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Peerless Prosperity and Vicious Concubine

Peerless Prosperity and Vicious Concubine (Novel)
Other Name: 绝世盛颜狠毒妃

Genre: novel, rebirth
Author: Jiuye
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Ji Lingxuan and Chu Yingyi are the protagonist of the book. She was a poison master in the 21st century. Her sister pierced her heart with a dagger… She opened her eyes again but became the daughter of the book of the Ministry of Criminal Affairs of the Great Yan, the daughter of the Ji family, cowardly and incompetent, and she was bullied… She is a master of poison, so how could she be bullied? Thousands, corpses are everywhere…

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Seeing that he was so ignored, Ling Yun almost didn’t vomit blood. Nangong Zi’er also felt that she had been wronged by the world, and heard Ling Yun’s words quite a bit of agreement, and the depression and grievance in her heart were even stronger. I felt more and more that Chu Yingyi must be deliberate, and it must be for the ugly monster to target her like this.

At the moment, Nangong Zi’er hated Ji Lingxuan next to Chu Yingyi again.

However, no matter how wronged, disappointed, angry, and resentful, she did not forget that she was the reasonable and noble Nangong Zier.

“Big brother will never deliberately lead us to injustice. Second brother, please don’t misunderstand the big brother. Miss Ji can’t do martial arts. If you are not careful, things can easily happen in such a chaotic situation. And I know martial arts. You made this decision after careful consideration, so don’t blame him…”

On the surface, these remarks seemed to be an excuse for Chu Yingyi, but they actually pointed the finger at Ji Lingxuan, implying that Ling Yun, Ji Lingxuan was the culprit.

Nangong Zi’er and Ling Yun have been together for many years, and they know Ling Yun very well. He has feelings for Chu Yingyi, a senior. Even if you are angry for a while, you will not take it seriously.

Ling Yun is indeed not that smart, but he must be able to understand the meaning of such simple words. She believed that Ling Yun would definitely push all his faults to Ji Lingxuan, so that Ling Yun would hate this ugly monster even more.

Moreover, Nangong Zi’er loved Chu Yingyi deeply, even if he broke her heart, she still had to protect her sweetheart. She didn’t want Ling Yun to blame Chu Yingyi, whether it was reputation or face, she had to think about him, even if Ling Yun was fighting for her injustice, she was not willing.

“That damn ugly girl again? It’s because of her again?” Ling Yun never doubted Nangong Zier’s words. In her mind, Nangong Zier was a pure white lotus, noble and kind, without any filth. Such a younger sister would not have any intentions, let alone any scheming.

Therefore, as soon as he heard Nangong Zier’s words, Ling Yun immediately shifted the object of dissatisfaction and began to focus on the ugly monster that disgusted him.

Ling Yun’s eyes glared at Ji Lingxuan fiercely, his gaze was like a sharp sword that had taken poison, stab Ji Lingxuan fiercely.

“You are an ugly monster, so vicious. If you work so hard to prevent the little sister from entering the protection layer, do you want her to die in chaos and replace it? An ugly person is so vicious in his heart. If the little sister is really Was injured by the assassin, and I will smash you into pieces.”

“…” Sure enough, I can’t be as familiar with people with too low IQ, Ji Lingxuan thought silently, but then again, did Ling Yun’s brain be kicked by a donkey, or did he bump his head while sleeping? Such a weird brain circuit is really unheard of, unseen.

Ignore decisively, who knows if low IQ will be contagious.

Anyway, with the great Buddha Chu Yingyi, Ling Yun wouldn’t dare to be presumptuous in front of him no matter how arrogant she was, she didn’t need to be afraid.

Moreover, it is no longer as easy and idle as just now, the assassin has broken through the protection circle, and if one is accidentally killed, there is no such thing as idle time and an idiot.

Furthermore, the current situation is very clear, and the target of the incoming person is clear, that is, he wants to kill Chu Yingyi.

Because the later group of assassins had already broken through the protection of the protection circle, the assassins who had planned to kill the genius deer immediately turned their spearheads and ran together to kill Chu Yingyi. The assassination of the genius deer was also to kill Chu Yingyi. Now that the two groups of people have the same goals, it is natural that they will temporarily join forces.

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