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Conquer the worldBy Yun Xihua

Conquer the world
Other Name: 谋覆天下, Pursuing the World, Pursuing to Overthrow the World

Genre: novel
Author: Yun Xihua
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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Yun Xihua’s new book “Measuring to Cover the World” is an ancient romance style novel written by Yun Xihua. The protagonists Yin Xuye and Mu Qiu have a fascinating plot and are highly recommended. The main point is: On the second day of the new year, on the morning of the third day when Yin Yingli entered, Mu Qiu got out of bed, wrapped in a heavy cloak, standing at the entrance of the farmyard, his face pale and thin, and it came from time to time. A few depressive sounds

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On the second day of the new year, on the morning of the third day when Yin Yingli entered, Mu Qiu got out of bed, wrapped in a heavy cloak, standing at the door of the farmyard, his face pale and thin. From time to time, there were several depressed and low voices. Coughing.

Yin Xuye went to the mountains and forests to guard again early in the morning, and only six people around him knew about Yin Yingli’s disappearance.

The Japanese guards who were guarding the mountains and forests all withdrew, and there was another heavy snowfall yesterday afternoon, and it didn’t stop until the morning.

Ji Xun came out of the secret road and walked around half a mountain before coming out of the forest. He led the four bodyguards in the clan to the entrance that Yin Yingli said, and saw four people standing in the snow waiting quietly.

Yin Xuye’s four people heard the footsteps and turned to look happily, but they also looked disappointed. The most obvious of these was Yin Xuye’s expression.

Standing in the distance, Ji Xun nodded slightly towards Yin Xuye. Although Yin Xuye had doubts, he could not help but nod in response.

Ji Xun looked at this younger boy, and saw that he had a three-point look like Yin Yingli, his black eyes were exactly the same, and even the aura exuding from his body was somewhat similar. But he felt that the girl was definitely much better than him, and he couldn’t help but think so in his heart for some reason.

Ji Xun never approached, the two were about ten steps apart.

“You, but Yin Yingli’s family?” Ji Xun asked tentatively, although he was already convinced in his heart.

Yin Xuye heard Yin Yingli’s name, his eyes drenched, and his expression became serious. He asked vigilantly, “Who are you?”

Ji Xun handed the letter in his arms to the person behind him and motioned for him to take it. He said, “This is the letter she asked me to send to you. She is fine now, so you can rest assured.”

Yin Xuye heard him speak like this, and he knew in his heart that these people belonged to the Jinmo clan.

Yin Xuye took the letter, and the familiar handwriting fell as far as the bottom of his eyes. His hanging heart suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. Li’er is really fine, so it’s good.

“Then she, Lier, when will she come back?”

“When?” The deep eyes on Ji Xun’s expressionless face flicked an unknown light, and he raised the corner of his mouth and said with an inexplicable smile, “I don’t know either, Xu Shi tomorrow, Xu Shi Yu Yue, Xu is…”

Ji Xun turned around, and the four people behind him gave way. He walked a few steps and said: “The time is right, and she will be back. Also, she asked me to bring you a sentence: Because I want to do what I want, I want to do what I want. , Qiongli is still there, and Shenghua is back.”

Before Yin Xuye could come back to his senses, the hand that had just stretched out wanted to stop him from leaving, and the foot he had stepped on had not yet landed, and a gust of wind and snow blew up suddenly, messing everything up.

The wind is getting stronger and stronger, and the snow is in the wind, and the snow is getting bigger and bigger. When I recover, the figure has already disappeared in the wind and snow.

Yin Xuye allowed the goose-feather-like snow to hit his face and body, only to look at the front of the person who could no longer see the figure, and muttered: “Qiong Li is still here, Shenghua is back…”

“My son, let’s go back. The wind and snow are getting bigger and bigger, and my wife will be worried.” Xuan Feng said after taking a look at the road down the mountain that he couldn’t see clearly.

“Qiong Li… Qiong Li…” Yin Xuye didn’t seem to hear it, but still thinking, his eyes lit up suddenly, looking at the letter in his hand, and laughing, “It turns out that it is Qiong Li, Li’er is fine. Nothing happened…” As he said, he quickly turned and ran down the mountain.

Qiong Li is the name of a hosta, and he gave her to Li’er on her birthday last year. Li’er was indeed wearing a Qiongli hairpin on her head that day. Qiong Li is still there, saying that Li’er is safe!

Although the people behind didn’t understand the meaning of the sentence that the man brought, it was a joy to hear his grandpa said that the young lady was fine, especially Qihan and Qixuan, who were stretched these two days, seemed to be about to break at any time. His nerves eased a lot in an instant.

Seeing Yin Xuye staggering, the three of them wanted to run down the mountain with excitement. The figure gradually blurred, and they were worried, and hurried to catch up.

The thin figure standing at the gate of the yard watched the increasing wind and snow, couldn’t see the situation a few steps away, and was anxious.

