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Rainbow Town 哪裡有彩虹告訴我 Episode 16 Recap

When Wang Yuan sent Feng Qin to leave, the two walked and talked. Wang Yuan was frustrated that he couldn’t change his father’s decision. He mentioned that Hou Dafu signed the best plot in Rainbow Town to build a printing and dyeing factory, and his father opened a very Favorable conditions, Feng Qin comforted him, saying that all this is not for him to decide. Wang Jian triggered inspiration through rainbow tea and rainbow paper. He wanted Feng Qin to help use the power of the media to launch Lin Qiaoqiao. People who want to turn Rainbow Town into an industrialized town are discouraged. After a little hesitation, Feng Qin said that he could try to write, but he can’t guarantee him yet.

When Feng Qin returned to the bed and breakfast, he was stopped by Ye Yumo. He rode the locomotive and took Feng Qin to the only church in Caihongcho, using his poems from his father to propose to his mother as a pavement. Expressing love, I did not expect to frighten Feng Qin and fled, and gave Ye Yumo’s locomotive a ride.

Back at the bed and breakfast, Feng Qin and Qiao Qiao talked about personal emotional issues. Feng Qin told Qiao Qiao that Ye Yumo and Shen Tianchen had confessed to themselves at the same time, but they had no idea how to face this sudden feeling. Qiaoqiao ridiculed Feng Qin, but she couldn’t give a good girlfriend a idea on this issue.

The game between the Rainbow Town football team and the Dafeng Town Middle School team officially kicked off. The average height of the players in Dafeng Town is a lot higher than that of the Rainbow Town football team. The coach is even more powerful, but the final result is beyond everyone’s. Unexpectedly, the Rainbow Town football team won three to two, and everyone’s hard work finally failed in vain.

After the game, Qiaoqiao and Wang Yan walked and talked about the game. I didn’t expect to get a van from behind. The van suddenly stopped next to the two, and then showed the grinning face of the coach of the Dafeng Town football team. When he was surprised, a coach flashed a man holding a large bucket of water and poured it on the two. They couldn’t dodge, and at the critical moment Wang Yao pulled Qiaoqiao aside, but he rolled down the ravine.

When Wang Yan woke up and found that he was already lying in the hospital, he hurriedly asked if Qiao Qiao was injured, and learned that Qiao Qiao was unscathed before letting go, and then asked who sent him to the hospital, Qiao Qiao To tell the truth, it turned out that the people of the Dafeng Town football team had a prank and saw that they fell off the ravine before they rushed to rescue Wang Jian and sent him to the hospital. Qiao Qiao once again thanked Wang Yao for saving himself. Wang Yao thought that this was all he should do, and she couldn’t let her be a little girl to resist for herself.

Wang Ding first came to the hospital to visit Wang Jian, and he felt a little relieved that his injury was not serious. He called Qiao Qiao out of the door. Once again, she talked about how she messed up her industrialized town development plan after she came to Rainbow Town. To fight according to reason, but was ruthlessly interrupted by Wang Dingshou, and she was further away from Wang Yuan in the future.

Qiaoqiao returned to the bed and breakfast to cook Wang Yao. This time he was beyond Wang’s expectations, and it was very suitable for his taste. Feng Qin came to Shen Tianchen’s house due to a power outage at the homestay to prepare a manuscript about Qiaoqiao. Shen Tianchen gave her a warm hospitality and asked her feelings about Ye Yumo. Feng Qin said that he would return to the city in a few days. I don’t want to think about it.

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