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Review Powerful : Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility

Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility (2018) by Patty McCord

“Why is Netflix so talented?”

Netflix has chosen to compare their team as a “sports club” full of skills and must constantly evolve and change for the strength of the team. It’s not a “family” that is too considerate and caring for one another. [If saying that all employees are family members Would you dare to kick someone out of your family?] That means Netflix will no longer hesitate to hire skilled employees from outside the organization to replace the original employees that are not suitable for the organization’s future.

Netflix’s team building philosophy is “Preparing to the Future from the Present”, which prepares teams to build in advance with the right qualifications and quantity suitable for future challenges and responsibilities. Which also includes relieving the current team that their skills are no longer needed

Netflix always tells employees that “We are not a company that will take care of your job progress. You have to take care of yourself. “And that allows Netflix to find the most suitable person for all positions without limitations like traditional organizations.

Over the past 14 years of working as one of the top executives of Netflix, the world’s leading video streaming company, author Patty McCord, former Chief Talent Officer, has played an important role in the trial and push. “The new way of working” that leads to a unique corporate culture that is full of high performance teams. (High-performance team) that can handle the challenges amidst the rapidly changing technology and Netflix business model, from the transition from the DVD delivery service. (DVD-by-mail) to watch online video services Changing the structure of computer systems to the cloud to creating original content loved by audiences around the world like House of Cards and Stranger Things.

Powerful is a book that Patty McCord has distilled the important practice drums of “Netflix work culture” that can be called “extreme” and “break the rules” of traditional work values ​​completely into a fun, fun and can be applied to the organization. All forms, so it’s no surprise that “Why Netflix is ​​so talented?”

An example of the freedom that comes with the responsibility of Netflix.

  • Cancellation of measures to set leave for employees to leave as you like. Netflix employees are responsible for taking leave as appropriate and still working well as before. This policy was extended to the subsequent cancellation of travel expense disbursements.
  • The termination of the annual strategic planning is both time-consuming and ineffective in order to add more valuable quarterly planning.
  • Canceling the rules of Hollywood tradition to facilitate the media creative team, such as canceling a pilot episode to invest more quickly in an entire season. Belief in the creator of fervor As in the case of the creator of the hit series Orange is the New Black, which received a green light since no script yet.

The guidelines that Netflix recommends include

  • Face-to-face conversation (face-to-face) with friendliness and good intentions The speaker may need to practice and control the facial expressions and gestures in a positive manner.
  • Talking about specific problems along with examples of listener’s behaviors that need to be addressed and suggest useful improvements. (constructive feedback)
  • Creating habits through “Start, Stop, Continue” activities that allow each employee to tell their co-workers about one thing they should start doing One thing that he should stop and one good thing should continue. This activity is both organized by themselves within the team as appropriate and organized throughout the organization on an annual basis.
  • Support from the senior management team, such as making it clear that employees will not talk to management about problems between colleagues. The leaders openly acknowledge their mistakes and admire those who give their advice, as well as openly revealing the problems and challenges of the organization to all employees.

If you are interesting then you can read more on the book. Buy on Amazon. Will help us work more on the this web.

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