter the most trusted person’s conspiracy. That person is Long Xi, her former instructor and doctor, she doesn’t believe anyone, only believes He even liked him and wanted to marry him.

But he didn’t expect that he would count on her, a cup of drugs stunned her, and then underwent an operation to take her heart and exchange it for his sick fiancee…

but he didn’t expect that she would wake up

in the middle of the heart change… on the operating table She killed Long Xi, who was in charge of the sword herself, and pierced her heart…

She was already dead , but she didn’t expect to go to the Lord Yan for tea, but came here inexplicably.

At this time, she naturally wouldn’t think it was a shooting base.

She crossed!

After crossing over to this body, it was carried like a zongzi to a rather luxurious hall.

The two people walked extremely fast, almost blinking to the front of the hall door, the hall door silently opened to both sides…

“Ah…ah…help…help…ah, ah, don’t…” The woman was tender and painful The scream came out in an instant, recalling Gu Xijiu’s floating thoughts. Her eyes quickly swept away, and she narrowed slightly!

The furnishings in the main hall are beautiful in nature, whether it is red sandalwood tables and chairs, or tortoiseshell screens with flowers and birds, all display the two words-luxury!

And the most conspicuous thing is a luxurious and indescribable big bed with half-dangling curtains and two entangled figures of white flowers on it…

The man on it has a handsome face, 27 or 18 years old, He pinned his long hair with a green jade hairpin, draped it randomly on his shoulders. The muscle texture was smooth, and the action was strong and powerful. The corners of his lips were slightly pressed, and a cold smile was lightly hooked. He was a cool and handsome man. Hunk.

Below is an immature girl. She looks very young, with clear-cut eyes, and is different from the man’s enjoyment expression. The little girl’s face is pale, her small mouth is slightly open, her throat is already hoarse, sobbing, and cold sweat has already crushed her. His hair was soaked and it was obviously painful to the extreme.

Gu Xijiu’s face changed slightly!

This bastard, strong x seedlings! Who is he?

The two big guys carried Gu Xijiu in, but they couldn’t disturb the man’s good spirits, his movements were faster and fiercer!

The little girl finally couldn’t help it, yelled dumbly, her eyes turned, her head tilted, and she stopped moving.

“Disappointment!” The man cursed, turned his body, got off the girl, kicked the girl off the bed like a trash.

The girl didn’t move, her small face turned waxy yellow, and blood ran down from the corners of her lips. I don’t know if it is dead or alive.

“This is too useless. Take it to the mass grave to feed the dog!” The man’s tone was full of desperate resentment.

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