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How long does it take for a guy to have sex for the first time

How long does it take for a guy to have sex for the first time 1. How long does it take for a man to have sex for the first time? A virgin’s first ejaculation is usually in seconds. There may be at least 1 minute after that, and the average is about 3 minutes. If there is an appropriate pause time, coupled with the conversion of consciousness and delayed ejaculation, the duration of sexual intercourse can be as long as 10 minutes or even 30 minutes, and sometimes even longer.

As a human physiological need, if sex is moderate, it is conducive to the consolidation and sublimation of the emotions of men and women, but if it is excessive, it will consume energy, excessive physical strength, and cause fatigue, which will lead to diseases such as nocturnal emission in men and irregular menstruation in women.

When is the age of first sex?

If sex is carried out too early, it is easy to damage the essence, damage the yin, and cause premature aging. Therefore, sex should not be premature. Grasp a good opportunity to give birth, Chinese medicine not only advocates late marriage, but also advocates late childbearing. It is believed that premature childbirth will damage a woman’s essence and blood, which will lead to a decline in the body’s righteousness. Late childbearing can also be detrimental to fetal health and development.

The age of marriage and childbirth for men is 24-28 years old, and the age for women to give birth is 21-28 years old. 3. What is normal sexual ability? Can give enough sexual stimulation. And introduce the male penis into the female vagina. is the first stage of sexual intercourse. A reasonable measure of a man’s sexuality is 5–10 minutes. During this period, the efficiency of a man’s pelvic advancement can be as high as 50–100 times per minute. The frequency of sexual behavior is greatly affected by external factors, so it is difficult to determine the strength of sexual ability. If a man has sex between once a week and twice a day, it is normal.

The reason why men can’t be hard the first time 1. May be urogenital malformation Congenital curvature of the penis, double penis, micropenis, displacement of the penis and scrotum, retroverted bladder, urethral fissure, congenital absence or dysplasia of the testis, fibrous scar formation in the corpus cavernosum, varicocele, etc. can be caused by deformity, curvature, spongy Bodily dysfunction, etc. and inability to get an erection. 2, may be genitourinary disease Chronic urogenital inflammation secondary to penile hardening is more common, such as orchitis, epididymitis, urethritis, cystitis, prostatitis, etc. Among them, chronic prostatitis is the most common. Chronic renal failure patients often suffer from penile hardening due to testicular atrophy and decreased testosterone.

3. May be endocrine disease . There are many cases of penis hardening caused by endocrine diseases.

4. Possibly a sexually transmitted disease Diseases such as advanced syphilis can cause the penis to become hard. In addition, some patients have psychological factors, such as nervousness and low self-esteem, which may also cause the erection to not be hard.

Ways for men to have lasting sex 1. Let go of the psychological burden Don’t be embarrassed about the pursuit of orgasm, if you keep that in mind, there will be obstacles. If you don’t think you should enjoy sex, it’s naturally difficult to have an orgasm. In fact, the orgasm itself is to relax the body so as to obtain happiness, and to let go of the psychological burden can open the door to happiness.

Say to yourself “I can do it” If you can’t get pleasure for a long time, some people may think that their orgasm switch is out of order. Experts believe that everyone can have an orgasm, first of all, they must overcome their concerns, believe in themselves and their partners, and say “I can do it” to themselves. 3. Control excitement The process of sexual response is divided into four stages: excitation, duration, orgasm, and extinction. If you want to be more firm and lasting, the key is to recognize the emotional fluctuations in the entire sex, and divide your state of excitement into 1 to 10 levels.

4. Strong “sex” movement Strengthening and exercising the muscles that control ejaculation, interrupting the flow of urine or holding back urine can make you feel where these muscles are, and then take “Kegel exercises” to exercise these parts, that is, the movement of contracting the buttocks and pelvic floor muscles, after 10 seconds Relax again and repeat several times.

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