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Lucky’s First Love Episode 10

Xiaoxi opening shouting Lingshan dad Xia Ke learned Lingshan back

After Yao Qing came back, he was prepared to deal with the scorpion that He Yuzhen came out. Seeing why it was not like the mistake of work, why did he feel that both his career and his feelings had to be taken care of and he told Yao Qing that he would go to work in the next three days. Yao Qing feels that if he puts more thoughts on his work, he will not take out this big scorpion. Lingshan came to the kindergarten to pick up Xiaoxi. After Xiaoxi saw it, he hurriedly changed his name to call his father. Lingshan felt that he had missed Xiaoxi for many years. Now he only wants to accompany him to make up for his father’s vacancy. After I came to the bar, I felt that my heart was empty. The lights here were boring, so I went out and prepared some things for them to talk about animation.

He Yu has been delivering Xing’s flowers for five days in a row. Colleagues think that what happened is serious, but they do not understand Xia’s behavior very much. In order to be able to catch up with Xing Yun, he encountered a special bookstore to learn animation knowledge, and was planning to send photos to Xing Yun, and found that she had been blacked out by her. He Yulai came to the company to find Xing Yun. I didn’t expect Xia Ke to agree to Xing Yun and how to eat, so that I can hand over the complete plan. He met with Xing Yun to eat at the Western Restaurant. After a while, he had already sent the first draft.

He told her that this was serious, but Xing Yun told him that he was completely uninterested and they were not suitable. At the time of checkout, the waiter told them that Miss Susan had already posted the account, and when she had time, she went to the house to take the underwear she had forgotten. After Xing Yun heard it, she was not angry but laughed. He met with the company’s unremitting efforts to find something, but every time she could not find her, she could only leave with disappointment. Xia and his colleagues met to discuss new ideas about the game, but he was absent-minded after seeing the circle of friends.

When I met Saturday, I called Xing Yun early in the morning to let her help with the computer, but told her that it was intentional. Xing Yun’s listlessness is preparing to go back to the sensation. When he hears the copy, his eyes are shining. Lingshan came to the store to pick up Shen Qing, and heard that Xiaoxi was picked up by Xia Ke, immediately became unhappy. He met with Xing Yun to make a pizza. I didn’t expect Xia Ke to come over with Xiaoxi. After seeing Xing Yun, he immediately took her away.

Xia Ke learned that Xing Yun and He Yu came out to experience the experience of dating, and then took Xing Yun and Xiao Xi to another restaurant experience, so she had better ideas to complete the appointment copy. Xing Yun once again made a record of the test dishes. After dinner, Xing Yun and Xia Zong shared the experience of this meal and discussed the feelings about love. When he left, Xia Kete asked Xing Yun to find himself when he wanted to collect the wind. When Xia Ke sent Xiaoxi back to see Lingshan, he rushed to the air, but was stopped by Shen Qing. Lingshan hopes that Shen Qing can agree to stay with them, but Shen Qing has found a reason to refuse.

The heavy-hearted Xia Ke came to see what happened, told him to come back to Lingshan, Xiaoxi also called his father, why not let him not worry too much, choose to believe Shen Qing sister. After returning to the topic, He told him seriously that he was serious about chasing Xingyun and asked him not to intervene in their affairs. Yao Qing brought some selected coffee beans to Xia Ke. After Xia Ke saw her come, she simply sneered a few words, and then she was brought to familiarize her with the company environment and the copy responsible personnel.

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