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Forced to Love My Gentle Tyrant

Forced to Love My Gentle Tyrant (Novel)
Other Name: 强制欢宠我的温柔暴君

Genre: novel
Author: Wind and nature
Year: 201X
Chapter: N/A
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Ye Mu Mo Linyuan, and the novel is about Ye Mu accidentally entering the book. Become the cannon fodder who abused the male protagonist, and was finally tortured to death by the male protagonist, and had to get the map of the city to go home. Ye Mu had to kill the male protagonist and let the world collapse before going out. Who expected the male protagonist Mo Linyuan Didn’t play the card according to the routine…

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Ye Mu smelled the bloody smell, and his expression changed immediately, dead…


After Ye Li killed someone, he paused for a moment, and the blood-stained knife in his hand suddenly pointed towards Mo Linyuan.

Mo Linyuan turned his face sideways and looked over. Qingjun’s youthful face was stained a little bit red and looked a bit hideous, but his expression was still calm, and his calmness seemed to have never changed. This makes Ye Li even more angry!

“This is what you want to see, right?! Right?!”

Before leaving, he gave him such a big gift, this kid was obviously intentional! Sure enough, he should have killed this slave long ago!

Seeing that Ye Li was looking for Mo Linyuan in trouble, Ye Mu quickly wanted to step forward, but was stopped by Mo Linyuan.

From the corpse on the ground, his eyes slowly turned to the quiet carriage, Wen Ru seemed to be able to feel Mo Linyuan’s sight through the curtain, and his whole body trembled!

More than that.

Mo Linyuan smiled and motioned to the carriage with his eyes. This is not just what he wants to see, only Zhao Yu is dead? That’s too simple!

Ye Li clearly understood Mo Linyuan’s sight, and his bloodshot eyes slowly looked towards the carriage. Yeah! He almost forgot the righteousness. If it wasn’t that he didn’t like this wife very much, and hadn’t touched her recently, otherwise he would have suffered too, but he didn’t expect that… his wife is famous for being dignified and gentle, in fact, the same is true inside. Unbearable?

Ye Li smiled coldly, the sword in his hand was lifted high, and the moment he swung it down, with internal strength, the carriage was instantly torn apart!

“Ah!!!” Just heard an exclamation, the horse raised its front hoofs high in the panic. If it weren’t for being held tightly by the groom, the horse might have ran out crazy! Ye Li cut off the roof of the carriage with a single blow , The three-sided carriage burst open, revealing Wenru sitting in it with her head screaming! At this time she could no longer maintain the slightest dignity, gentle and noble, sitting there shaking like a quail, her eyes were more It is filled with panic!

“Bitch!” The knife in Ye Li’s hand pointed at her, with an undisguised killing intent in his eyes! “What else can you say?!”

“I…I, I…” Wen Ru was frightened, her lips were white, and she couldn’t see any bleeding. She rolled down from the carriage and knelt by Ye Li’s feet, shivering. Said.

“No… it’s not me… that Zhao Yu, what he likes is the girl next to me, I have nothing to do with him! Really not!”

At this time, Wen Ru still didn’t know that the medicine was put in her bath water, let alone how he got it, but he subconsciously caused trouble!

But does Ye Li believe it? Mo Linyuan wrote clearly in the letter, the mistress Wenru, every time she takes a bath, she has to use the mountain spring water on the Xiubi Mountain, ten miles away from the capital. It is even more fragrant and charming after the heat, and it is easy to distinguish. Mo Linyuan put the medicine in the spring water. The water is scarce. Who dares to misappropriate it?

“It’s not you?” Ye Li sneered, and the blade in his hand bleeds drop by drop. “Then you say, which maid has an affair with this man?”

Thinking of Wen Ru’s background, Ye Li wanted to give her a chance to explain, if what she said was true.

Wen Ruyi heard it and thought that there was a chance. The finger in her hand pointed to her side, but whoever she pointed to, she would subconsciously avoid it. Finally, Wen Ruyi gritted her teeth and pointed to a girl in a green dress. The girl was surprised and her legs Kneel on the ground as soon as you get soft!

“Is it you?” Ye Li stared at her.

The maid shook her head again and again, but she touched her warm and warning eyes, her eyes were tearful, and she vacillated for a long time, but she didn’t explain a word.

Ye Li doesn’t have much patience, and with a big wave, someone is going to pick up that girl’s clothes!