“Han Zhi, the eldest son hasn’t come back yet?” Han Zhi, who was standing behind, tightened her cloak, and shook her head distressedly. Well, the eldest son will definitely look uncomfortable when he comes back.”

Han Zhi’s nose was sour, and his eyes moistened with tears blinked, and Luo Qiu helped Mu Qiu to walk into the small courtyard house.

What kind of evil is this? God tortured the Yin family like this.

Luo Qiu glanced at Mu Qiu’s thin and melancholy face, and then looked at the door of the small courtyard where he couldn’t see clearly outside, wishing her lady would be standing behind him.

Snow hit his face, his eyes blurred with snow’s tears. Luo Qiu turned her head back, but suddenly turned around again. She saw a vague figure becoming clearer and clearer in the wind and snow, and cried out: “It’s the eldest son, ma’am, the eldest son is back!”

Mu Qiu hurriedly turned around after hearing the sound, and ran to the gate of the courtyard again, and saw Yin Xuye, who was covered in snow, appeared in front of her. She just looked and watched, and tears couldn’t help but flow out: “Ye’er…”

Yin Xuye saw Mu Qiu, raised the letter in his hand, and ran towards her with a smile, while shouting: “Mother, mother, Li’er is fine, Li’er is well!”

The mother and son embraced, tears streaming down their faces, Luo Qiu and Han Zhi, who stood behind them, also wept with joy.

Mu Qiu looked at Yin Xuye’s increasingly thin body, looked behind him, but did not see Yin Yingli’s figure, and asked, “Where is Li’er? Where’s Li’er? Why didn’t I see her…”

Yin Xuye stiffened, looked at Mu Qiu, and pulled her back into the room. Luo Qiu and Han Zhi hurriedly brought hot water, took hot towels, and asked the kitchen to bring the prepared hot ginger soup to drive them away. .

“Li’er didn’t come back, but she was sent a letter to report her safety.”

Yin Xuye handed over the letter, rubbed his hands together, breathed a sigh at his frozen hands, his face was completely free from the worries of the past two days, with a smile on his face, and his spirit was much better than the previous day.

The two of them sat in a crowded room, the charcoal on the brazier was burning a lot, and the room was warm.

Mu Qiu trembling hands, looking at the neat handwriting on the cover, gently caressed with his hand, there was a warmth in his heart, and tears could not help but accumulate in his eyes.

There were only a few thin sheets of paper inside, all of which were familiar handwritings, and she carefully read them carefully and carefully. The room was quiet, waiting for Mu Qiu to say what was said in the letter.

“Mother, what did Li’er say? How good is it? Have you been bullied…”

“Li’er said, she is very good.” As he handed the letter in his hand to Yin Xuye, the gloom swept away on his melancholy face, and a relieved smile appeared. It is clear in the letter. But when will she come back…”

“Madam, Miss Ji Ren Tianxiang, she will definitely be back soon.”

With Luo Qiu’s firm eyes, with firm belief and trust, Mu Qiu felt a warm heart. He took Luo Qiu’s hand, patted, and nodded with comfort.

Yin Xuye quickly read the letter. After reading it, he only felt that her sister was like a god, which made him embarrassed and admired.

He is even more convinced that he will grow into a person who can provoke important tasks as soon as possible, and protect this family under his wings, so that his baby will never have to suffer such suffering again.

Yin Yingli cleared the reasons why she broke into the Chaowu Forest alone, and then how to get to the residence of the Jinmo clan Daoqing. He also cleared and arranged the matters and specific circumstances that the Jinmo clan intended to assist her.

Ask them to secretly send the sweet potatoes they got to the disaster area, never mention the source of these things, let alone mention anything about the Jinmo clan, and keep silent.

Later, they told them how to grow sweet potato, and asked them to let Yin Moxun enter the palace to report to the saint that the sweet potato should be improved to adapt to planting in various places.

In addition, Ji Yu presented her with a seed of a drought-tolerant and cold-resistant crop from her clan, and informed her of the cultivation method, which also cleared them all.

He also told them to let them pick Yin Mo back to the mansion as soon as possible, and also told them that she would not go back to Qilin with them now, she was doing well, so that they could wait for her back in Yin Mansion with peace of mind.

Everything was cleared one by one in every detail, arranged in order to try to make everything easy to solve, so that they no longer worry. But she didn’t tell them why she stayed in the Jinmo clan, she would never worry them.

According to the letter, after ten days, the collected sweet potato will be secretly transported to a small town ten miles away from the west of Huxian Mountain. The west is the east of Yingmo River where Yin Moxun is trapped. From there, it takes about half a month to arrive.

On the tenth day, Yin Xuye and his party had already waited in this town in advance. According to what was said, the people of the Jinmo clan had already hid the prepared sweet potatoes in one place and asked them to pick them up by themselves.

Yin Xuye hired two dart teams in advance, and when he found them that day, he began to load the trucks. He rushed to the trip day and night, thinking that he could rescue Yin Moxun as soon as possible.

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