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What is ASEAN and Flag?

What is ASEAN?

ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) is regional intergovernmental organization comprising ten countries in Southeast Asia, which promotes intergovernmental cooperation and facilitates economic. ASEAN was established on 8 August 1967 in Bangkok by the five original member countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. Brunei Darussalam joined on 8 January 1984, Vietnam on 28 July 1995, Laos and Myanmar on 23 July 1997, and Cambodia on 30 April 1999.

ASEAN Symbol is a symbol of 10 yellow rice plants bound together refers as member countries united for friendship and solidarity. There also have mean on flag as:

  • Blue means peace and stability.
  • Red means courage and progress.
  • White means purity.
  • Yellow means prosperity.

The flag of the ASEAN Member Countries Arranged from the ASEAN flag and then followed by 10 members in alphabetical order as follows:

1. Brunei Darussalam

The yellow flag has a yellow background. With white and black stripes diagonally from the side to the end of the flag In which the white stripe is on the top Black stripe on the bottom While in the middle of that flag Brunei has the emblem of the Kingdom. The various colors have the following meanings. Yellow means the king, white and black means the prime minister. The reason that the flag of Brunei uses yellow to represent that king. Because the flag of the Sultan of Brunei Use the yellow ground flag.

2. Kingdom of Cambodia

Cambodia The flag is divided into 3 stripes along the long stripe in the middle is red, 2 parts wide, with the image of Prasat Hin Nakorn Wat Sam Yot white in the middle. While the outer stripes of both sides are blue and wide, each stripe is equal to 1 part. The different colors and symbols of the flag have the following meanings: blue means the king, red means the nation, and Angkor Wat’s castle, white means peace.

3. Republic of Indonesia

Flag of Indonesia The flag floor is divided into two parts horizontally, with the colors of the flag meaning as follows. Red means courage and freedom. White means purity and justice.

4. Lao People’s Democratic Republic – Laos

The flag is divided into 3 parts, the longitudinal stripes in the middle are 2 blue wide, with a white moon in the middle. While the outer stripes on both sides are red and wide, each stripe is equal to each other. The colors of the flag have the following meanings. Red means blood of the struggle for freedom of Laos. Blue means wealth and abundance. National White moon Meaning unity of Because there is a moon in the middle Because it is a symbol representing the outstanding moon above the Mekong River .

5. Malaysia

Flag of Malaysia There are a total of 14 red and white stripes, each with the same width. At the corner of the flagpole, there is a blue rectangle, 8 out of 14 of the width of the flag. And half of the length of the flag Within the said rectangle There are crescent marks and 14 pointed stars. The colors and symbols have the following meanings. The 14 red and white streaks mean the equal status of the 13 member states within Malaysia. The 14-pointed star means unity. Among all the aforementioned states The crescent moon means Islam, the national religion. The yellow in the crescent moon and the 14-pointed star represent the head of the federation. The blue represents the unity of Malaysian people.

6. Republic of the Union of Myanmar

The Burmese flag is divided in length into 3 parts and the width is equal, with each part having different colors. From the top to the bottom are yellow, green and red, while the center of the flag has a large white five-pointed star, with the following colors and symbols meaning: green means peace, peace and fertility of Burma. Red means unity, courage and strength. White stars mean unified solidarity.

7. Republic of the Philippines

Flag of the Philippines that above the flag is a white triangle. Is a symbol representing equality and brotherhood, within which the white triangle consists of 8 radius sun surrounded by 3 5 stars and is located at the corner of the triangle In which all symbols Pure gold The rest of the flags Divided in half by length With the top bar in blue And the bottom band is red, however, if both the above bars Have to change positions, the red bar on the top The blue bar on the bottom indicates that the Philippines was at the time of war, and the colors and symbols had the following meanings: blue means peace, truth, and justice. Red means patriotism and value. The sun has an 8 radius, meaning the first 8 provinces of the country. With effort In demanding independence from Spain Until the revolution in year 2021.

8. Republic of Singapore

Singapore flag Consists of two colored bands divided in the middle of the flag Red stripe on top White stripe on the bottom At the top corner of the flagstick Crescent shaped Next to the said image, there are 5 5-pointed stars arranged in a pentagon. The crescent moon and the five-pointed star are all white. The colors and symbols have the following meanings. Red means brotherhood and human equality. White face represents purity. And the prevalence of goodness And remain forever Crescent moon The crescent moon represents a new nation that was born. The 5 stars represent the 5 national ideologies: democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality.

9. Kingdom of Thailand

The Thai flag consists of 3 main colors, namely red, white and blue. There are 5 bands divided into stripes, the last of which is blue. Next, both the top and bottom are white and red, respectively. The blue stripe is 2 times larger than the other colors. The various colors have the following meanings. Red means red. White means religion. Blue means However, the name of this flag is called the tricolor flag (tri = three, chromatic = color) because His Majesty King Rama VI celebrates “Mark of the tricolor” in 1921 by defining the meaning of the tricolor flag. Red means blood that is a sacrifice to the nation. White refers to the purity of Buddhism and Dharma. Blue means the personal color of King Although the said definition is not an official explanation But all three of these are state ideologies he instilled. In order for Thais to become aware of nationalism throughout

10. Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Flag of Vietnam is pure red. In the center there is a golden five-pointed star. It is commonly understood to mean different classes in Vietnamese society: sages, peasants, craftsmen, merchants and soldiers. The various colors have the following meanings. Red means fighting for the independence of The yellow Vietnamese means Vietnamese. However, after the reunification of Vietnam in 1976, the meaning of the flag has been described in politics as: The red color represents a revolution by the proletariat gold star represents the direction of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

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