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The Evil Emperor Laying on the God and Mad Concubine

The Evil Emperor Laying on the God and Mad Concubine
Other Name: 邪帝睐上神藤狂妃

Genre: novel, fantasy
Author: Zi Luoyun
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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There are many book friends who are chasing after a novel called “The Evil Emperor Laying on the God and Mad Concubine”. It is a fantasy novel created by the author Zi Luoyun. The content of the novel is still very interesting, and it is quite good. I hope you will be able to Like this novel. The two maids nodded hurriedly. “The two of them are yours, so naturally they will speak for you. Okay, if you say that Ayan beat you, where did he beat you? Poisoned? Ayan is so kind, so she wouldn’t do such a vicious thing.

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The two maids nodded hurriedly.

“Both of them are yours, so naturally they will speak for you. Okay, you said that Ayan beat you, then where did he beat you? Poisoned? Ayan is so kind, so she wouldn’t do such vicious things!” Ye Qingyun took a breath and asked faintly. The indifferent tone could not conceal the disappointment and disgust in his eyes.

Murongyan, who was praised for his kindness, touched his nose and was speechless in embarrassment.

Ye Linglong didn’t know what to say, saying that Murongyan hit her on the chest? Can she pull the clothes apart for Ye Qingyun to see?

She couldn’t, and Murong Yan knew this, so he dared to expose his strength in front of Ye Linglong, because no one would believe her.

“Linglong, you really disappoint me!”

For a long time, seeing Ye Linglong not speaking any more, Ye Qingyun took Murongyan’s hand and turned and left.

Looking at the backs of the two driving side by side, Ye Linglong’s eyes grew darker and darker. She muttered to herself: “Sister? No, Brother Qingyun, I never wanted to be your sister. You are mine. It could be mine! As for Ye Yan’s trash, one day, this young lady will let her die without a place to bury her!”

The two maids stood with their eyes and nose in mind, trying their best to reduce their sense of existence. They just saw the embarrassed side of the eldest, if they don’t want to die, they can only treat it as ignorance.

Even so, Ye Linglong used a whip to teach the two of them to vent their anger, and then asked them to guard their mouths before taking them away.

“Ayan, I’m sorry. I said I would protect you, but…” On the other side, after walking for a while, Ye Qingyun suddenly stopped to apologize.

Murongyan didn’t care, Ye Qingyun was able to help her, but if it was impossible to protect her all the time, if he wanted to protect himself, he had to become stronger.

Thinking about this, she looked at Ye Qingyun seriously and reiterated again: “Brother Qingyun, I understand your kindness, but the previous Ye Yan is dead. From now on, I will protect myself, please You believe me!”

This is also because he knows that Ye Qingyun really cares about herself, otherwise Murongyan would never say a word.

Would Ye Qingyun doubt that she didn’t bother to think about it, anyway, she didn’t plan to keep it secret, didn’t she just say it from the beginning, Ye Yan was already dead?

However, even if they do check, what can they find?

After parting with Ye Qingyun, Murongyan went to the mercenary union in the south of the city.

No one knows who runs this mercenary union. The only thing that can be known is that you must not stray in the mercenary union, because anyone who dares to make trouble in the mercenary union will basically not end well.

When Ye Linglong arrived, there were not many people in the mercenary union. There was only a girl in a maid costume standing at the counter on the left. She only glanced at her when she came in, and then continued to look down at her nails.

Murong Yan didn’t feel embarrassed either, she already knew from Xie Zun’s mouth that outsiders couldn’t see her strength, and she thought she was a waste compared to now.

Waste is indeed the capital that does not make people look straight, so she doesn’t blame it.

There is a crystal screen on the right wall of the hall, on which the tasks that have not been taken away are tumbling.

The tasks of the mercenary union are messy and chaotic. From high to low, there are ss-level, s-level, a-level, b-level, c-level, and d-level points. Different levels have different rewards.

Of course, there are very few SS-level missions, most of them are b-level and c-level missions. They are nothing more than looking for medicinal materials such as moon spirit flower, dragon vine grass, spatholobi spatholobi, and ice ling grass. , Then there are some rich bosses who want to taste the meat of monsters. In short, there are only things you can’t think of. There are no tasks that are not here.

Murong Yan took a closer look, and finally selected a C-level mission to pick ice rimps, and a A-level mission: hunting the first-level monster Overlord Tiger.

Seeing that Murongyan was really going to take on the task, the girl in the maid costume raised her eyes to look at Murongyan, and asked in confusion, “You really want to take on these two tasks? I think you are not strong enough, so don’t take it, right? The strength of the first-level monster Overlord Tiger is equivalent to the first level of the human innate realm, you…”

“Little sister, are you so kind to everyone?” Murong Yan smiled and decisively signed his name.

The levels of beasts are divided into fierce beasts, monster beasts, spirit beasts, holy beasts, and divine beasts, corresponding to human body tempering realm, innate realm, martial spirit, king of war, and king of war. Choosing this task, this is her goal.

But these, she doesn’t have to tell a stranger.

The girl in the maid costume was taken aback for a moment, her face flushed, and she said: “I don’t know the good people. If you die in the wild goose forest, don’t blame me for not reminding you!”

Murongyan found it quite interesting to see her sluggish look. He suddenly reached out and shook the girl’s nose and shook it. He didn’t let go until the girl turned red because of her suffocation. Then she walked out and smiled: “Don’t worry Well, I can’t die!”

Before leaving, Murong Ah Ye, you also sent a copy of the map on the front desk.

Seeing her overlord appearance, the maid pretending to be a girl rolled her eyes indecently behind her, not knowing what she was thinking, she didn’t even speak.

Murong Yan was in a great mood, took the map in his arms and strode away.

“Hey, you!” The girl in the maid costume suddenly thought of something, and shouted towards Murongyan’s leaving back: “Don’t forget, you must return to hand in the task within two months, otherwise the task will fail!”

“I see, Master Maid…”

Murongyan’s voice came from afar, and the maid pretending to be a girl was stunned for a while before she figured out what the last sentence meant, and the expression on her face became rich.

Maid, what is this title?

Unexpectedly, on a whim, he got such an interesting title, hehe, it was really interesting.

Early the next morning, Murongyan and Ye Yao went straight back to the forest after bidding farewell.

Ye Yao heard that she was going to go back to the forest with the wild goose. At first, she disagreed very much, but her daughter was old and made sense. In the end, she could only let her leave with worry and satisfaction. But he repeatedly told: “Don’t go to the inner circle. The level of the monsters in there is too high, and there are even spirit beasts, which cannot be defeated by your current strength.”

Murongyan stood at the entrance of Yanhui Forest and opened Shunlai’s map. Qianqianyu pointed to a place circled with a red pen, then found his location, drew a straight line between the two, and then squeezed it. He pursed his lips, closed the map, and strode into the wild goose forest.

As soon as he entered the forest, Murong Yan felt that his eyes went dark.

She looked up and saw that the big branches that were several hundred meters high were luxuriant, and the sun in the sky could only show a few points from them, barely illuminating the road.

The thick fallen leaves on the ground are also very deceptive. After Murongyan walked a few steps, he heard a snap, and when he looked down, it was a bone.

“Hey, it’s too dangerous for this goose to return to the forest. I don’t want to go in and play in it?” Murongyan stretched out Qianqianyu’s finger to pick up the bone, placed it in front of his eye for a while, and muttered to himself.

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