“No! Don’t, madam, save the slave servant!”

But Wenru can’t take care of herself, how can she have the heart to save her?

Seeing that the poor maid was about to be torn open on the spot, Ye Mu couldn’t stand it anymore, and stepped forward, “Father! She hasn’t married yet!”

“you shut up!!”

Ye Li interrupted her angrily. If it weren’t for the people around her to instigate, how could there be today? But Ye Mu is still strong!

“Father! You have always been rewarded and punished, why bother to kill people? There is a stable over there, so it’s not too late to ask the mother to go there for inspection!”

She spoke so fast and so loudly that it was too late for Mo Linyuan to pull her. It’s not that Ye Mu wants to be strong, but she really can’t stand it. The girl here is definitely a dead end to be stripped on the spot? But she won’t have to die if she waits for a minute or two to go to the stable. Why doesn’t she open this?

Ye Li is very manic. No man can calm down even if he knows that he is wearing a green hat. He wants to kill and tear the person who opposes him in half! Including the previous milk doll!

But under Ye Mu’s firm gaze, he didn’t actually do that. He was stared at by those dark and bright eyes, and those pupils were clearly reflecting his shadow. Her attitude was so firm, without the slightest dodge.

Ye Li’s chest fluctuated violently twice, shook his robe, and shouted at the housekeeper beside him, “Don’t you take her to the stable for inspection?!”

“Ah?! Yes, yes!!” The housekeeper quickly agreed, but he gave Ye Mugao more than one glance in his heart! It is not easy for this little girl to make the furious general change his mind!

The rest of the matter was getting more quickly. After the maid was dragged in for an examination, soon the maid came out and told the butler, who shook her head sharply at night.

Wen Ru realized that her lie had been exposed in this way. She didn’t even know what went wrong. Before she could think of some self-help methods, her hair was picked up by Ye Li! “Bitch!!”

Ye Li no longer had the slightest patience for Wen Ru, but the surviving sensibility prevented him from killing her on the spot, but pulling her hair aside in her screams!

“Close it up, abolish Wen Ru’s position as the mistress, and don’t allow anyone to come near! When the general comes back, clean her up!”

“No!!” Wen Ru was bleeding from her forehead, she couldn’t believe that she was knocked out of the dust like this, and hurriedly rushed to hold Ye Li’s leg!

“General! Husband… Husband! You at least tell me…what did I do wrong? Our husband and wife for so many years, don’t you believe me?!”

What did you do wrong?

Ye Li looked down at Wen Ru. For many years of husband and wife, she really couldn’t see the coffin without tears. In that case…

Ye Li said to the steward on one side, “Delayed departure, bring this woman here, this general will personally check her body!”

With that, he walked towards the stable.

“Yes…” The butler quickly cleared the room.

And Wen Ru heard the words, subconsciously touched her lower abdomen, and her heart sank to the bottom! She would definitely get hot erythema…what to do, how can she escape this disaster?!

The family ugliness should not be publicized. The general personally inspects his wife. The idlers and others will naturally leave, and the housekeeper will disperse the servants. As for Ye Yemu, he is not sure of his idea, so he ignores her and lets her stand there.

And Ye Mu didn’t follow to see the stable, because Mo Linyuan would stand here calmly, and the ending was doomed.

But why?

Ye Mu pulled Mo Linyuan to one side of the tree and asked in a cold voice.


Her white face was tight, but she looked tired.

“Why are you doing this? You can leave right away, but now, no matter if the ending will be gentle or not, Ye Li will not let you go easily.”

After all, this incident was stabbed by Mo Linyuan. If Ye Li wants to pursue it, Mo Linyuan is in a catastrophe, why did he do this?!

“No.” With no one around, Mo Linyuan could finally touch the small flower bud on her head as he wished, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

“Ye Li is still waiting for me to help him. He won’t kill me.”

“Then you can’t do this!” Ye Mu couldn’t help raising his voice, and burst out with anger! “You know how dangerous this is, why do you still do it? You are obviously playing with fire!!”

She became more and more angry, especially thinking that Ye Li didn’t know how to punish him, her chest was up and down violently.

“I just want you to return home safely, so much thought is gone… why are you not obedient?!”

Mo Linyuan was a little upset when she saw her angry, “I just…”

“You just don’t obey!!”

