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Lonely Concubine Pours the Country

Lonely Concubine Pours the Country (Novel)
Other Name: 孤妃倾国

Genre: novel, traversal
Author: Chengjiu
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Lin Chujiu Xiao Tianyao, she is an orphan and her parents died early, which prompted her to develop an arbitrary character. As the prince’s fiancée, Lin Chujiu was eventually given the cruel and crippled prince Xiao Tianyao to be his wife. On the day of the wedding, he discovered that the black-bellied prince’s cripple actually pretended to be…

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“You go alone!”

“You go alone!”

Just like pressing the cycle button, Xiao Tianyao’s words circulated endlessly in Lin Chujiu’s mind. Lin Chujiu didn’t know how she got back to the yard, nor did she know what Pearl and Agate said in her ears. know……

She wanted to kill Xiao Tianyao so much!

Bastard! I offended the emperor by not entering the palace and let her a weak woman go alone. Is this still a man?

Lin Chujiu really wanted to curse people, but this was Prince Xiao’s mansion. As long as she said something bad about Xiao Tianyao, it would immediately spread to Xiao Tianyao’s ears, and she would be the worse person then. and so……

She can only sleep with her quilt on her head.

“It’s dark, ask me to get up.” This was what Lin Chujiu threw to the four maids. The four maids looked at each other and didn’t understand what was wrong with their princess.

“What about the embroiderers and the craftsmen in the jewelry shop outside?” The pearls and agates spread their hands. The two looked at Lin Chujiu together, and then decisively turned away.

They had never seen a woman like their princess. The prince asked her to cut clothes and jewellery. Not only was she unhappy, but it was as if the sky was falling down. It was simply wonderful.

Jade thought for a while, and said: “Send away and let them come again tomorrow.”

“Are you sure that the princess will not sleep tomorrow? The princess said that she will guard Cao Lin all night tonight.” Coral complained, pearls and agates were already weak.

“Forget it, let’s choose the colors and styles for the princess. In this way, the princess can save a lot of time by choosing from a few models.” Pearl is the first of the four maids, and she knows a little bit about Lin Chujiu’s habits. .

Their princess is lazy and afraid of trouble. Of course, the reason Pearl said this was because Lin Chujiu’s vision really made people disagree.

The four maids acted separately, and when Lin Chujiu got up, the four maids had already made arrangements. In order to take care of Lin Chujiu’s preferences, they also picked a few bright colors.

When Lin Chujiu got up, the maid saw her recovery as before, not as confused and deserted as before, so she decisively asked her to pick clothes and jewelry.

“What to choose clothes and jewelry for?” Lin Chujiu was not obsessed with Hu or deliberately forgetful, she really didn’t know why.

She has a lot of clothes!

“Princess, if you want to go to the palace to thank you, you have to have suitable clothes.” Pearl thought that Lin Chujiu was still pretending to be stupid, somewhat weak.

In fact, Pearl didn’t know Lin Chujiu so much that she didn’t pretend to be stupid, she had already accepted her fate.

The person selected by the story is not qualified to be ignorant, and she has to bite the bullet and go on regardless of whether she wants it or not.

“Didn’t I have clothes? The Lin family brought more than a dozen boxes of clothes, and there were no clothes to enter the palace?” Lin Chujiu was purely an ordinary person’s thoughts and didn’t want to waste it.

“Wang Hao, your clothes are good, but they don’t match your temperament.” The clothes of the Lin family’s dowry are good, but the styles and colors are so gaudy and vulgar. After putting them on, they stand beside the handsome and cool prince. Will completely be reduced to a woman in the dust.

Pearl explained euphemistically. While she was speaking, she watched Lin Chujiu cautiously, fearing that Lin Chujiu would be angry. As a result…

Lin Chujiu didn’t care at all, but followed the complaint, “Mrs. Lin really has the ability, start small.”

Concubine, if you understand this in your heart, you can’t say it, otherwise others will think you are unfilial!

Pearl murmured silently, her eyes were empty, pretending she didn’t know anything.

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