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Ten Years Late 十年三月三十日 Episode 39 End

The members of the Ding Ang E-sports team told Xin Yi that the team is now facing difficulties. Xin Yi is willing to help everyone to reinvigorate the team and give the players the disc left in front of Ding Ang to the team members to advance and retreat with the players. Gu Yan found Jin Ran’s hope to talk about it. Jin Ran told Gu Yan that she already knew what she had done to the non-tour company. Yuan Lai knew from Xu Xinyi that the person who broke the friendship between people was Gu Yan. When Yuan Lai returned to the company, he encountered Gu Yan’s candid heart for Jin Ran, and Yuan Lai told Gu Yan that the emotion is more about heart than mind. Gu Min recalled his happy days with Jin Ran, and Jin Ran refused to refuse, reflecting on whether he had done something wrong. Gu Yan came to the restaurant to eat at that time. Because someone asked him for trouble, Jin Ran came forward to help her. From that time, Gu Yan fell in love with Jin Ran.

In the evening, Jin Ran came to Yuan Lai, feeling the feeling of everything that happened on the road. In order to keep her forever, he decided to marry Yuan Lai. In the office, Professor Zhao came to Zhao Chengzhi during his meeting, and before his father spoke, Cheng Zhi vented his unhappiness over the years. Unwilling to argue with him, Professor Zhao informed him of the purpose of the visit. It turned out that Professor Zhao did not object to Cheng Zhi’s choice of photography work. Instead, this time, he supported Cheng Zhi to choose his favorite career. After the misunderstanding between the father and the son was resolved, the relationship eased a lot.

On the other side, Gu Yan sent Alex to a plane bound for Japan and surrendered to the public security organs. Jin Ran saw Alex’s status in the circle of friends and smiled at Alex’s performance. Xiao Fei has grown into a capable professional woman. With the hard work of Jin Ran and Yuan Lai, Feitu Company has achieved outstanding results in the past year.

A year later, Xu Xinyi not only won the team championship, but also gave birth to a child with Ding Ang, named Niannian. Yuan Lai and Jin Ran visited their mother and son together. Xin Yi did not forget to tease Yuan Lai and Jin Ran to have a hurry, so that Nian Nian could have a playmate. The two were extremely shy and didn’t dare to say a word. Jin Rankai gave a speech, and Yuan Lai and others came to attend. Jin Ran informed everyone of his experience over the years. For him, the time in Japan was difficult, and he was helpless and helpless. At this time, Jin Ran exposed Yuan Lai’s photo. In the spectator’s spectator, Jin Ran successfully proposed to Yuan Lai. Not only did she gain love, but she also held the beauty.

In the exhibition, Yuan Lai invited Jin Ran to appreciate the painting. Yuan Lai liked a painting, and Jin Ran planned to buy it and give it to Yuan Lai. The waiter informed that the painting had been bought. Jin Ran and Yuan Lai wanted to talk to the buyer, only to find that it was Zhao Chengzhi and Shen Shuangshuang. The four came to the restaurant to celebrate. During the period, they did not forget to tease Jin Ran and the couple without a notice. The two teams of lovers looked at each other and smiled, which started today’s dinner.

Yuan Lai returned to his native place in Japan, following the path Jin Ran had passed. Yuan Lai came to the road and got on a train. At this time Jin Ran suddenly appeared with a bunch of flowers, expressing affectionately to Yuan Lai. Jin Ran said that if a couple can make two small trains in the same pink car in their lifetime, they can reap eternal love. The fate between the two is also doomed.

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