Ye Mu’s small fleshy fist slammed into his chest, and his big eyes stared at him, becoming redder and wetter.

“You don’t miss the least bit of wind, do whatever you want, you just treat me as an outsider! I am still worried about your safety, and I am worried about you!”

“I didn’t!” Mo Linyuan eagerly pulled her and hugged her into his arms. He, who had been very calm just now, panicked, “I didn’t treat you as an outsider…I…”

“You have it!” Ye Mu’s accusing voice came dullly. Her forehead was resting on Mo Linyuan’s chest, but her hand pinched the flesh on his waist. She was angry because of his adventure and felt wronged inexplicably. It’s sour…

“I just want you to be safe… but you are too bad!”

Mo Linyuan’s heart was picked up because of her words, but a touch of sweetness spread in his sourness and fullness.

He was silent for a while before speaking in a low voice.

“You worry about me, so I hope I leave soon, but I, why not worry about you?”

Ye Mu was taken aback, raised his head to look at him, but saw that his phoenix eyes were drooping, looking at him deeply.

“You did so much for me, but you don’t allow me to give back a little bit. What is the reason?”

When he asked these words in a low voice, his hand gently stroked her face, his eyes were so serious and firm.

“If you don’t remove the threat from your side, I will definitely not leave at ease. You can blame me, scold me, and hate me, but I will do it again if I do it again.”

“I just want to protect you. You can’t refuse this, my lady.”

The first time he said so much, Ye Mu’s eyes flashed, and his heart was a little flustered, and his chest was filled with a strange emotion…

The boy in front of him is so serious, he wants to use his immature shoulders to shield her from wind and rain!

He is so eager to do something for her, this kind of heart, how can she blame it?

Thinking that he will become the emperor of the eternal ages, Mingjun of the prosperous age, the grace of dripping water will repay with the spring, which is also the embodiment of his good quality.


“It’s silly…”

For a long time, Ye Mu shook his head in distress, stretched out his hand and rubbed the blood on his face with a kerchief, and gritted his teeth and said, “Then this time, forget it! If you can leave today, leave here immediately and never come back. !”

But at this moment, a woman’s scream suddenly came from the stable! Mo Linyuan squinted his eyes, and his thin lips pressed slightly.

He wanted to be obedient, but it seemed too late.

So, he hurriedly stuffed a ball of paper into Ye Mu’s hand. Ye Mu didn’t have time to look, the door of the stable had already been opened.

Wen Ru was knocked to the ground by Ye Li, her clothes were disheveled and she no longer had the courage to stand up.

That’s it, Ye Li took a deep look at her, and without the thought of taking another look, walked out of the stable!

At this time, there are no people here, only Ye Mu and Mo Linyuan are there, and they still have to face it. Ye Mu is a little uneasy, but her body is secretly warned. In any case, she can’t let Mo Linyuan die.

Ye Li didn’t feel any mood anymore after the trouble, staring at the two children in front of him, there was not the slightest temperature in his eyes.

“Come on! Tie up this slave!”

Ye Li suddenly panicked when he saw this, “Father, you…”

“you shut up!”

Ye Li yelled impatiently, and Mo Linyuan did not resist, obediently being tied up.

Ye Mu knew that she couldn’t be anxious, and she would send Mo Linyuan out no matter what, so she stepped forward and said strongly.

“Even if my father blames him, I have to say it! Aji did something wrong, but he also helped his father expose Wen Ru’s true face, so that he would not be deceived…”

“So I have to reward him?” Ye Li sneered.

“But at least don’t kill him!” Ye Mu said eagerly.

“Kill? No, I won’t kill him.”

Ye Li looked condescendingly at Mo Linyuan, “This kid is so cunning, I tied him up for fear that he would run away halfway! And, I plan to send him to Liu’s mansion by myself! Now!”


Ye Mu’s eyes widened! In this way, wouldn’t Mo Linyuan be sure to be sent to Taiwei Liu?!

When Mo Linyuan heard the words, he just gave Ye Li a faint look, he didn’t even want to escape.

“Prepare a car, take it away!”

“No…Father!” Ye Mu wanted to chase him, but Ye Li backhanded, and the knife around his waist was instantly unsheathed and aimed at Ye Mu’s eyebrows.

The strands of chill passed along the tip of the knife, Ye Mu’s pupils tightened and raised his eyes, that Han Feng was no more than an inch away from her.

