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Urban Surgeon

Urban Surgeon
Other Name: 都市术医

Genre: novel, Science, Fiction
Author: the stars
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Lu Xiaohan and Fang Fei. The end of the author’s stars. It tells the story of Lu Xiaohan, who is a descendant of Doctor Yin and Yang, who saves people with one shot and cures ghosts with one shot. Knowing the yin and yang of the world, he claims to cure all diseases. I thought I would stay in the city forever, but I didn’t expect the troubles would continue, and there would be more ghosts. See how Doctor Yin and Yang cures ghosts and saves people in the city and embraces the beautiful.

Free Reading Highlights:
Since the Paoshan Old Building incident, she has not heard from her. The phone is always turned off. From the few words he left me, I can imagine that the situation in the patron’s old building must be extremely complicated. I can only choose to listen to her and stay away from the old building to inquire about the situation through other methods. But after so long, her figure has been lingering in my mind.

“Isn’t she fired? How could she appear here?”

I didn’t care about the unfinished meal, so I got up and chased in her direction. I must ask clearly, what did she see in the patron old building, what else did she experience, and what else will appear here?

I ran from one end of the canteen to the other, pushing away from the crowd, looking at each other through the overlapping heads. That Xia Duo Duo seemed to be aware of it, and even started to run in the other direction. Her figure floated like a cloud of mist that couldn’t be removed, and the crowd in the cafeteria did not stop her in the slightest.

I can’t let her run away anyway! I chased desperately and bumped into a lot of people along the way, and even almost knocked over a girl’s dinner plate. I chased her all the way out of the cafeteria. It was dark outside, and the wasteland was silent. Xia Duoduo’s figure was very conspicuous on the snow-white ground, and her feet quickly stepped on the snow and made a “creaking” sound.

“Xia Duoduo! Wait!” I shouted and continued to chase. My voice reverberated among the quiet buildings, and she looked back at me and ran forward faster.

My heart was tumbling, and this behavior completely confirmed my judgment. But why didn’t she dare to stop? I pursued desperately. We passed through the girls’ apartment, and finally she ran to the old patron building.

Now that I can’t care about anything else, I gritted my teeth and went straight to the old patrons.

The old patrons in the night are dark and quiet. It doesn’t seem to be inhabited at all, it looks like a huge tomb. My doubts and curiosity have surpassed my fears. I walked around in front of the building, and there was no girl in the red dress at all.

How is this possible? I gasped and patrolled around unwillingly. Could it be that Xia Duoduo went in again? As she suspected, those who moved into the old building were not expelled at all?

I called Cha Duo Duo again, and it was still turned off.

I came to the door of the building. Thinking of Xia Duoduo’s last text message to me, I hesitated, but in the end I didn’t get up the stairs.

At the moment I hesitated, something on the west side of the old paoshan building caught my sight firmly.

There was a black pickup truck parked there.

The car was black, like a unicorn lying on the ground. It is dusty, with a layer of dust on the outside, and it looks like it has traveled all the way. I felt as if I had seen it somewhere, so I walked over. I went to the car and looked at the license plate number, and suddenly I was stunned.

Jiang Xiaoyou! This is the car that Jiang Xiaoyou drove.

I stuck to the ground like a stake, my brain blank. A trace of cold sweat came out of my skin.

How could her car appear here, could it be that Jiang Xiaoyou is back?

I looked around and escaped the car like a plague. Her car is parked, indicating that her people must be nearby too! I quickly hid behind a wall and watched nervously.

Apart from the knee-length weeds on the wasteland, there are only these lonely buildings. The sky was pitch black, like the mouth of a beast’s open blood basin. The more I thought about it, the more I got scared, and rushed to the bedroom desperately.

After leaving the old building, I couldn’t wait to call Mo Fan. However, Mo Fan’s phone call couldn’t get through.

As soon as I returned to the bedroom, I hid under the covers, lying on the bed staring at the ceiling, my head was messed up.

Through the ceiling, I seemed to see a huge shadow from Jiang Xiaoyou covering the entire night sky.

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