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Farmer’s Wife

Farmer’s Wife (Novel)
Other Name: 农门商妻 / Nongmen Business Wife

Genre: novel, traveler
Author: Xia Dongbingqing
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Hexi Chu Ziqiao travels through the walls once, but his parents die. Dressed as a yellow-haired girl, her heartless aunt will marry her to a fool. He Xi rose up to resist, fights his aunt, gets rich, and easily picks up a little cute baby…

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After returning home from the Bai Mansion, He Xi counted his own money. In the past ten days, he also saved a lot of money. Although he could barely maintain enough food and clothing, He Xi still decided to send Lengyi to study.

“Send me to school?” Leng Yi raised his eyebrows. Is his performance not enough? Does he look like he has never read a book? He got a headache when he thought of mixing up with those little kids again. But after all, it was He Xi’s kindness. He thought about it and said: “The situation at home is not very good. I am also literate, so forget it.”

“How can I forget it!” He Xi widened his eyes. “Don’t think that you are a child prodigy and you can stop studying. Have you never heard the story of “Hurt Zhongyong”? Everyone.”

“Injury Zhongyong?” Leng Yi rummaged through all his memories, and did not find out the story from it. He frowned, “What story is this?”

“I don’t know, right?” He Xi proudly said, “This is the disadvantage of not studying. Come, my sister will tell you this story today.”

Leng Yi: “…” Who wrote the words without arms and legs, and who did not know many words.

In fact, He Xi was also wronged in his heart! Is it her fault for not knowing traditional characters! It’s so heartbreaking to go back to ancient times and suddenly become illiterate!

Of course it’s useless to explain to Leng Yi, unless you want to be burned to death like a demon.

He Xi still regretted her life, not wanting to ruin her own life so early.

On the second day, He Xi went to Aunt Liu to find out if there was a school nearby. When Aunt Liu heard this, she was surprised: “Hey girl, you have to think about it! This school is very expensive. This is one. The bottomless pit, no matter how much money you have, it’s not enough for you to fill it out! You are a girl’s family, where did the money go to school for him! Even if you make some money by selling cold skins, how can that little money be enough!”

He Xi sighed and said, “Aunt Liu, you don’t know anything. When my uncle was still alive, he always had high hopes for my cousin, and wanted him to shine. If it wasn’t for an accident later, it wouldn’t be enough to kill me. My cousin has been delayed so far. Although he has paid a little for school, he wants to go to school. As my sister, I can’t delay him any more!”

“Girl Xi, are you really thinking about it? Even if it’s your uncle’s intention, but now everyone can’t get enough to eat! Where is there any time to go to school? This is your cousin from afar! There is no need to be so concerned. Right! Just give him a bite!” When it comes to this, Aunt Liu sees that she has decided, she still persuades her, and finally heaves a sigh of relief, “Well, let me ask you about it.”

“Thank you Aunt Liu!” He Xi was overjoyed.

“Thank you! It’s all from the neighbours and neighbors, what are you polite! But I can talk about the shame at the top, if there is no, then forget it!”

“Ok, I know.”

Aunt Liu is very efficient in her work, and she greets things quickly.

“Girl Xi, let me say hello. There is Wu Xianggong in this village. He was a talented talent a few years ago. Now he is preparing for the exam and preparing for next year’s rural exam.”

“Will this delay other people’s exams?” He Xi worried.

“How come! Although Wu Xianggong is a talented man, but he also needs to dress and eat. I will ask you. He is going to set up a school, but you have to give enough bundles to repair, so that’s no problem.”

“Yes, it should.”

“Just don’t know, how does this count?”

“Wu Xianggong said, how about three hundred words a month? If it doesn’t work, you can also take some chickens and ducks, and treat them as a bundle repair!”

It’s no wonder that Aunt Liu said that reading is a bottomless pit, and the expenditure of 300 liters a month alone is a big expense for the country folks.

“Girl Xi, let me say, that’s all! These three hundred texts are not a small sum!”

Aunt Liu said distressedly.

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