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Standing in the Time 不负时光 Episode 2 Recap

When Xia Fan and Li Xiao had dinner, they accidentally made a joke with her. Li Li took it seriously and said that she will always be a reader of Reza. Forever, Xia Fan hurriedly wished her to become a full-time employee again. have a meal together. Li Li returned to the restaurant at home and tasted the bone soup and found that it was tasteless. They got up and left, and they took out words that were easy to be deceived and let her listen and read more. School Li refuted them when they heard it. Those were specifically written to deceive them. After returning, she hurriedly under the Weibo and public accounts, and did not hesitate to point out that those were false common sense.

The landlord called Zhou Zimo awake early in the morning, showed him the hotly searched article on the complaint, and specifically asked him to settle the bill. However, after he saw it, he laughed and felt that someone had finally come out to say a fair word. All the ads he advertised were Some false information. The landlord let him move away angrily and couldn’t afford him. Zhou Zimo felt inexplicable after hearing this. He lived here by himself. After seeing Xia Fan’s candid photos, Amanda felt that Zhou Zimo was very suitable for the theme of this issue, so she must bring him in so that everyone can find their own models, and then they will be screened in turn.

Li Li woke up early in the morning and anxiously waited for the news from the personnel department. After thinking about it, she decided to find Xia Fan, hoping to get some news. Xia Fan felt that her chances of being admitted were very high. When Li Li saw the news, he rushed to buy her favorite bag. When she was about to lose her password, the personnel department suddenly called and told her that she hadn’t passed the recruitment. School Li rushed to the company in anger to find Amanda Theory and asked her why she didn’t accept herself. Retha was very important to her and thought she was competent for the job. Amanda told her that she could not interfere with the decision of the personnel department, and was so disappointed with her urges that Xia Fan rushed out to speak for her and quickly took her out.

Li Xiao went out angrily, Xia Fan kept chasing after her to explain, leaving some time to help her, Li Xiao was angry that Xia Fan had known that the company had no place and hadn’t told her yet, giving her hope for nothing. Teacher Xu saw them arguing, and felt that School Li was very suitable as an editor, and went to the front desk to inquire about the situation. Zhou Zimo sadly left the place where he lived. Xia Fan found the person absent and found him in a convenience store. Zhou Zimo told her that the camera will be responsible in the end, so that she doesn’t have to worry. Xia Fan deliberately seduced him and made him an amateur model, so that he could use the camera’s money. Zhou Zimo said he would not be a model.

When Li Li returned, everyone specially prepared her bag, but she was not happy at all and went to the room in despair. She thought it was too difficult to enter Ruisha. How long will it take to realize her dream? She feels she can’t keep it up. She wants to go home and don’t want to drift. The eldest nephew brought her a bag to comfort her, telling her that her life had just begun, and that there was still a lot to go. Zhou Zimo came to Wu Yan and planned to pay him the advance payment first. Wu Yan asked him to submit the final draft first, and he could get the money after signing the commitment. Zhou Zimo said no, but turned back to sign The signature was indeed the author’s name, and Wu Zheng quickly stopped him when he found it, and tore off this promise.

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