“Don’t challenge your father’s bottom line, Muer.”

Ye Li squinted his eyes when he finished speaking, and turned away with a flick of the brocade robe.

Ye Mu didn’t chase it anymore. At this moment, she hated that she was just a six-year-old child. If she was a little older, or that she hadn’t asked to send Mo Linyuan away at the beginning, there would be no such thing as today. Up!

But in this way, Mo Linyuan was caught by Taiwei Liu? Ye Mu gritted her teeth. Just when she wanted to snatch the person back desperately, she suddenly caught a glimpse of Mo Linyuan before getting into the carriage and lip-mouthing her—— turn on.

Ye Mu lowered his head and looked at the note stuffed by Mo Linyuan in his hand, but hesitated for a moment. Over there, Mo Linyuan had been taken away by Ye Li.

Ye Mu clenched her hand into a fist and gradually loosened it. Her eyes were fierce, and she opened the note for a while, and only one sentence was written on it.

“Don’t worry about me, when I come back, for you, I will be safe, inevitable, inevitable.” He said three inevitables, obviously confident.

As long as he leaves the general’s mansion, he can contact his men, but he doesn’t want to leave, but he wants to commit a risk? This fool! He doesn’t want to think about it, even if his plan is perfect, he is afraid of omissions and enters. There, it will be

No way!

Ye Mu closed her eyes and pinched the note firmly in her palm! She must rescue the person as soon as possible, and can’t let him do anything!

In the carriage.

Very weird, Ye Li didn’t find Mo Linyuan to settle the account, and even untied him, because Mo Linyuan didn’t resist at all on the way, and seemed not afraid of where he was going next.

“Are you satisfied with this trouble?”

Ye Li spoke, his voice a little tired, Mo Linyuan just didn’t hear it.

Ye Li pointed at the pen and paper on the side of the short, and said sharply, “Write! What else do you know, tell me everything!”

Mo Linyuan’s phoenix eyes swept away, and he really took a pen to write–I’m helping you.

“Heh!” Ye Li smirked, “Help me? Do you really think I won’t kill you? You are bold, not only dared to poison the mistress, but also to clap me, believe it or not? I’ll pinch now Damn you!”

There was no emotional ups and downs on Mo Linyuan’s handsome face, and he was calm when writing.

——This proves that I am smart, and only if I am smart will the chance of success of the task be greater, and you should be happy.

“Ha, ha ha ha ha!!” This time, Ye Li was really angry with him! It was a miracle that he didn’t kill him when he was teased by a little guy like this!

“So, you are determined to go to Taiwei’s Mansion. Then I wronged you. I thought you would run away on the road.”

Mo Linyuan wrote without hesitation-escape? I won’t run away, I have to prove myself to you.

“Why?” Ye Li stared at him and asked, “Prove yourself, do you want to be my confidant?”

Mo Linyuan smiled lightly when he thought of something—I succeeded, you will treat her better, and I hope she is good.

I hope she is well, so before she leaves, she will make a poisonous plot to bring down the biggest threat around her?

I hope she is well, so she can go to Taiwei’s Mansion and use her life to fight?

Ye Li pinched the paper, staring at him for a long while without speaking.

It’s no wonder that the old fox Liu Taiwei still remembers him. Although the young man looks a little thin at this time, his facial features are beautiful. Just sitting there is a natural temperament, and the interior is radiant and pleasing to the eye.

And it turns out that this child is by no means a thing in the pool. He is a slave at the outermost periphery, but he can penetrate layers of defense through something as simple as bath water, and calculate to be the mistress of the house. This scheming, perhaps this task, is also Only he can do it…


After Ye Mu came back, he thought about it for a while, and realized that she was being tricked by Mo Linyuan! This guy, he must have made up his mind to go to Liu Taiwei, he had never thought of leaving here, he really wanted to help Ye Li Go steal that forbidden army map!

“Damn!!” Ye Mu jumped with anger, wishing that he became 1.8 meters tall, and pulled that stinky boy back to beat him!

It’s a pity that things go against her wish, she is still a short winter melon, and she is also a soft and cute loli attribute…

“Little…Miss…” Ye Xiaolang yelled timidly when he saw Ye Mu’s return and was unhappy lying on the bed.

“That’s right!” Ye Mu stood up and stared at Ye Xiaolang!

“Say! Did that guy tell you his plan? Did you keep it from me with him?!”

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