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Marrying the Princess

Marrying the Princess (Novel)
Other Name: 替嫁王妃风华绝代

Genre: novel, romance
Author: You Zhiyao
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Ming Qiao Ning Fengqing, the world says that King Ning is ill, and marrying an eighty-year-old princess would not be happy. Although the two had a little trouble for three days and went on the roof for five days, he never let anyone hurt her, until the next time when someone accidentally saw the princess’s face, she was scared to cry. It turned out that the eighty-year-old princess was not old. …

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Ming Qiao’s side dishes were cut very irregularly, and the mess was unsightly. She first came with a green pepper fried pork. When she picked up the shovel, she felt full of strength. She left the pan and the right shovel, she returned. Feeling eighteen years old.

She moves like flowing water and is not sluggish at all. She is like a chicken blood. This operation is like a chef in an extremely five-star hotel, and the pot can be hot!

Ming Qiao did it with his eyes closed. When the dishes enter the bowl, the aroma is overflowing and the color is particularly good.

She immediately had ten times confidence in herself, the system gave her all good things, and her task only required effort.

Yuechan waited outside for a long time, only to hear the sound inside, but she did not dare to look closer.

He and Uncle walked into the yard and saw many chefs and Yuechan outside. He felt baffled. He was here to urge the food to be served. How could these people be lazy outside.

“Yuechan, what’s going on? Didn’t I tell you that your Majesty is going to eat in the palace today? I ask you to stay outside?” He Shu’s voice has its own majesty.

Yuechan reacted at this moment and hurriedly stepped forward to explain, “He uncle, the princess is cooking in there. It has been two hours inside, and it should be ready soon!”

“Wang Concubine?” He uncle looked thoughtful, “Didn’t she just hit the board? Where is the strength to cook!”

The question he asked, Yuechan herself wanted to know, she didn’t know how to explain, she gave a wry smile, “I don’t know, I will know when I meet with the princess when I meet with Uncle!”

The door of the kitchen opened at this moment, and Ming Qiao stretched out nervously, “The dishes are ready, you can serve them!”

But the strength of cooking just disappeared instantly, and her body felt an oppression, making her even more tired!

“System, what’s the matter?” She was dizzy and insisted with self-control, otherwise she would fall.

“The host doesn’t need to panic. When you cook, the system will focus the day’s energy on one point, and rest and rest will be fine!”

When Uncle He saw her, he really felt that he was blind. Why didn’t he have anything to do with the person who was brought back to the room by the board.

He looked at Ming Qiao and asked Yuechan, “Is the princess Wang beaten this morning?”

Yuechan chuckled, “Uncle, besides the princess, is there an 80-year-old man in our house?”

The more he looked at it, the more he felt that the princess was a bit pleasing to the eye. Not only was she able to speak well, but her behavior was also unexpected. He checked her in detail, she had no background, and she was just a beggar.

Isn’t this a god-man?

Ming Qiao came over and greeted Uncle He, who stared at her and didn’t care about her identity, “Old lady, are you a fairy? You can cook even after you hit the board!”

“The old body is old, the bones are softer, the cells are active, and the recovery is faster, so the thirty board does not cause any harm.” Ming Qiao was talking nonsense. She bet that these people didn’t know what she was talking about.

Yuechan asked him at the same time, “What is a cell!”

“Ah, Cell? Have I ever said it? If I have said it, it would be my gibberish. Alas, people are getting old and their brains don’t work.” Ming Qiao intends to go back to the room. When the food is ready, she will not Go to the main hall to join in the fun, so as not to be beaten again.

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