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5 Tips to Deodorize in Bathroom

When smell bad in bathroom during rainy days or other days because the sunlight disappeared, the ventilation became worse. This is definitely not good for all entrepreneurs. Today, we have 5 ways to reduce or eliminate unwanted odors in the bathroom during the rainy season. Simple, come to recommend as

1. Salt can help

Dissolve salt in water intensively Then can pour into the toilet or gooseneck straight away The effect of salt will eliminate microbes. The cause of the scent is alleviated.

2. Charcoal absorbs odor

Put the charcoal in the bag. Or plastic bucket Put it in the bathroom Charcoal can help absorb odors. But don’t let the charcoal get wet Because the properties will disappear immediately

3. Deodorant with tissue paper

Use natural essential oils such as lavender, citronella, lemon or fruit scent. Drip down the tissue core thoroughly. It can deodorize well.

4. Olive oil candle

Bending the wire into a hook In order to hold the wick upright Put in a short jar Hook the jars with wire on the other side Then, insert the candle about 1 inch long, wrapped into a wire like a candle stick. Pour the olive oil into the jar. Put the light in the bathroom Can both smell and create a good atmosphere as well.

5. Scented candles create an atmosphere

Light a fragrant candle in the bathroom for about 5 minutes and then turn it off. Then close the bathroom door so the smoke of the candle floats inside the bathroom. Then open the bathroom door to let those smoke drain. Just that. The bad smell in the bathroom will disappear.

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