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The Legend of Consort Gu

The Legend of Consort Gu (Novel)
Other Name: 惑世蛊妃传

Genre: novel, traversal
Author: Xi Jiu
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Shen Fufu and Murong Longchen. Shen Fufu looks around, and his mind is like an electric current passing by, and thousands of pictures flood in . She immediately understood her situation. Her original shell was the eldest daughter of the Shen Hou Mansion, but she was weak and unable to take care of herself since she was a child. She was bullied by the new mother who later married in.

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This Shen Hou Mansion.

Qin Anlan was suffering day by day, somehow, everything in the courtyard felt unsatisfactory.

My daughter was imprisoned in the ancestral hall, and the two sons were preparing for exams in the Waiwen Book, and they couldn’t easily spread the news to influence. Now, that Miss Shen San is the most idle person in the house.

Qin Anlan held the booklet in her hand and wanted to come these few days.

All things started because of this third young lady, and the anger in my heart rose.

Qin Anlan patted the table and called his confidant grandma.

“Grandma, what are you doing in the third lady’s house over there?”

The grandmother Sun answered truthfully: “Ms. San has been making a female celebrity recently, and there is nothing unusual.”

“Regular? It’s a very well-regarded one! She has caused my Shuang’er to be so miserable, she still sits still!” Qin Anlan listened.

I was even more angry.

The dead mother Niezhong can actually sit in the courtyard embroidering flowers, but her Shuanger kneels in the ancestral hall and has no food to eat.

This heart was furious, and it affected the pain of the scars on his face a few days ago.

Qin Anlan hissed in his mouth and touched the scar on his face.

“Grandma Sun, add some food to the food prepared by the third young lady today, and leave a small servant in her courtyard. I must teach her a lesson!” Qin Anlan’s eyes flickered darkly.

Mother Sun trembled three times in fright.

“Madam, this is impossible, absolutely impossible, that is the future princess, if this gift of marriage is destroyed, the master must blame us!”

Qin Anlan smiled gloomily: “After she has been defiled, I will give some comfort. Don’t say anything. The master and I know that the master will not ignore the reputation, and then take the third lady’s closest maid. It was put out.”

Picking up the paper book, Qin Anlan’s smile on the corner of his mouth gradually became grim, and then said: “I just can’t swallow this bad breath. Anyway, the prince is a fool, and it is estimated that he will not be able to round up the room. If the three young ladies lost their virginity before marriage, they would be a woman No.”

Grandma Sun still felt that this was not right, she twisted her body and spoke grinningly:

“These three young ladies are also young ladies in Fuzhong.”

Qin Anlan patted the paper book on the table and stared at Grandma Sun and said, “Grandma Sun, you know, this backyard is still my master.”

“Yes, the servant will do it now.”

Mother Sun was shocked for a while.

She talks too much. The wife has always been in charge of this compound. Even if something goes wrong, there are reasons to excuse it.

When Qin Anlan saw that Grandma Sun had promised to do something, she picked up the paper book and looked at it again.

The spider crawled down from the back of the grandmother. The spider quickly ran under the seat and crawled along the root of the wall.

Shen Fufu, who heard Qin Anlan and Grandma Sun’s words through the spider.

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