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Second Marriage: Princess of Medicine

Second Marriage: Princess of Medicine(Novel)
Other Name: 二嫁倾城:医品王妃 / Second Marriage: The Queen of Medicine

Genre: novel, romance, traveler
Author: Su Su Jinran
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Shen Suyan Mu Hanchuan, a first-class female doctor in her palace, was reborn, but she became weak and useless. , Shen Suyan is still suffering from foolishness. The husband hated her, the aunt deceived her, even the little maid beside her, dare to have some thoughts that shouldn’t be there.

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Shen Suyan looked at her with a smile, and said steadily, “Since it was prepared for me, it is my thing. Since it is my thing, how do I want to make it the master, do I need to worry about others?” Besides, the real Shen Suyan Already dead, those things are meaningless to the dead. Since she lives in place of Shen Suyan, then the control of those things naturally falls in her hands.

Shen Suyan’s words are correct, but Dongmei remembers that when Shen Suyan first married into the mansion, she cherished the gold and silver jewelry very much. Now she uses it like this, which is too casual. However, she also has no right to insist that her wife not use the gold and silver.

“Well, the slave and maid will go and take out all the dowry, and dry the quilt, mattress, etc., and let the slave leave all the things beside you on the dressing table. You can also pick and see which ones are What needs to be kept, what needs to be pawned.”


After a while, Shen Suyan went to the dressing table to check that Dongmei had already spread the gold and silver jewelry all over the table. The color of gold and silver is extremely dazzling, but it is a pity that she is not a person who is greedy for money. Looking at such an alluring scenery, she just sat down firmly, her expressionless.

Everyone is vying for fame and fortune, but it is nothing more than clouds. The happiest thing is to have what you really want. Gold and silver are bottomless pits, and fame and fortune are also bottomless pits…Often everyone thinks that they are happy when they get them, but there is another saying that is worthy of virtue… …Many things have been killed by the blessings.

She checked these objects carefully and counted them. There are one each for Phoenix gold and silver hairpin, one for each peony gold and silver hairpin, one for white magnolia and suet jade short hairpin, and one for butterfly jade. There are six for a single hairpin. . The rest… there are one piece of mutton tallow jade, one piece of jade ruyi, one piece of jade pearl necklace, one piece of jade Guanyin necklace… Besides, there are also one piece of mutton jade and jade One bracelet each. One hundred taels of gold and two hundred taels of silver.

She didn’t expect that there would be so many valuable things in Shen Suyan’s dowry. It shouldn’t be the case. Shen Suyan is the least favored princess in the palace, and ordinary princesses are nothing but gold and silver jewelry as dowry. Could it be that Concubine Yi feels ashamed of marrying Shen Suyan to Gu Ning’an, so she is mostly for her Prepared some dowry for comfort?

After all, this is nothing more than her conjecture, and there is no reason to ask Yi Fei specifically what it is. For her, having so much gold and silver is naturally good, and she can buy many fine medicinal materials.

I originally thought that there was very little dowry, so I planned to pawn the jewelry. Now that silver and gold are enough to buy medicinal materials, then just keep those gold hairpins and jade bracelets as a need.

Five days later, it was another good weather, and Shen Suyan took Dongmei out of the house to buy medicinal materials. She was planning to take the sedan chair, but she wanted to stroll around the lively market, so she gave up the sedan chair and walked on the street with Dongmei.

Although Shen Suyan is not a beautiful country, he is fresh and refined, and his temperament is like an immortal. Walking on the street arouses many people’s attention. Feeling that this was wrong, Dongmei looked for a veil stall and bought a white veil for Shen Suyan. This veil was bought by coincidence. It complements the white embroidered gauze skirt she is wearing today. Although it hides her delicate and elegant face, she throws her fairy-like temperament. With this veil, Tao adds a bit of mystery. Fascinating.

“Madam, we bought something, let’s go back as soon as possible.”

“What’s the matter?” Shen Suyan saw an elderly man selling candied haws not far away, with a smile on his mouth, and said, “Dongmei, we can hurry up.” He said, and immediately quickened the pace.

When Dongmei reacted, she was already in front of the candied haws. Dongmei was helpless, and ran up immediately. After she stood firm, she hurriedly said: “Madam, this street is very messy, we finished shopping, earlier…”

“Hey?” Dongmei glanced at the candied haws Shen Suyan in her hand, then glanced at Shen Suyan, bewildered: “Madam, this…”

“Take it to eat! Frozen what?” Shen Suyan laughed, “Do you even want me to teach you to eat?” Bai Dongmei glanced at it, and she happily walked forward with the candied haws.

Dongmei glanced at the candied haws in her hand, she didn’t know what to say for a while. I had to take a bite, chewing, and ran to catch up with Shen Suyan.

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