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The Man Who Kills Troubles 解決師 (2019)

The Man Who Kills Troubles (2019)
Other Title: 解決師 / The Solution Expert / The Solvers / Solution division

Genres: Fashion vigilance, suspense, crime
Hong Kong
TVB Jade
Release Date:
Oct 14, 2019 – Nov 23, 2019
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  • Vincent Wong as Ka King Chung / “Karson”
  • Natalie Tong as Chan Mei Yu / Cheung Wing Yan / “Jovy”
  • Kelly Cheung as Wong Lai Wing / “Jessica”
  • Jonathan Cheung as Man Hou Chun / Man Sir
  • Crystal Fung as Song Hau Ching / “Nicole”
  • Pinky Cheung as Ma Kwok Hing

The “Resolver” assists the gang to solve the ultimate problem, often with nothing! The Australian Chinese gangster solver, Xi Xichen ( Wang Haoxin ), wants to stay away from the underworld and love Gao Xier ( Zhang Yuwen), but unfortunately Xier accidentally died. At the same time, Xichen was blamed for killing the gang leader, escaping from the death to death, and becoming a middle school physical education teacher in Hong Kong to start a second life.

5E new class teacher Jiang Yingxin ( Tang Yong ornaments), in fact, the gang leader Jiang Tao (Luole Lin ornaments) of the daughter, Jiang Tao quit so Heibailiangdao set off a tidal wave, and bring disaster to the campus, and then forced to Chen Xi teacher to address identity, shoulder Protect Ying Xin and the mission of the students. The Police Force’s star, Wen Haoquan ( Zhang Yikang ), is determined to eradicate the black forces in Hong Kong. A truth has completely ruined his morality. He has embarked on a path of magic, and his subordinate Song Qiaoying ( Feng Yingying ) loves Haoquan. However, he wanted to persuade.

To be incompetent, Hee Chen was informed of the death of Xi’er and another conspiracy. At the same time, Jiang Yan was assassinated. Ying Xin took over the leader with the help of the deceased assistant Xiang Yuru ( Chen Minzhi ) to counterbalance the rivers and lakes. Bureau. Xi Chen is in love with Ying Xin, of course, to help and protect. At this time, in the face of repositioning the righteous and evil world, who can turn black and white upside down?

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