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My Girlfriend (2019) Episode 5

Ding slightly weakened and Ze start the simulation shooting of love, in order to give Ding slightly weakened to guide how and male guests exchange, Chi letter personally pitched in to act as girls to Ze intercession, Ding slightly weakened puzzled look at in the next, until the Ding slightly weakened playing the face of so much in front of the camera feel Very embarrassing, there is no atmosphere between the two, late is also very difficult behind the monitoring screen, had to greet the suspension to let everyone rest first. During the break, Zheng Ze naturally talked with Ding Xiaorou.

Ding Xiaorou confessed that he had not succeeded thirty times and naturally said to Zheng Ze, and his own love curse. I feel that Zheng Ze would think she is ridiculous, Zheng Ze did not. Laughing at her instead comforted her, Ding Xiaorou ate ice cream, and took Zheng Ze’s ice cream to decorate Zheng Ze with chocolate. At this time, Chi Xin and the assistant director finally breathed a sigh of relief at the screen, and the program finally succeeded in shooting.

Zheng Ze took a break to give Chi Xin a suggestion to remove the camera that was filmed. He placed a separate natural shoot for him. Ding Xiaorou talked with Zheng Ze very speculatively and drank a glass of wine, waiting for Ding Xiaorou to finish the wine program. Also recorded almost, late letter shouted the staff manual, to inform everyone that his room meeting at night.

Ding Xiaorou drank a bit of wine and went to the bathroom. He returned to the hotel room to wash his hands and received the information of the Midi Music Festival. He remembered the memories of listening to music with Jiang Yuan , the ex-girlfriend in the front seat . Ding Xiaorou was drunk and was asked by Zheng Ze to send her back to the room. I knew that Zheng Ze was called away by the staff. Ding Xiaorou let him go with confidence. The drunk Ding Xiaorou was also laughed at by the two male guests on the show. She didn’t even kiss her first time. Ding Xiaorou drunk through his room and walked directly into the room of Chixin. He sat on the sofa and took the beer out of the refrigerator to continue drinking.

The late letter in the bathroom heard the movement and thought it was his own hand. The person took the drink himself, Ding Xiaorou heard the sound alert and took off his high heels and took it in his hand. He was almost opened by Ding Xiaorou when he opened the door. When he was late, he knew that Ding Xiaorou was drunk and wanted to send her back to the room. I know Ding Xiaorou who is drunk. How can it be reasonable, insisting that it is his own room, indicating that he is not interested in the late letter, and he is late to say that he is not interested in people with zero experience. This sentence directly stimulated Ding Xiaorou, and Ding Xiaorou immediately kissed him when he was close.

After Ding Xiaorou kissed, he woke up for a while and thought about what he had done. After that, he fainted in the late letter, and later he sighed that she would find a place. However, the doorbell rang and came over at this time. Ding Xiaorou into the bathroom and then go out to open the door and let the men come in. The man brought a beer and a taste of it. He was worried that Ding Xiaorou woke up to make a sound. He always found an excuse to let his hand leave.

Ding Xiaorou suddenly woke up and made a sound. I had to agree to the contents of the meeting under the biggest voice opponents, and everyone was very confused. It didn’t take long for everyone to eat almost. Some people had stomachaches to go to the toilet. They stopped and said that they had to go to the toilet. They just went to the bathroom and just Ding Xiaorou wanted to vomit. They sent her to take care of her and told everyone to leave.

Lately, Ding Xiaorou, who was so intoxicated, couldn’t help but wanted to send her back to the room and was afraid of being hit by people. Not to mention Ding Xiaorou’s room card didn’t know where it was. Later, when he asked the front desk, he was told that there was no room, but he was helpless. One person sat in the hallway and left the room to Ding Xiaorou. Ding Xiaorou, who woke up on the floor in the bathroom in the morning, was happy to feel that she had improved her riding and didn’t sleep outside, but she got up and found something strange on the sink.

When she walked out of the room, she found that the room was the director. Ding Xiaorou screamed and regretted drinking, recalling last night. What happened, the memories of my strong kiss and late arrival emerged. The flustered Ding Xiaorou quickly rushed to open the door to leave, but met the male guest who was going to have breakfast at the door. The flustered Ding Xiaorou quickly pretended that he was looking for the director to take the script. The result was that the two dark circles appeared to expose her, and Ding Xiaorou ran back to his room to wash his hair. His brain continued to ring his strong kiss and was very late.

Everyone packed up and took the baggage and left the hotel to go to the next process. Ding Xiaorou was robbed and could only sit in the position next to the late letter. The bus was very swaying, and Ding Xiaorou, who was still nausea, wrinkled his face and touched it. On the chest, the bus braked a late brake and reached out to protect her. The medicine bottle on Ding Xiaorou and the medicine bottle on the body were all dropped out. Ding Xiaorou picked up one of the medicine bottles. Because the bus was very unstable, everyone started.

Motion sickness, Ding Xiaorou kindly gave his own motion sickness to everyone to eat, but those who had not taken medicine for a long time fell asleep one by one, and later found that Ding Xiaorou’s wrong medicine bottle was not right, and regarded his sleeping pills as a motion sickness medicine. Everyone ate, Ding Xiaorou was very guilty to take care of the sleeping person. Because the photographers were asleep, Chi Xin could only personally play as a photographer to take pictures of Ding Xiaorou on the Ferris wheel. Just as Ding Xiaorou said to the camera, he said to the male guest. As a result, the Ferris wheel suddenly stopped and stopped.

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