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My Girlfriend is an Alien Episode 28 End

Fang cold back to the company renting the president bitterly waiting for the small seven small seven back to the earth and the square cold and then continue the front

Fang Leng and Chai Xiaoqi are preparing to spend this time sweetly. Fang Leng came to Chai Jie’s kitchen. He personally cooked the kitchen for Chai Xiaoqi. Xiaoqi was nervously holding a fire extinguisher on the side, because the village was burned when she came to cook, and the kitchen was burned. Laughing at Xiaoqi, this time he has a long cooking and a scent that makes Xiaoqi can’t help but want to steal. Fang Leng stopped Xiaoqi and prepared a drink for her.

The hall of Chai Jie and Dr. Zhang Fanglie had already waited for their stomachs to be hungry. They saw that the fragrant dishes made by the cold were all eaten. Xiaoqi took everyone and the dishes with a mobile phone, and took a photo of the kiss with the cold, and helped the party coldly and boldly sent to the circle of friends. Fang Leng’s circle of friends immediately exploded, and the book was overwhelmed. Many people also commented on whether they were stolen. Fang Leng re-issued a group photo to tell everyone, and at the same time confessed that Xiaoqi, Xiaoqi is very happy, Fang Lie and so on are said to be invited to eat dog food.

Subsequently, Xiao Qi prepared for Fang Lie’s hand-painted outer space planet album, and Fang Lie excitedly held Xiaoqi, saying that he would also like to return a small seven gift. The party is cold and jealous. Fang Leng also asked for a gift from Xiaoqi. Xiaoqi turned and took it, but he was picked up by a party, and brought Xiaoqi back to his home.

Xiaoqi slept in the car, and he gently held Xiaoqi to his bed, and tied his hands to sleep with Xiaoqi’s hand. In the evening, Fang Leng shouted in his sleep that Xiaoqi did not leave himself, Xiaoqi was woken up, and she was so distressed that she was cold and appease him. But Xiaoqi couldn’t sleep anymore. She thought for one night, until the next day, she woke up coldly. She told Fang Leng that she didn’t want to leave, and she didn’t agree.

Fang cold got up to prepare breakfast for Xiaoqi, and Xiaoqi’s wraps around him. There was a strong wind blowing outside the window. Xiaoqi suddenly stared at the window nervously. When asked about the small seven spacecraft, Xiaotian told Fang Feng that the wind would rise, and then the spacecraft would appear. Fang cold took a deep breath, he took Xiaoqi together to face, Xiaoqi was holding the cold and refused to go, the two cried like this. Suddenly, Fang Lie came in from the balcony. The two men took a deep breath and Fang Lie blew a balloon on the balcony for a night. He gave the gift to Xiaoqi. Fang Lie was speechless. He called the security guard and called a taxi, and he plugged Fang Lie up.

Xiaoqi looked at the balloon in her hand. She suddenly wanted to understand. Only the place where the party was cold was the place she wanted to go to. The cold was moved and kissed by Xiaoqi. Fang Lie received a call from Zhou Siqin and told him to swear to him and go home quickly. When Fang Lieyi returned home, he was reprimanded by Zhou Siqin. Her Fang Fanglie gave the company’s performance credit to Fang Leng. Fang Lie is very honest and honest. He did not give it. He said that he wants to work in the painting gallery in Paris and do things he is interested in, and the company is more suitable for Fang Lenghe. Zhou Siqin saw that Fang Lie had already thought about it, and he could only listen to the final decision of the board of directors.

Fang Leng took Xiaoqi to go shopping, bought a lot of gifts for Xiaoqi, wanted to let Xiaoqi bring back to the people who saw her planet, and let the Korean assistant set a whole store of gold and diamonds to bring them back to treat them. Also let the people of Xiaoqiu Planet see his mind and put Xiaoqi back to Earth. Fang Leng asked Xiaoqi that they had several seasons. They heard that Xiaoqi answered that there were twelve seasons, and dragged Xiaoqi to buy clothes, and wrapped up the clothes of the whole store. The female clerk looked at Xiaoqi awkwardly, but also took the opportunity to seduce Fang Leng, and was discovered by Xiaoqi. Xiaoqi’s angry clerk returned to the store and pulled away. Fang cooling couldn’t help but laugh, he rarely saw Xiaoqi as jealous once, and he was very happy.

Fang Leng took Xiaoqi to the road. It was the place where they had met. A passing man slammed into the cold, and he looked down at the cold. The time suddenly stood still. The cold seemed to understand what he was, his eyes were red. Looking back, it really disappeared. Fang coldly sat on the road and burst into tears. He squinted and said to himself that Xiaoqi had left. Then what should he do? He sat on the ground and cried for a long time. He even prayed that Xiaoqi could come back to see him earlier. .

Fang Leng has been so sad for a while, and finally cheered back to the company as the president. He will take over the company’s business, invest in the beverage industry, and turn to women to study a low-calorie tea drink, while Fang Lie is helping. The design of the logo and so on, the two also added the small cloth to the design, and the streets and alleys were full of their advertisements.

Soon after the New Year, Fang Leng sat in front of the TV and secretly wished that Xiaoqi could return. The sound of the sweeper remembered, and the party ran out excitedly, but was disappointed. Two years later, Fang Leng participated in the launch of the new product. The media forced the cold feelings. Only a female reporter named Xiao Qi asked whether the drink developed by Fang Leng was to recover the ex-girlfriend. Fang Leng felt that she was not the same as other media, and she invited her to date with her in public. The media all pointed at the camera at Xiaoqi.

Fang Leng and Dr. Zhang waited in the coffee shop. At this time, the sky began to thunder. Dr. Zhang was very curious. He was joking and said that someone might be jealous of him. At this time, Fang Liqi rushed to find the party cold, he gave Xiaoqi halfway to leave, and at the same time scolded Fang Leng to do so sorry Xiaoqi. Fang Leng said that he had been as long as his two years in the past two years. He just wanted to give an interview to the female reporter and had no other meaning.

Fang Leng came to the perfume raw material that Xiaoqi used. Fang Lie called Fang Leng and said that he was going to Paris soon, but in order to introduce a good girl to let him see, Fang Leng said nothing. He agreed, and he wanted to use this method to force Xiaoqi to appear. Fang Leng found a clean place, waiting for the girl to come. At this time, Xiao Qi covered his face in front of Fang Leng, and he was so surprised that he couldn’t speak. He moved his nose and then excitedly held it. Xiaoqi, the two kissed.

Dr. Zhang sent a photo of the two of them to Fang Lie. Fang Lie shouted happily. Suddenly the cell phone was robbed by the woman lying behind him. Fang Li got up and asked him to ask for a mobile phone. The woman refused to give it until she slowly After taking off the blindfold, Fang Lie discovered that it was Jiang Xue, and the two laughed at each other.

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